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    Very likely.

    In BbS news, after a few attempts and getting my ass kicked by that silly old bear, I finally got Tigger to drop the High Jump skill and actually acquired it along with Thundaga. I unlocked my first rare command Ars Solum which is nice, but I'm not quite ready to use tier two skills just yet. Hell, I'm having a hard enough time keeping enemies alive long enough to activate Tier Two style transformations.

    I fought Braig, who is easily one of the most annoying fights in Terra's story since he's a teleport spamming asshole and Terra's Block is not nearly as generous as Sora's. With that all done, I'm off to see the next set of world's but I'm going to use my new access to High Jump and Air Dash to revisit the old worlds and find the remaining sticker pieces and chests I'm missing. You likely already know this, but Final Mix added a sticker album similar to KHII's puzzle piece shenanigans. I cleared out Snow White's world and acquired Fission Firaga, which I wasn't expecting. I also seem to have unlocked Zantesuken in the shop which I may pick up since I don;t feel like trying to make it through melding. Once I clear the first four worlds of their stuff, I'll hit up the Mirage Arena to get as far as I can and will finally move onto Toon Town. For some reason, I totally spaced that Hercules world was in this game even though it's been in every KH game.
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    That's very true.

    Neat to hear it has a subtle call back. I feel Atlus the Persona team has always been pretty good about it. Now if I can only get my Satomi Drug Store back into the series...
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    In BbS news, I've reached Radiant Garden with Terra and watched the big blow up between the trio. It's been interesting replaying in the correct order, especially since my memory of the game is fuzzy at best, so I can see how certain mysteries like Vanitas were meant to unfold.

    My current goal is to try and steal the High Jump ability from Tigger in the 100 Acre Woods Board. Sadly, I've only managed to learn one of Terra's Dark based attacks. I'm avoiding a guide for the moment, since I already feel horribly overpowered so far in this game and I only just now unlocked the second tier Style Forms. Going off to fight Braig in my next session.
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    If you ever wanted to know what I'm like, or at least what I was like in high school, that is the series to watch.

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    Very true, I'm currently binge watching Daria.
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    I know that feeling. I've been feeling pretty guilty as well, I was having a conversation with artist friend today where we shared the fact that both of us were told when we were younger how much potential we had and how neither of us are living up to it.

    Still, I've been having a rough few weeks and I'm starting to see that I need to calm down because I've been stressed out so much that I really need to relax a bit so I can refocus my energy.
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    Yeah, he was planed to appear at the Mirage Arena, but they scrapped the idea because he was already appearing in Dissidia Duodecim that year. Not sure why it mattered. but that's the story I've heard.

    Yeah, I feel the cameos were cool, but after the first game they just never felt as relevant as they could be. It probably never helped that they always felt more like fanservice than important.

    Man, I still should replay Xenoblade, it's been years, course I have several other Wii titles I really need to be getting back to...
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    Ouch, that does sound like a bit of a sting, but considering how obnoxious Xenoblade does it's NG+, I feel it's more fun to play a fresh game.

    BbS has been interesting, definitely feeling the fact it's made for handheld and not console. I often felt KH2 was trying too hard to get out of worlds ASAP, but BbS is in another league. I'm on Proud mode, but it feels like how some people describe Critical Mode in other entries. Either I kill everything before they know what hit them, or I get killed before I know what hits me. I still like the command board better than KH2's system, maybe because it's more of an RPG trapping whereas KH2 was trying too hard to be Devil May Cry but had to deal with all those annoying numbers. Style Changes are beastly though, kind of forgot how OP they were. I also feel it was silly not to include Laguna in the Mirage Arena. He would have brought a lot of personality to that place and maybe help make it feel like a real world and not just one of the game's two mini-game hub worlds.

    Terra is warming up to me, I do feel Sleeping Beauty's world paints him as a bit of an idiot and selfish jerk though. I mean he believes he stole Aurora's heart but then decides to leave anyway instead of tracking down Maleficent to set things right. Comes across really awkward to me. I'd be farther along, but as a veteran of this title, I spend way too much time playing the board game. Also I've been getting a lot of love out of the D-Links, helped by the fact that Aqua's D-Link will give you your first access to the Cure spell instead of hoping to win it on the Keyblade board game. I've already maxed out my first three D-Links, just need to do Cinderella.

    Figured you would appreciate this:
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    In BbS news, I finished Castle of Dreams, checked out the Mirage Arena where I was promptly curbed stomped, and then kicked Cinderella's ass at Command Board before I accidentally tugged my charging PS3 controller too hard and pulled my PS3 off it's holding area where it accidentally opened the slide and stopped the disc from playing. I don't even remember when I last saved...

    In other news, I've been listening to the Symphonic Suite and Celtic Arrangement albums for the Suikoden series and I really do forget how much I enjoy their OSTs. They've been pretty gorgeous albums so far.
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    So I broke down and checked out a Fragmentary Passage just to see how it played. While I didn't finish it, it's definitely a demo at best in the same vein as the Carbuncle Demo for FFXV, which mean it's plot is actually relevant but what you see is mostly here to test out features for the full game.

    Anyway, I decided to drop it and finally started Birth by Sleep. I just finished Enchanted Dominion with Terra. I'm still playing on Proud Mode. Kind of forgot how dull Terra was as a character, he's way too serious for his own good. I also miss being able to dodge properly...
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