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    Yeah that's what this game is like. In Zero you play the second generation as the son of the couple from the first generation. The first one goes on for like five generations. Sorry the games make you feel weird though. Well to each his own I guess . I loved matchmaking in Fire Emblem Awakening because I got to choose the couples and who I thought worked best instead of having a couple forced on me that I might not like.

    In this game, I'm playing as if I were the main character, as opposed to specifically aiming for one particular one, even though I do have a favourite bachelorette, so we'll see who I end up with in the end. If it makes you feel any better, in this game, you can pay a fortune teller to show you what your kid will look like, including stats and weapons, and her predictions change as you customize the characters and such. I might have to look in to Phantasy Star Generations if it does something like that too.

    So what do you think of the matchmaking in a game like Harvest Moon :P
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    Its very much anime based and has a fair amount of fan service. It's not really that deep either. But I think the characters are cute and likeable, I enjoy the dating sim aspect, and I like being able to make choices and see who it improves my relationships with. The only problem I have is that its HARD, which is not something I'm a fan of. Plus since its a tactics game, every fight takes a good 5-10 minutes, as opposed to games like FF where a fight will take a minute or two. But the upside is that just 2 levels will make a huge difference in combat, as opposed to FF games which take about 5 before you notice a difference.

    I want to try the first one because it has like 4-5 generations of matchmaking and I'm all like

    So far my favourite character is Alice:

    She isn't one of the bachelorettes but I'm surprisingly okay with that

    I might look in to Persona 4. Who's your favourite character?
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    Ohh I love RPG's with dating sims. Playing Record of Agarest War Zero right now (don't think it would be your cup of tea though :P) but the Persona series kinda scares me. I played that Digital Devil Saga game and it gave me nightmares and I'm afraid of most Atlus games now unless they're visibly bright and cheery

    Sucks that they changed things for the worst though :<
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    sup homie
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    No problem! yeah this is supposed to be the best quality stuff. Like I said I really enjoy the iodine and I moved up to the next strength. Yes it's in droppers and my current bottle of x-2 iodine has lasted over a month. I do 3 drops a day at lunch time in a glass of water.
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    I know Alex Jones is a crazy man but, his supplements are great. I've been using his nascent iodine for a year and love it and am lookig into getting his new B12.
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    I'm awful at difficult games, but I might check out an LP, it does sound interesting!

    I'm actually enjoying Skies of Arcadia a good bit. It can get pretty tedious at times, the dungeons can get very "WHERE IS THE SAVE WHEN IS THIS OVER I WANT TO GO HOME" and I dislike the ship battles, but those aren't poorly done, they just aren't in my taste. But I'm about halfway done now and the story really picked up and I like the three main characters. Its also very cute and sweet and campy
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    I've looked in to Valkyria Chronicles but I dunno. Didn't seem like it would be for me
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    Haha I'd call us more e-friends. Nothing wrong with a difference of opinion if its done right.

    So what games are you playing now? I've got a whole bunch going because I'm getting ready to do a top games list. I have 2 console games, a handheld, and a computer game, and when I finish one I replace it with another. So right now I'm playing FFXIV, Skies of Arcadia Legends, FFIV: The After Years, and FFVI
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    Hello! I just wanted to say that regardless of our differences in opinion, I always enjoy discussing games with you. You're always respectful and you raise points I sometimes hadn't considered

    So yep :P
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Roller coasters are fun

by Vyk on 03-26-2011 at 09:38 AM
I'm pretty tipsy. Maybe even drunk. Hard to tell with the medication. But I'm going to post this. So yeah. I'll probably regret it later

Did you ever think having "your guard" up is more like having flood gate holding back what's inside? Maybe even more like a dam. Sometimes its even ready to burst. But it holds steady. And then you make that one mistake, letting the wrong person cross into the other side.

They start poisoning the water over there, for whatever

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Dragon Age 2: Mass Effect

by Vyk on 10-31-2010 at 06:33 PM
Not having the internet, its rare that I actually hear much news about games that I want. I'm sure this has been on the wire for a long time. But I've recently discovered the plans that BioWare is putting forth in the next Dragon Age

In Origins, you can choose what you want to be. Dwarf, Elf, Human. You name your character. And start a unique beginning. The beginning is a great novelty, but not a requirement. The Baldur's Gate games were just as good without unique beginnings, but

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