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    No worries, I figured as much and was more worried you would be annoyed to have me sending you these long posts about me playing a game we're both familiar with.

    I feel most of the games after KHII have this problem. I think you get the Ultima Panel in Days by completing most of the difficult multiplayer challenge missions, so there isn't really anything left to use the weapon on besides bragging rights. Same deal with BbS as I think you basically just keep trading up with the final story keyblade being replaced by the Vanitas Remnant Keyblade only to be replaced by the No Name Keyblade when you finally beat that asshole and then there is nothing left to use the new weapon on.

    For Final Mix, I have mixed feelings about the new weapons. Thankfully for Donald and Goofy, you can acquire their new weapons decently easy compared to Sora, but the way the weapons are done simply adds a layer of customization as opposed to being better than what was already there. I would still argue Goofy's Save the King is his best weapon since it perfectly balances offense with an extra MP gain for support use, whereas his two ultimate weapons dive deep into either territory with one giving him a huge attack bonus but making him prone to take more hits and loss of MP, whereas the other one gives him a ridiculous MP bonus and very defensive while dropping his attack options below even standard gear. All of the new weapons follow this pattern with ll three party members. For me, Donald's new Fantasia Wand was the best for him as his physical attack isn't impressive to begin with and the new knowledge of how magic works ended up making me like the duck better this time around. Goofy's was more situational with me using his magic based weapon for the Phantom fight so I could get more MP from his his MP Gift ability, but overall, I found his original ultimate weapon his ideal one. Same deal with Sora as both Diamond Dust and One Winged Angel both have enough glaring faults to make them less ideal over his Ultima Keyblade.

    Now with KH1 almost out of the way, I can get back to my Days playthrough on the 3DS while I play CoM on the PS3. Sadly, I stopped Days right after the point in the plot where CoM ended but I figured it would still be nice to play through it because just watching the cutscenes will not be enough to really bring in that feel of the story as you get stuck in a routine but then slowly watch Roxas world unravel and wishing to go back to the simpler mission structure the game brings. I really wish they had more time to just remake the game for the collection.

    Funny enough, I've been watching a few videos on youtube for the KH die hards that bitch about the combat systems.
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    Well now... In Final Mix news, I had another surprisingly productive night. Finally took down Phantom after I adjusted Goofy and Peter Pan's A.I. to play defensively and let me do all the work while they kept me alive. Started grinding for Second Chance but quickly got bored going through the Hades Cup. I was going to call it a night when I thought it would be fun to attempt Sephiroth without Second Chance. Got him down to within two of his life bars, so I attempted one more time with a few elixirs for once, and actually beat the bastard fairly easy. Helps that I learned in my last playthrough about Strike Raid giving you invincibility along with Leaf Bracer, so I was able to time my moves enough to avoid the worst and Strike Raid dealt with Heartless Angel and his Omnislash/Octoslash move he likes to spam when he's pissy. The keyblade he grants is interesting because it's base damage is mid-tier but when it crits it does more damage than the Ultima Keyblade. It also has this cool flaming sword element going for it.

    Since I took down the last fight I was really dreading, I decided to check out Unknown, and again, first attempt, got him down to his last two life bars. He's like a proto-version of the Unknown Boss fight in BbS with his own version of that obnoxious rope hook attack except this one disables the whole team and you have a flash command that switches back and forth quickly between Shock and Release, all while the move slowly drains your health and he continues his offense. Got killed by this stupid move four times. Finally, I remembered I had all of these stat boosting items I was hoarding for Sephy and this fight and poured them into Sora to gain some noticeable damage/defense boosts. Managed to survive that stupid attack and restore my defense before he caught up to me and while his aggression level goes through the roof in his final life bar phase, I am grateful that Aero is such a bulltrout ability in this game which is why it's never returned in the same capacity again. Took him down and unlocked the last four trophies I'll likely get in this playthrough as a few require a new playhthrough, most involve the Gummi Ships, and the last is getting to Lv. 100. If it wasn't so late for me, I would have just finished the game tonight. I'll do it tomorrow and will likely start Chain of Memories as well. I'm feeling oddly excited to get to KHII though. Perhaps because I'm finally going to play the version I always felt was the definitive one. I also learned they fixed that Unknown fight in BbS: Final Mix so his damn beam rope attack is no longer an instant kill.
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    Well tonight was surprisingly productive in Final Mix. Completed the Hades Cup, all of it. Including solo mode and for the first time ever for me, I beat the Time Trial on the first attempt. Took down the Ice Titan and also finished off Kurt Ziza. I also finished collecting the last of all the synthesis materials so I have one of Donald and Goofy's new ultimate weapons, as well as Sora's actual Ultima Weapon. Completed most of the End of the World and reached the final door where I faced off with the Neo Shadows who turned out to be much tamer than I was expecting but still a cool fight. I also picked up the other two new weapons for Donald and Goofy in this place.

