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    Just noticed your Eden* Review. Maybe I should go check that out.
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    I love you, Neo
  3. ....That is smurfing wonderful. XD
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    Google "Nekomimi Survivor". Just do it.
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    This coming from the man who doesn't feel Xenosaga Episode 2 was a good game. I think we all know who had the stroke here. At least I'm praising an actual game.
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    I have a clean bill of health my friend and BoFV: DQ was a good game.
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    You can't get past nostalgia to recognize its greatness?
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    I feel our opinions would be similar if we switched when we played them. Having played it back in 98 when it's bad elements seem par the course of other games at the time would soften your view whereas if I played it now without the nostalgia and personal stuff affecting my view, I could probably see it closer to what it is.

    I generally blame Xenogears for why I'm not totally in-love with Xenosaga, since for me, I went into the series knowing fully well what to expect so it didn't really have the surprise factor for me like I felt it does for some other people I've discussed the game with.
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    Not my fault you can't recognize greatness.

    Though I am sure their are other games we are opposite on. If I get off my lazy ass and do my 100 games list, we'll quickly find out.
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    How so?
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Me and a guy Talk about FF For an hour and a half.

by NeoCracker on 01-11-2015 at 11:14 PM
So far this is the third 'Podcast' if you want to call it that I've done.

Basically the point was to discuss whether or not FF X was a good game (And I must say, most convincing argument I've heard for it yet ), though we never discussed Symore at all.

Really though we end up talking about all the numbered FF's, and it was quite a bit of fun!

Kind of a New Years Resolution

by NeoCracker on 12-28-2010 at 02:52 AM
So, as of late I've been slacking off on a lot of things.

And by a lot of things I mean two things.

First off, I'm out of shape, as I've not been excersizing all that much. I mean I'm a small guy, yet I'm starting to get a little flab on me belly. That's not cool man.

So, I got me a Tae Bo tape for now, since those are fairly light work outs, and I'm starting to do it two times a week. Now by febuary I plan to pick up an instructional Martial arts book,

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Games that Recieve Little Attention - Rune Factory 3

by NeoCracker on 12-27-2010 at 09:58 PM
Harvest Moon may have been a well know series, but it's one most gamers have shied away from, finding the very concept of a farming simulator to be a waste of time.

So when Rune Factory first came out, a spin off of the Harvest Moon franchise, it flew under most gamers radars entirely, yet still managed to gain it's own little solid and growing fan base, spreading out from it's DS roots and landing on the Nintendo Wii with Rune Factory Frontier.

The series latest installment,

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