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    Still need to capture 11 more spellcards to unlock it, but I'm looking forward to getting mercielessly raped by Yukari.

    *has become an addicted Touhou fan who - aside from playing - reads Touhou doujins, watches flashes and listens to Touhou remixes like a maniac*

    Yeah, when I get addicted... I get hardcore addicted. I even made Touhou characters in Soul Calibur 4.

    Now, time to make a full pokemon team named after Touhou characters! =D Actually, I think I'll wait for B&W to get out before I start on that. But I'll totally have to do it... eventually.
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    YESSS!!! Finally beat the Extra Stage! =D
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    See? You ARE a pro at this! =P

    Thanks for the info.
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    That's what all the real pros say.

    Well, I just started playing Perfect Cherry Blossom... and thought I'd ask who you consider the best pick ( plus prefereable spellcard ). =P

    I figured the one who starts off with 4 bombs would probably be the best beginner-pick, though does that chick with only 2 bombs have some other really good advantage that isn't actually mentioned in the description or something? =O
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    You're the one who kicked ass at Touhou, right? Or did I get the wrong person? =O
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    You're a sight for sore eyes.

    How has the start of the school year been treating you?
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    Hahaha immediately after I posted that note I figured out that I needed to do that xD
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    When I save in Yume Nikki I get stuck at the desk. I can move the arrow keys to make the girl face different directions, but that's about it! I tried closing the program and reloading it too. Does it just take forever to load, or am I just being dumb and not pressing some button? D:
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    a rabbit is cats~
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