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    yes hello hi my name is Jason, if you are curious about my dong size it is XL or something
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    I think it's going really well live! I have to base how it goes on how other people tell me how I do because I'm so nervous and focusing on remembering my set that I don't take time to listen how the jokes are landing or when people are laughing. it's really weird because four minutes is such a short time, but when you're there on stage it seems like eternity but I can't focus on anything other than trying to remember what comes next in my set or I'll lose my entire train of thought. but the more I do it, the more I'll be able to focus on when the jokes land. I was told that literally nothing I say on stage matters for the first year, just the fact that I am up there doing it matters so I can get that experience

    ramble ramble ramble

    that's so great you're still there! how many years has it been now? you plan to stay forever?
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    yeah man! I've been doing it for a little over two months now! I don't have any vids of me, but I did just tape my first sounds recording on sunday (it's not great just on my phone)

    it's also not great cause it's first-time material I haven't tried out but I can try to compress it if you want to hear it

    how are you? are you still in japan?
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    hi you're great miss you okay bye
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    Well we definitely need to get some gaming in again at some point. I may be available Sat morning if you're around (the afternoon/evening I will be occupied with my Norwegian Archaeologist)
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    Ok so what's with the Franck Ribéry avatar, Pawl blames you and I don't get it.
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    on day 1 boncing about exploring, end up in cemetary and some dude called Dojima is sitting at a grave. Decided to initiate a friendly chat to see what's what and he told me "Go away". Well, you gon act like a bitch, you gon die like a bitch

    Turns out the dude had a smurfing arseload of HP and I cheesed him by poking him repeatedly as he was stunlocked up against an embankment or something. Took smurfing forever and damn near shredded my sword to pieces. He had a 30 strength sword called black mak't or something.

    So uh was this dude important? He seemed it. It doesn't really matter, he was a ponce and I have a sweet sword but still. Also where is the blacksmith to fix my sword?
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    beepbeep DO YOU REMEMBER ME
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