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    I had it when I would leave for work and my car was just sitting there collecting dust a month behind on the payments.
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    Breaking your 1+ year streak of no usernotes. :/
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    You are a good person, Dr Unne.
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    Dude, thank you so much for the game. Put in over 2 hours tonight. It's a lot of fun and the integrated leaderboards are awesome/dangerous. It really makes me geek out in terms of perfection. I just spent nearly an hour trying to beat your score on "Power Room". I finally succeeded but nearly lost it with rage a few times. That feeling of finally doing a smooth Double S run-through of a level is so cathartic that it makes it all worth it. And I only ran through a handful of levels tonight, feel like this one could last me for a good while. Unless it ends up sending me into a murderous rage.
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    Yeah, you really nailed it with that response. Thanks for taking the time to type it all out. I've played through quite a bit of VVVVVV, it really is a great game. I also spent some time messing around with Risk of Rain but never put in enough time to get very far into it.

    I've actually been recently thinking about how I haven't played a difficult platformer in awhile and I think Dustforce looks like it would satisfy that itch. If you're willing to give me a Steam code for it I'd be immensely grateful. I sent you an add request on Steam.
  6. The spirit of those games might be described as difficult skill-rewarding kind-of-retro indie games? These are some of my favorites which fit that description:

    Risk of Rain - Procedural, very fun combat, pretty hard, has co-op, lots of unlockables, great game.

    Dustforce - Not procedural, just a really hard platformer with a ton of levels. Get ready to be brutalized, probably one of the hardest games I've ever played.

    VVVVVV - Don't get turned off the by the aesthetic, the gameplay is solid.

    Shovel Knight - Not procedural, but very well-made retro platformer homage to Mega Man.

    BIT.TRIP Runner - Extremely difficult auto-runner, weird game with great music. Described by some as psychological torture. If BTR 1 is too hard, try BTR 2, the sequel is much more playable.

    If you specifically want good difficult indie Metroidvania games, try Guacamelee, Dust: An Elysian Tail, or Valdis Story. They're not procedural but they're fun. I thoroughly enjoyed each of those.

    If you want a free Steam code for VVVVVV or Dustforce, let me know and I'll PM you. Or add me on Steam (username cdaddr). I've had codes sitting around for them going unused for a long time, I would be glad if someone took them.
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    Hey. Do you have any more games you can recommend a la Spelunky, Chasm, The Binding of Isaac, etc. ? I feel like we have tastes that line up for the most part. I really dig all of the aforementioned games and was similarly underwhelmed by Rogue Legacy. Doesn't strictly need to be Procedurally Generated if it still holds the "spirit" of the others; though I don't know exactly how to define what I mean by that, I have a feeling you know. Thanks!
  8. Unneology
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    What are you a doctor of?
  10. They are now
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