    This pretty much leaves only three things left to do. I need to beat Phantom and finally get the Stop spell upgrade as well as access to the last weapon I'm missing for Donald. I need to beat up old Sephy but that's going to have to wait because unfortunately for me, Wand Sora doesn't freaking learn Second Chance until Lv. 90 for some ungodly reason. Then it's time to battle Unknown, the new boss and see if I'm going to be adding him to the list with Phantom and Sephy as my two least favorite optional boss fights in the game. After that, I'll slam dunk Ansem and start Chain of Memories in 3D!
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    I'll respond to the PM later. Still brainstorming what I want to fix.

    I can totally understand the obnoxious grinding feedback loop these games make. Though I didn't know Ito was a director for this game, I can totally tell based on how the gameplay structure is. Another one of his "looks easy so anyone can get into, but the mechanics can go so deep that it's a meta game itself". I am laughing we're talking about the grind aspect because I did just spend a part of my day grinding Speed XP medals so I can max out the base level of all my Green Speed Medals, including a few new ones I just picked up.

    In KH1FM news, after two nights of grinding for it, I obtained the Defender Shield and Wizard Relic staff for my compatriots, as well as close to seven extra levels and a ton of cash I'm using for the last weapon upgrades and synthesis materials. I also just obtained Oathkeeper and once I seal Hollow Bastion's keyhole, I'll finally unlock the end game stuff.

    I'll lickely do what I always do, which is grind in the Hades Cup while gathering the last bit of Synthesis Materials I need which will require a quick peek at End of the World. Then I'll hit up all of the optional bosses while finishing up the solo and time challenges for the Hades Cup. I'm leaving the Unknown as the final optional boss fight since he's the new guy in town. Not exactly looking forward to Sephiroth and Phantom fights though. I also still need to grind the last few synth items I need from two of the game's new enemy types. My level boost gained from trying to get the weapon drops has me feeling a bit more in control of the game so I can be a bit reckless now, but I'm sure most of those optional bosses as well as the last zone exclusive enemies will have me realizing pretty quickly I'm still working without a safety net. Should be interesting to see nonetheless and then I can jump into CoM:Re.
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    Btw, thanks again for the edits, I've been reading over them and seeing what I can do to adjust the issues I have. I did have one question for you, did you like the story or was it too cheesy?
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    Oh yeah, I love most of the villains from KH. They've never had an issue with them outside of just all of their plans making the cosmology of the setting more confusing. I was simply making an observation that this may be the reason why some fans who came in for the Disney love are feeling a little left out.

    Funny enough, I'm stuck in Agrabah as we speak. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've done a single Union X Raid Boss there ever, it's almost always Wonderland, Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast with the occasional Hades realm of Hercules. I've learned that levels are largely meaningless since they only affect HP and which costume boards you've unlocked. I'm kind of stuck in the grind part because I need XP Medals for my Medals or I need materials to upgrade my Keyblades past the Lv. 25 tier. If I'm going to give the game one prop, its that it does a good job of making sure the side optional content is quick and fast unlike other mobile games I've played. The grind is also a bit more reasonable but that might be due to still being a bit away from taking full advantage of how deep the Medal Min/Max goes in this title because one guide I looked up showed me that I'm still approaching the game as a novice. The one thing I do appreciate about the game is that the "Energy" mechanic is reserved purely for the side content and if I want to just play through the plot, I'm free to do so for however long I wish. I know a lot of people whine about SE's mobile titles, but they honestly do a pretty good job with them.
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    I remember you sending me that video where the guy dissects most of the Star Wars score because his music teacher basically pointed out that John Williams mostly adapted the music tracks George had used as stand ins for all the scenes.

