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    That's amazing and super ballsy. Props dude. I doubt I'll ever be there on vacation unless I start making a lot more money but I hope within the next 5 years I have a job-related reason to go and get paid for the trip. I still do writin' about games freelance so it's just a matter of actually getting hired and then getting lucky enough to get sent to Japan.

    I'd love to keep in touch some way more permanent and hear about all your adventures.
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    They give you the Cabal Vanguard for free and there's also now a Reinforcements pack where you get two gold characters. I got my Geth Juggernaut.... and a male Human Adept.

    Also yes but I don't understand, where are all the pots with the meat buns in them?
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    fair jews on mafia. I'll see what I can do but I make no promises on that if nobody else cba haha.

    Another thing about the Big Red Machine is that it can't run. Which can be a bit annoying (I guess it has to balance trout out) but again, just like being Kane.

    Well if you remember that pack with the Volus in, they added new classes through that slowly so here's the full list:

    Asari Huntress Infiltrator[4]
    Asari Valkyrie Sentinel[5]
    Batarian Brawler Vanguard[6]
    Batarian Slasher Adept[7]
    Drell Assassin Infiltrator[7]
    Geth Trooper Soldier[8]
    Krogan Shaman Adept[9]
    Quarian Marksman Soldier[10]
    Turian Ghost Infiltrator
    Turian Havoc Soldier
    Turian Saboteur Engineer[11]
    Volus Adept
    Volus Engineer
    Volus Mercenary Sentinel[12]
    Volus Protector Vanguard[7]
    Vorcha Hunter Engineer[13]

    Then they added more in new DLC:

    Geth Juggernaut Soldier
    Cabal Vanguard (Female Turian)
    Talon Mercenary Engineer
    Krogan Warlord Sentinel
    Alliance Infiltration Unit Infiltrator
    Awakened Collector Adept

    Just gone balls out with it really.

    Also got to China in Deus Ex
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    myself and Paul played some Mass Effect with Gobo and his housemate today it just wasn't quite the same without you there bro. It was strange, because it meant there was only me and Paul being complete assess though the time Paul got me to squeal for like 30 seconds non-stop was pretty funny though I couldn't do a full on 30 second squeal without cracking up.
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    Holy smurfing trout. Please get that on video. I actually want video if it even if you aren't in public. Sounds amazing.

    An editor I work with is in Japan right now for a gaming conference called BitSummit. I'm super jealous. Would love to hear about your trip sometime if you can take a break from staring at animu girls on the street
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    I have watched Gurren Lagann like five times and if I spent more than, say, 2 minutes thinking about it I want to watch it again. It is my gift, it is my curse.
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    they added new classes to mass effect

    i got one called a geth juggernaut and it is the same size as a prime and has the most shields in the history of shields. And as if this isn't enough, its melee is to essentially force choke things which replenish the juggernaut's own shields so it's p smurfing hard to die with it. Mine was bright red. Thus, Big Red Machine. Exactly like playing as Kane.
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    Row row
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    how is exile you inglorious bastard?
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