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    Well then, show me your original world. Get it on paper. Get it written. Do something with it. Don't let it just sit there and gather dust. Get your world out there.
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    I mean, it has to be a bit of work. Of course you're gonna get good and bad feedback, but if you ever want to make something substantial, you need to keep going even if it feels like an uphill battle.

    I propose a game. Of sorts. It's something I did yesterday and now I am super hooked on an idea that wasn't there before and it's given me all kinds of positive energy. Try to build a world from scratch. It can be just in your head - for now or forever, your choice. Don't worry about anything, about audience expectation, about having to finish it, nothing. Go wild and try to build something from the ground up. See where it takes you.
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    Have you been doing anything creative lately? I remember enjoying your FE fanfic quite a bit. It would be cool to see something more from you.
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    Check out Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs. Just started it. It's a fun Polish-made tactical JRPG. It gives me serious FE: Awakening vibes, though it's far more on the light and funny side of things. From the looks of it, it's not serious at all. But it has a gorgeous art style, fantastic soundtrack, lots of fun social link-like interactions and a neato battle system.
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    Not really.

    I don't think you really want to die. And I'm pretty sure that deep down there's a rational part that tells you that the whole political thing is not what's really bothering you. Unable to deal with some things more directly connected to you, you feel helpless, and project that helplessness to external factors, so that you don't have to face the real problem. But that's just my view on it. And I'm not a specialist.

    I've seen first-hand the aftermath of pure human evil. I live in a place where it happened. An undeniably vile act of pure, unadulterated hate. A stark reminder that we've all seen worse. That we all hold the potential to become monsters, true, because theres a seed of evil in all of us. But also a reminder that's there so that we can remember it and prevent it. Maybe it's just the fact that there is no escaping it here and we spend the better part of our education talking about it, but I've become accustomed to it. And fine with it. BEcause it makes me realize that, in the end, we overcome. Sure, life is an OUroborous, with past, present and future all always exisitng in one place, with mistakes repeating all in one moment, the same one that we overcome them and dread them repeating at the same time. But it's all valid. Both good and bad.

    Ive taken up yoga recently and the one thing it's really taught me is relaxing. But not just on a physical level - by relacing your whole body you kind of tap in to that feeling of acceptance of your own place in the universe. You surrender as part of something far greater, something so far beyond your comprehension. And it's helped me trust in God more. Accept that I am just one little soul in an ocean of countless others. ANd that helps me focus on what's really important. Something far less transient than the fear of what's to come.

    And I hope you can reach that peace someday too. Because atrocities have happened and will happen. All you need to do is live. And I'm fairly certain you know that.
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    So you think the only sensible response to the fact that some bad things are happening is suicide? The world has really, REALLY seen wrs. And trust me, you won't die a martyr
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    All superficial things. All politics. When there's so much more to humanity.
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    Did something happen?
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    Nah. The world is so huge and so old and will live for so many more years than any one of us, that whatever thing anyone smurfs up, no matter how huge it may seem, amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things. So it's important to just live your life the best and maintain a positive attitude, since positivity tends to breed positivity.

    So yeah, you're alive and it's all good.
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    Well, I'm still here. So it can't be that bad.
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