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    fr\ mnI mean I like Breath of Fire V and everyone on the internet seems to hate it too. I feel part of the issue with the hate is that people wanted something fresh and not a refined version of an older experience. The other issue is that too many people like garbage such as FFX and Tales of Symphonia, so the second they realized the plot was the same as the typical "Yamato-O-Orochi/Sacrificial Maiden" plot that those other games did, they passed. Despite the fact that the game had a more interesting twist on the premise and you don't "save the waifu" in this one. Not to mention the setting is bleak as hell and scrubs away the funny anime hijinx that FFX and ToS played up to counter the grim story. While the game is not grim dark by any means, it doesn't hide the fate of the leading lady like the other two entries did, and it doesn't give her a "get out of your fate by the power of love and friendship" either. Of anything, Setsuna subverts it all by getting her out of her initial sacrifice but then requires her to sacrifice herself in a different way.

    In fact, smurf it, I'm just going to spoil the core twist of the game. (SPOILER)Setsuna's original guardian Aeterna is actually an avatar for a Time Witch who is the one holding back the Dark Samsara. The sacrifices give up their life to her so she can maintain the barrier, but the Time Witch knows this solution isn't going to work because the Dark Samsara is just getting stronger. So instead, with Setsuna, she's used her life force to send her avatar into the past in an attempt to convince Setsuna to not sacrifice herself and instead use the Time Witch's power to go back in time and stop it. The reason Aeterna is distrusting of Endir is due to the revelation that he's been the first major change to the timeline since she started this gambit. Basically Setsuna has refused and caused her world to be stuck in an endless time loop until Endir arrived and gave her group hope that they could win against the Dark Samsara. They defeat the monster, but it tries to go back in time further to restore itself and strike again, but Setsuna and Endir follow it back there with it, and Setsuna takes on the last vestiges of the the creatures power and soul o ease it's fear while Endir kills her to destroy it once and for all.

    Honestly, it was a neat twist.
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    You should, it';s Chrono Trigger's gameplay with a better version of FFX's plot without most of the bulltrout.
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    They have a very Joe Hisashi vibe to their score. I wish they would let Tomoki Miyoshi compose stuff for SE instead of couping him up at Tokyo RPG Factory.
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    Honestly I never had a problem with the car. My issue with the quests is that while it was fun to have some colorful NPCs give them out, having them have about ten of the same such quests a piece was exhausting. The thing about side quests for me is that their volume should not equal or exceed the volume of the main campaign and that's where games like XV and Xenoblade lose me.
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    I feel both us will be disappointed.
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    Ah man, I don't even want to think about a quest system yet. I kind of hope the game doesn't have a sandbox style open world. It was okay for XV, but I'm not sure if I could handle another game like that. Seriously, I know I'm sometimes a broken record about it. But I wish SE would steal some more ideas about world design from Dark Souls 1. Proof you can have an open world with quests can feel organic, granted it also means you can easily miss said quests cause the game refuses to telegraph them to you, but for the sake of immersion I'm willing to go for it.
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    I haven't played XIV either, but I've heard good things. I mean I know people who swore off the series with either XIII and XV, but will gush over XIV. I've heard some people even say the story of Shadowbringers should have been XVI. It's plot takes some cues from the idea of the Warriors of Darkness from FFIII trying to stop a world being overrun by a Flood of Light. It will be interesting though.

    If combat works a bit like the earlier builds of XV, I can see a party being doable. They just wouldn't be playable. They could also take a page out of The Last Story or Kingdom Hearts and simply have the other party members work as a support unit while your MC does all the work. I can see some possibilities. My bigger concern is like I stated in the thread. The combat will be super flashy but not exactly riveting or challenging. Not helping me is the fact I'm replaying Dark Souls 1 right now and playing an a good Action-RPG that understands tactical fighting that goes beyond "dodge the thing, hit the thing" just makes the combat look weaker to me. Of anything, this looks more like the combat fans were expecting from Versus XIII.
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    Welcome to me back on this forum when XIII got announced. Was pretty much underwhelmed by both XIII and Versus XIII but everyone around me acted like it was the second coming. Not helped that my faith in the franchise had been restored with the previous entry. I do agree that FF is still chasing trends instead of making them though, but I blame that on the fact that no one at SE is a good visionary like Sakaguchi was. Nomura tries, but I feel he's too eccentric for the task, and Kitase and Toriyama are more of a follow the leader types. Yoshida is like Tabata, he just wants to make the fans have an enjoyable experience, so he takes in user feedback more than the guys above. It will be interesting to see if the game may actually undergo some changes based on the mixed reaction to the trailer. May explain why we won't get more info until next year.

