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    Glad to see you slowly warming up to him.
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    Honestly, I don't care about such things because if they were to throw as many ultra balls as it usually takes to catch a legendary, that would totally ruin the scene and its buildup.

    For this, it's just... eh. I mean, cool, they are eating nothig. So? Why is the old guy staring menacingly at them as they're eating? Oh no, they are eating nothing but air, this is my most evil plan ever, muahahaha! And honestly, it would have been creepy if it turned out later that the food wasn't real, but we are just shown it through the majority of the scene, which just ruins any tension and leaves us with an awkward moment as these people (is Chansey people? Let's say it is) are just happily scratching at their plates with their utensils. And then there was the guy disappearing into the carpet, which was all so brightly lit and purple that it was just lame. Why not have the dude disappear out of sight? Make it a bit more subtle somehow? Blur the lines between what is real and what isn't? And then the girl at the end is just... "ooh, scary black-haired girls in Japanese horror movies are just the best! Let's throw one in and scare people!"

    I mean, I can see what they were getting at, but it just feels like every scene just falls apart for stupid reasons (don't get me started on the portrait at the beginning). IMO, horror just doesn't work if it isn't subtle, especially if you're trying to trigger some more psychological fears, and they could have made some really creepy stuff with this, but they didn't. Of course, alternatively, you can go full shock and gore to make people scream, but this doesn't do that either. It tries to shock you a bit, but doesn't really have the guts to go all-out with it. So in the end, all this just felt like someone just waving a doll in front of my face, going "ooga-booga!"
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    Are you serious?

    Honestly, I think that speaks more about them than me
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    See? Thats what i mean!

    Every big bad tiger guy can be adorable in the appropriate circumstances!
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    Well, I tend to like The Big Guy of the party, and if they have animal features that's even better. I also like the Jerk With a Heart of Gold trope. I have a Beast set, who actually meets all those quota. I also really, really love tigers and not just when they're cute and cuddly - I have a tremendous respect for the fact that they can tear so many things to shreds. Also, the hamminess of the wrestling scene just seems incredibly amusing to me, even though I only have a passing knowledge of it.

    Combine that with my undying love of fire types, and Incineroar (God, I really wish they'd call him Beltigre) makes total sense now.
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    Of course. Especially if you're gonna battle me!

    Cheer up, Sky. It's really not big a deal. I'm sure you can find something good in it. Hell, just the fact that I love it is a good thing! Maybe you could associate it with me, so that it can gain my fabulous traits that will take the place of the vices you so hate?
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    Well, you could just always try to give the cat a chance! Maybe he won't be so bad.
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    Dude, chill. It's just a Pokémon design! There's two other perfectly good starters!

    Heck, pick the owl and you'll get to beat up the cat you hate so much

    There's so much good things about this game. Really, taking a Pokémon design so personally when a company really couldn't care enough to try to consciously hurt you is just... counter-intuitive.
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