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    I'm on the second half of KH2, just finished Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. Xaldin is still a real nasty fight, but I did beat him on a first attempt with a little help from Mickey. Working on Hercules right now. Despite my general apathy of the Spira entries, I do find the portrayal of the characters in KH to be charming.

    I still haven't beaten anyone besides Zexion for the Absent Silhouette. Larxene was a tad too tough, and by the time I reached a point I felt I could win, the second half kicked in and I'll have to finish Pirates world to get access to her again. I did challenge Laxeus and he was interesting. Came close to beating him too but got careless and decided I wanted to thrash Larxene first. I have all but two of the puzzles completed, but I've yet to complete a Mushroom XIII task to Jiminy's high expectations.

    I've decided that the reason I never remember the keyblades as well in this one is because this game introduced the whole sub ability gimmick, and thus statistically, the keyblades are all very similar outside fo magic versus physical and it ultimately comes down to the skill attached to the weapon. Hence, I tend to stick to two or three keyblades and almost never use any other. I also forgot how much of a complete chore leveling the Forms are in this game. Also, I really love the Tron world, I always forget how much until I get there. That movie was a staple of my childhood.

    With all that said, I'm kind of annoyed at myself because I'm really slacking on my writing. In fact, I don';t really have anything I want to work on at the moment, but I also feel like that might be a good thing since I'll have more flexibility when I force myself to start up. I need to start getting more disciplined I feel.
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    It's based on the element in question, if you double check, you'll notice the stat differs depending on which elemental school you're talking about. Also, like the first Romancing SaGa, you can't have a character equipped with opposing elemental spells.

    To be fair, Logic doesn't really factor in as much as the game makes you think it does. Largely because the best spells tend to be buff/debuff magic. Have you acquired the Garden/Tree yet?
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    That's good that you have a mage in your party. You'll meed one for the Dragon Lair scenario. Rule of thumb, slime/blob looking enemies are really weak to magic and completely no-sell fisticuff attacks that are not ki based.
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    Who is in your party class wise?
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    Yeah, you can tell they overlapped quite a bit, though I feel even Mitsuda and Hamazu's early works feel like they were taking some cues from the older composers.
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    Fair enough, I really liked his OST for the game, course I have a bias for SNES era music so take that with a grain of salt.
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    I feel one of the bigger reasons why I disagree with the idea it "wrapped up the series beautifully" was the entire introduction of Xehanort. Even back when this game came out, it was apparent the writers had a lot more to write about this guy because that twist was just so poorly handled. I also took issue with how muddled the nature of Kingdom Hearts and it's relation to the Door to Darkness was ultimately screwed up the cosmology of the series, but I guess in hindsight, the fact that Roxas and Namine are walking around despite their originals still existing already contradicts the nature of Nobodies.

    In KHII news, I finished Nightmare Before Christmas and the Lion King. I find it hilarious how obvious Nomura loves the Lion King. Of all the Disney worlds in the series, and despite still being truncated for space, the Lion King feels like the only world that happens to hit every major story beat from the film, whereas other worlds usually just gloss over all, but the most relevant parts. Most Disney Worlds are in media res, but this is the first world that actually has flashbacks to show what happened to start the plot. It's also been one of the longer worlds in general.

    Nightmare gets props for acting as a semi-sequel to the film in this version. Though it creates some continuity errors, as it's implied Oogie Boogie has been "dead" since KH1, so his role in the film would have never happened. Also, to my surprise, in addition to the new outfits the team gets in Christmas Town, I was surprised to learn they also gave the area new music as well. A bit disappointed it's not an arrangement of "What's This" as the film has a gorgeous instrumental version of the song anyway, but points for having a a theme that sounds like a Christmas song. I unlocked and finished new episodes of Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid, and it looks like I opened up the second tournament in Hercules world. Once I finish that, I'm going to try my luck with Larxene one more time and then probably hit up Twilight Town again to start the second half of the game.

