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    That's what I've heard.
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    XCX was Takahashi finally getting another game out that panders to his love of classic Science Fiction, so I can imagine it would be unique since I feel traditional Sci-Fi is rare in RPGs.
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    Well maybe they will give it a shot since my understanding is that XCX may be the black sheep of the fraanchise, but it was still popular. Yeah I heard the new remaster added a new scenario with Shulk and Melia. Wonder if its going to give the shippers some more fuel to work with since a major gripe of the original was how Shulk and Melia's relationship got sunk as soon as Fiora returned.
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    Yeah, but I really don't want to buy a system for only one game.
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    Very true. I just need them to port XCX to Switch so I can focus on getting a Switch guilt free. There is a part of me that still would love to get a 360 just so I can play Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.
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    Lol, well I really want to pick up Scarlet Graces and the first SaGa Frontier now. Course I'll have to wait on both cause of real world situations, but its not like I don't have what feels like a bajillion games to finish at the moment. I really need to finish 4 Heroes of Light, I've just been too lazy to do the prep work for it cause the game pulls an FFVIII on you when you get to the final dungeon, so now I've got to be more careful with gear to get around the Boss Rush.

    I may have RS3, but you've got Xenoblade X and Breath of the Wild, so I can play the envy game as well.
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    Going back to Type-0, it is obvious that Rem and Machina were meant to be the game's core emotional anchor, but I can see you had the same reaction I did for them. Class Zero doesn't really ever get the characterization it deserved but the normal ending still manages to give them an emotional pull. Granted, I liked the Class's no nonsense pragmatic outlook on life, which starts to become even more apparent when you do Expert Trials and the Crimson Code missions which tend to be more black ops type of affairs. You can bet your ass Machina and Rem are a little more conflicted about doing these missions compared to the rest of the class. What's interesting to me about Type-0 is that the center of the game is the strongest, I feel chapters 3-6 are the game's best chapters. 7 might jump in there if I could be bothered to jump back in, but Romancing SaGa 3 has me hooked, and it was tough jumping right back into Type-0 after the ending.
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    Very true, now you need to play Suikoden III.
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    I don't really agree that his actions went against his character or were contrived. He sought a lasting peace the only way he knew how. He was also trying to protect his homeland, misguided as he was. I don't really feel his actions were at odds with who he was earlier within the story.
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    Actually the game makes it clear that the Sword and Shield Runes clash from the get go. There is no mention of the rune in SV. Yet I feel you're missing part of Jowy's motivation here because his time in the City-States made him realize that the group was just as petty and unscrupulous as Highland, which is why he goes ahead and keeps the war going to wipe out the City-States cause as far as he's concerned, he's reformed Highland from within but still views the City-States as the corrupt and squabbling children he saw during the Muse Summit. He's not as well aware of the reform that Riou has caused within. So both parties are continuing the war because they know the two nations will be in conflict otherwise due to all the bad blood between them.

    The real Tactics kicker here is the fact that the second Suikogaiden game and SIII imply that even after Jowstown Alliance takes over the Highland kingdom, the area is still in conflict from former Highland forces who refuse to join the new City-States, and they may even be using contact within Harmonia to keep instability going. Not to mention Tinto does eventually bow out of the Alliance and become an independent nation since Pendragon is a selfish isolationist prick. His country is still causing a few issues by the time of SIII since it's having squabbles with the Grasslands, though in reality the issue is just organized thieves using Grasslander legends as a ruse for their raiding activity. You got to remember the part of the City-States Jowy saw was really not the best of them and half of their reform came because a lot of the heads of the states were either killed or forcibly removed in Greenhill's case, so it makes sense to me that Jowy would continue the war since a peace treaty would not like had last since neither side trusts the other despite being under new management.

    As for Jowy getting off scot-free, I never saw that sequence as Jowy being reformed as much as it was Riou finally coming to terms with the real lesson of the Rune of Beginnings which was to not give into its nature of conflict, but instead choose not to fight to become whole. A common theme with the more theoretical True Runes in the series is that the bearer is meant to fight the runes nature to finally tame it and bring it to balance. So I really saw that scene as more of Riou doing that, and by bringing balance to the rune by making the right choice, he's rewarded for it by saving Jowy's life. Jowy chooses not to live with Jillia and Pica because he feels he's guilty from his sins. I mean as you said, he did get her whole asshole family killed, so the best he could do was set her up a life where she can live peacefully and away from those who would use her as a symbol. Jowy certainly didn't get the comeuppance he probably deserved, but I feel his good fortune towards the end was really more from Riou and Nanami's grace than because he deserved a happy ending. I'd imagine if the War of the Lions had not torn their friendship apart and the two had remained in close contact towards the end, that Delita may have also had a less karmic ending. Granted, as dark as Suikoden can get, the series is way more idealistic than Matsuno's settings, so that is really what is at play here. The closest you get to a true canon downer ending in the franchise is Suikoden Tactics, and even that one is really not so bad outside of the Kooluk nation being completely dissolved and eventually absorbed into the Scarlet Moon Empire or Island Nations. The more Matsuno element of Suikoden is really when you look at the Big Picture and how certain alliances do eventually fall apart, such as the Grasslander and Zexens still being in conflict with each other or the three way squabble on the southern continent that wasn't really resolved during the Falena Civil War. Even the Toran Republic is still having fights with Jowstown by the time of Suikoden III. Suikoden does live and breathe the old adage of "war never changes".
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