    Honestly, I've felt like FF has had it's own aesthetic touch for so long thanks to Nomura's influence, that seeing something a bit more basic feels refreshing to me. Course, I also feel we're only seeing the iceberg edge and we could be greeted by more fantastical elements and races in future trailers. This one was a teaser about a premise, so it has more to reveal at a later time. I mean we got to look at some combat, but we didn't get to see any towns or travel yet. Most of the locales we've seen are in very limited cutscenes. So there may be more to look forward to.
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    It's not about skill, it's about the fact that it's overused when it comes to Latin chanting. Somnus is a better track, but it doesn't stop the very idea of how overused Latin chanting is to make my eyes roll. My knee jerk reaction to anyone trying to impress me is skepticism. I feel that's part of the reason why the trailer worked better for me, because the game wasn't trying to wow me out of the gate.

    As for the graphics, it's always tough to tell when jumping gens these days. I mean Death Stranding looked the same to me as MGSV on the PS3, so hell if I can tell. I did hear some speculation that the reason other SE projects were shown first was due to the games running on in house development tools, whereas XVI is likely on the Unreal Engine.

    At the end of the day, I find the game's premise shows promise. And with the team working on it, and the guys I don't like not working on it, I have a bit more hope this game can land the idea better. That matters to me more than whether the visuals or audio have character to them. I've played a lot of stuff by SE brimming with "character" and it didn't help any of them at the end of the day.

    It's a bit like the video essay on KH you linked to me. Where he's kind of being an apologist for the games bad writing by falling back on the fact the game is childish fairy tale and the only thing that matters is the DE FEAELLLZZ!!! But that stuff isn't important to me, the stuff that is awful was what drew me in initially. So I can't ignore the fact that despite all the wacky fun the series is built around, the stuff that matters to me gets worse with each installment. I can't forgive them for taking such a neat premise like the Nobodies and smurfing it up. Yes, I am still salty about this, and nothing you or anyone else can say anything that will change that.

    So for me, XVI basically hits most of what I was hoping for. An interesting premise, no smurf up brigade, headed by a team with strong clout, a heavy Tactics vibe, something that isn't mostly modern/sci-fi, not an MMO. I lost out on battle systems but I kind of felt that shipped sailed a while back. So I have reason to be excited for this one. At least I'll have something to look forward to while everyone else continues with the VIIR nonsense.
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    I mean we've only seen a handful of the cast at this point, and judging the more basic designs he did for XIV, it doesn't look too off from his style. Just looking at the armor design and noble dress, the art style is very reminiscent of his work on FFTactics. Not to mention the lead character looks like how I imagine Larsa would look if he bulked up as he got older.

    I actually liked the subtlety of the music. Having the violin arrangement of classic FF themes gave it a familiar feel while still matching the tone of the piece. Not as excited by the Latin chanting section, but I think that's just because SE and several other games/films/tv shows have kind of overused that type of stuff. Another reason why I wasn't exactly bothered by Somnus getting replaced in XV as the main theme.

    As I said, this trailer was really more about a low key seduction. It wasn't quite ready to flash it's naughty bits right out the door like the last three numbered FFs. So I feel there is room for more surprises to be shown in the future. I'm curious to know what these summoner hunters are and whether the tattoo's they sport have more to offer than just signaling their group. I'm curious to know if this Blight spoken about will be a real plague or perhaps another star-scourge. We don't even have a name for the protagonist yet and knowing Yoshida, their could be a lot of surprises in store for fans because he tends to leave hints and, but also loves surprising fans.

    I did like the Dragoon design, even if the fight was a bit too reminiscent of the Aranea fights from XV.
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