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    KH2:FM is finished, technically I still have all the extra content to contend with, but I may be moving on from this game at this point for my own sanity's sake. While the first game was guilty of this as well, I feel one of the issues I do have with KH2 is that the game feels like one giant checklist as opposed to a more involving adventure. I appreciate the extra content, but KH2 has way too much crap to do for my taste and I'm really not going to waste my time to complete all of it just to unlock a few more trophies and a secret ending I can watch on Youtube. Despite that, the extra content is pretty neat.

    Narratively, I still feel like KH2 loses it's way fairly quickly once Sora arrives on the scene and the pacing and order of events could have really been handled better. Not even going to talk about the serious ending fatigue this game suffers from. I thought KH1 was bad, but KH2 is so much worse and I've heard KH3 makes KH2 look tasteful by comparison. With that said, KH2 isn't necessarily a bad entry, just kind of disappointing overall due to lacking the tight overall design of it's predecessors. The gameplay is stupid fun, but lacks proper escalation. Watching Sora become a badass was pretty fun in the first two entries but KH2 basically starts him at badass and ends with freaking broken. I have no real qualms with Osaka branch nerfing the hell out of the combat system because who wants to play something that can only be enjoyed in the hardest difficulty setting?

    I'm not sure if I'll get back to this to clear out the rest of the new content. I did challenge Lingering Sentiment and was crushed like a bug as I expected, but I really have desire to continue on this title. Overall, I enjoyed my time with Final Mix, but I really wish I could have played this ten or so years ago when I still cared enough. I may just watch the coded movie as a cleanser before trying to tackle BbS, but I'm also thinking I may spend some more time playing Front Mission 3 to clear my head.
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    In KH2:FM news, I beat Marluxia, Sephiroth and most of Org XIII. I'm just before the first Xemnas fight and kind of forgot how many things are locked behind him like the last of the Coliseum tournaments. I also reached the end of the Cavern of Remembrance so if I want to, I can challenge the super hard versions of all of Org. XIII though a few members are not available yet which I assume is because I either need to beat Xemnas' first form, or finish the game. I only have three items left to make in synthesis including the Ultima Keyblade, though I actually think it's more eight items since I keep forgetting about the upgrade materials.

    I'm only missing three puzzle pieces at the moment and I've only completed one of the Mushroom XIII tasks but I'm close to being able to properly attempt most of them. I also need to max out Final Form, which by the way, they slightly altered how you obtain it in this game. It's still randomized when you use a drive form after the Roxas fight, but now you have to have the special keyblade you win from that fight equipped for it to activate. Course the problem is that Two Becomes One's special ability is that when you use a drive form, unless it's Final Form itself, you have a 50/50 chance of either going into Final Form or Anti-Form. Other than that, I'm wrapping things up here, not sure if I'm going to jump straight into BbS or whether I'll play some Front Mission to cleanse the palette before continuing on.
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    I'm in between projects I want to work on for the moment, I'm kind of gearing up for a short story, but I definitely have time to read a few shorts.
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    That's always a good idea. When my friend and I worked on Soul originally, we eventually started writing a side book where each page was like a journal entry or military report written by a different character just to get a feel for them. I feel doing a few side stories for each cast member would be a pretty good idea.
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    Sorry to hear you've been sick, that's never fun. At least it sounds like you survived and nothing escalated so that's an accomplishment in of itself. Glad you're digging into a new book series. My only foray into it was the subpar Studio Ghibli effort which was interesting. I've just finished up Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and now I'm reading Stan Lee's memoir. I highly recommend Sandman, it's really great seeing how Gaiman incorporates his vast knowledge of literature and history into that series. I still feel it's hilarious that the two most approachable members of the Endless are Death and Destruction.

    I'll see how I feel about KH2. I may back off from the series for a bit after I finish KH2. I'm really bad about doing a marathon of a series. I get burned out too easily. Though I did kind of want to tackle BbS because I meant for it to be another of my Blog articles but I wanted to play it again to refresh my memory.

    I'm kind of bummed about Elly, I'll likely finish up the short story I had you read because I still plan on sending that to my artist friend, but I've frankly planned out most of her story by now, so continuing any further from here when there is a chance you she may stay in fanfiction hell just feels like a disservice to her. I went back to my novel for a bit, and I may stay there for awhile, but I kind of want to work on something a bit different, so I may either go back through some of my older stories and start working on them again, or I may come up with something new. I keep a list of story ideas I want to work on. I really need to work more on shorter projects that I can work on getting published. There are a few contests I want to enter, but I really feel I should be focusing on sending my work to straight up publishers and just get some exposure. I'm just trying to figure out which ones I want to do.
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    So in KHII news, I've reached the Roxas fight and he's a bit of a doozy for a story boss. I love how Sora's Valor form can't block, but that doesn't stop Roxas from doing so. Between him and Marluxia, I'm stuck with doing content stuff, I especially need to beat Roxas because I'm reaching the point where I seriously need Glide to get anything done anymore. The majority of the puzzle pieces I'm missing pretty much require Glide. I could try going after the Mushroom XIII I guess, but I'm feeling particularly lazy about them. I'm split, because part of me wants to move on from KH2 but the other part of me really wants to face Lingering Will and that's going to require doing the Data Org fights.

    In writing news, I'm in a bit of a standstill. I just learned that I really can't start work on the Elly story of a snag due to some recent revelations about how the comic industry works. So she is going to have to be shelved indefinitely until I get more writing clout. I had another comic book story I was going to write, but the story just doesn't grab me like Elly did, largely because the work is more of an anthology piece than a cohesive whole at the moment. Other than that, I'm kind of in limbo on what to write, been spending most of my time catching up on some of my movie/tv collection instead.

    How are you doing?
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    You know, every time I start thinking I'm being too hard on KHII's plot, I reach a point that reminds me why it's kind of bad. I'm pretty much at the end of the game, just reached The World that Never Was. The party was acting like we jumped right from the Hollow Bastion segment to this part, except I actually slammed dunked like five Disney Worlds to get to this point which is kind of jarring to me. This game has no real buildup to the climax which is probably why I always forget the second half of the plot.

    Even stranger is how the Twilight crew get surprisingly super competent and almost omniscient so they can lead Sora to the virtual Twilight Town, which also just feels like a weird thing to bring back up.

    I've taken down all of the initial optional Org. XIII fights except for Marluxia because he is an asshole and he's the first battle where not having Glide is a real problem. His gimmick is interesting though. He curses you and a number based on your level appears over your head, every time he hits you the number goes down and if it reaches zero he wins, regardless of your health. There is a reaction command to restore you number though.
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    That's pretty adorable. I love the twins.
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    I played enough of the P4 Arena titles to expect some heavy flanderization, and I know the plot really revolves around the two new characters more, much like Arena did, so I'm probably safe from that level of disappointment. I was also curious to see how the new Velvet Twins would work with the other Velvet Room attendees. Of anything, I'll be happy to see them again because they rank as high as Elizabeth and the old P2 crew for me for Velvet Room casts.

    I'm currently revisiting Front Mission 3 for my handheld needs when I'm not grinding in Union X. Really need to get back to KH2FM though.
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    Well I adore Elizabeth, so that's good news. Yeah I know it's more of an Etrian Odyssey style game, but I'm sure I'll like it.
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