    As for Union X, I'm on Mission 151. I would likely be farther if the story missions were less tedious and I didn't get sidetracked by being a munchkin about developing my keyblades and medals. I'm almost at Lv. 300 for instance. I hear the story picks up around the 200 mission range. I am psyched cause I finally obtained a Roxas medal. Everyone I know who plays is tripping over his themed medals but I only just got my one.

    In Final Mix news, I'm just before the fight with Ansem possessed Riku. Finally got a third accessory slot for Sora and what a difference it makes. I can finally take a little more punishment now. Since I'm kind of going for a completionist run here, I'm farming the Defenders and Wizards to get their rare weapon drops, especially since I know all the heartless get a boost in stats once I finish this scenario, and partly because I could use the extra fire power when I try to tackle the Hades Cup. My team is like Lv. 55ish, which is pretty high for this point in the game, but since I'm on Proud Mode, it means I finally reached the point where I can be a little more reckless in battle and not worry about watching Sora's health all the time. I also completed the Time Trail run of the Herc cup and won the final magic based physical finisher which is gravity based. I've decided that the reason why the sequels never quite felt like the Disney worlds wer as well integrated as the first game really stems from the fact that all of the Disney villains are demoted to second tier threats once the original antagonists like Ansem, Org. XIII, and Xehanort show up to be the Big Bads I mean it was actually kind of fun seeing some of my favorite Disney villains team up in this entry whereas in the sequels, I have to try and remember if the villains actually do show up. I mean I never realized that Gaston never appeared in any of the B&tB scenarios until Union X/chi.
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    Thought you would enjoy this:

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    Oh no, they're definitely acting and written for their age. I simply laughed because Riku's scene with Ansem could almost be looked at like:

    Riku: I'm hungry
    Ansem: Hey kid, I heard you were hungry, if you come with me to my non-descript white van, I have lots of candy in the back.
    Riku: You look pretty legit creepy man in a burlap sack, let's go!

    Have we discussed the fact that Xehanort almost always looks like an untrustworthy villain and yet everyone in the series doesn't think twice about it and trusts him anyway? Maybe it's the Disney showing.

    Yeah the banter was the easy part for writing them, as for the mystery, it really depends on the type of format you're doing. Unfortunately, these types of stories often need an Audience Surrogate so the info dumps don't feel out of place, or you can go Agatha on it and simply leave the actual explanation/info dump to the very end. It might be challenging since both brothers are part of the trade.
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    Ugh... I'm really hating some of these new enemy types in KH1 Final Mix. They would be amusing if they existed for novelty sake, but since they're linked to a whole slew of synthesis items, they are a pain. I have three that are being a real headache and I thankfully acquired the last Power Stone needed so I can avoid that one. Still haven't even ran into the one in Hollow Bastion yet, and I'm absolutely dreading the Neo Shadow when it appears because it combat description sounds like it's a boss fight.

    I just reached Hollow Bastion and I kind of forgot how dumb Riku is in this game. I know Terra gets most of the flak for being a bit too trusting, but it honestly started here with Riku cause I sort of forgot how he actually came to be possessed by Ansem. It's been a bit of a pain because Proud mode makes Sora a two-hit wonder with most of the enemies. Even going back to lower difficulty world's I still have to watch his health so being trapped in an area where super strong enemies spawn in three waves of groups of five has not been pleasant. If this area had more save points and less Trinity Marks, I would probably give Beast a bit more of a spin cause I always loved him in this part.

    For now, I think I'm going to play the grind game. I need levels to compensate for my fragility, I need the whole slew of new synthesis items every enemy has in this joint, and I might as well see if I can acquire the Wizard's Wand and Defender's Shield for my team since I can already tell the Hades Cup is going to be a nightmare without some upgrades. At least Chain of Memories is on the horizon.
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