    I found this video, and I love it mostly because the guy's commentary is hilarious.
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    If I thought Zexion was a handful, Larxene is on a whole new level. She apparently was holding back in CoM cause holy hell is she a pain to fight in this game. In between just zapping you with thunder magic and shanking you with her knives, she loves to create clones of herself to help her do it as well. Will definitely come back later. Finished Agrabah and forgot how obnoxious the Fat Bandits were made in this entry, they pretty much always target Sora which makes getting around them a chore. I was able to get Valor Form to it's next checkpoint. Now I need to level Wisdom a little longer. Asusual for the series, Aladdin is OP as hell, though I would argue the game has done a great job of making all of the Disney guest characters pretty awesome, and the removal of the silly Trinity Marks, means I can switch out Donald and Goofy as I please.

    After that, I mostly played around with some Gummi Ship missions, finished the Panic and Pain Cup, and have been trying to complete Jiminy's abomination of a journal just so I can get the secret ending. Kind of annoyed they changed the rules on how to get them in Final Mix since the journal requirements are so annoying in this entry.
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    I feel my love for it stems both from having several of these shorts in my childhood since my family had the Disney Channel when I was growing up; and due to my fascination with early film and animation. It's why I was rather impressed here, because the team went above and beyond trying to recapture the feel of those cartoons with the scratchy record like music and the more mono audio voice work. It's just impressive to me. My other favorite world in KH2 is likely Tron, but I'm still a ways from there.

    Finished Port Royal, totally spaced that Crispin Freemen voiced Will Turner in this version. Actually made him charming for once. I think my real beef with PR is both the fact the enemies and bosses in this world fall a little too hard into gimmick territory, though I do appreciate having a magic-centric world; as well as just the overall VA work not doing the characters justice. The nice thing about all the other Disney Worlds is that most of them all voiced by their original casts because Disney owns their souls, but here we're dealing with newcomers, and while they do a pretty decent job, they just can't really recapture the original performances, especially the VA for Jack Sparrow who is just not as "loopy" as Johnny Depp's performance. I also forgot how gloriously awful the music in Atlantica was. Still enjoy this world.

    I finally took down Zexion. It helped that I leveled up Wisdom Form to get the Quick Step ability which comes in real handy during his final phase.Just as I figured from watching all those combat videos, it's really just the new boss battles that make the combat system really shine. Regular battles are still a clustersmurf of chaos and mashing X and occasionally Triangle to win, but the organization fights will punish you for that kind of fighting. I just unlocked the Larxene fight, and I'm already dreading that one but I'll check it out tonight. I'll admit the new content fixes a glaring issue with the original, which was namely how sparse the content was finally justifying several of the mechanics within the game like the movement abilities and the core combat system. So I do hope you get a chance to play it sometime in the future.
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    I cannot stress how much I think Timeless River is my favorite Disney World in the series. Had a blast going through it, even if the circumstances of it's existence in the plot feels unnecessary and creates a few plot holes later down the road for the series by haphazardly introducing time travel to the series. I honestly feel the writers totally spaced this sequence when they decided to come up with Xehanort's convoluted time travel plot twist in 3D. Regardless, the sequence is an absolute joy and I either forgot, or never realized since I last played KHII on an aging vacuum tubed TV back in the day, but the audio design of this area is really steller and perfectly emulates the audio of old timey cartoons with a strange mono dissonance to it and the feel of a record being played for the music. It's just a well crafted world.

    Challenged Zexion and was quickly thumped for my trouble. He's still annoying like he was in CoM, but here, it's a little less aggravating surprisingly enough. Partly because him sealing your commands is less of a hassle than him outright stealing your commands. I'll have to come back to him after I gain a few more levels or a stronger keyblade. I could probably beat him now, but I don't really want to focus too much time on this since I'll likely be doing so at the end of the game.

    In 358/2 news, I just tackled my second major boss, and was grateful I remembered the trick to fighting him. I'm now in Herc's world, but I quickly realized I had the wrong keyblade for the task at hand, so I backed out.
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