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    They're not that important, but they are a great upgrade for one of your other classes. The males all have great affinity with Spear techs making it easier to spark new moves and the females are all rounders with focus on magic and melee. They're best attributes is that they came with a Shield innately or defense and the class has one some of the best health and LP pools of all the classes. Basically, they're tanky and decent fighters. There are a lot of classes in this game though, so don;t worry about it too much, that class just happened to be my favorite of the ones I unlocked. I feel that Diver (Ocean Woman) and Nerid (Mermaid) were the only two classes I ended up really hating. Tactician was troublesome as well, but that's largely because I used that class with a bad party combo in a scenario with a surprisingly difficult boss fight.

    I figure the Christening took up most of your time so I'm not surprised you've been busy. Did it go without incident?

    Yeah the story has mecha in it, but as I mentioned before, they're more of a background element and treated like a basic war machine as opposed to be super special and unique. Rebecca never pilots one for instance, but it's actually Iris specialty and it plays out in the climax of the first act where the group help a mercenary company who specialize in the use of mecha. After that, they only pop up a few more times for large battle scenes. The third story in the trilogy is suppose to be the one that will dive into my passion for large robots and mecha, though I'm still debating how far I want o keep it in the Real Robot genre, or if I should go more Super Robot like Xenogears for that story.
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    In writing news, I'm working on my main novels story bible. Been in a mecha mood lately, so I'm filling in the details concerning the mecha that show up in the novel. Surprisingly, they're more of a background element in this story and will largely get little focus outside of one distinct battle a third of the way in the story, but I figure I can re-use this idea for other projects as well. I'm currently explaining how the machines can get around the Square Cube Law and I even get to use some Kabbalah flavor text to name the system.
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    Eh, that quest actually unlocks what I consider to be one of the best classes...
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    Yeah, you might have accidentally cut the quest short. I'd check going to the castle wall that borders the Savannah to see if monsters are there. I think this scenario actually has a few ways it can go down, so there might be a possibility, but if you've saves since the time skip, it's likely lost forever. I learned the hard way myself that you need to stick to certain quests once they start or that will happen. It's how I lost out on the Samurai/Ronin Class.
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    You went to the wall and beat the earthworm right?
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    Don't worry about getting back to me on this, I'm just doing a KH2 update.

    Finished Herc's world, I always find the Hades fight in this entry to be a bit messy. Too many characters, Hades teleports spams, and the Holy Orb gimmick makes the fight tedious. With that said, Guardian Soul is still one of my fave keyblades.

    Took down Port Royal as well. Of the underutilized Org members, Luxord might be my favorite from this entry. I have a soft spot for gambler types, which is ironic since I don't enjoy gambling, but he's my fave of the leftover members in this game.

    With Port Royal finished, I tackled the Larxene ghost battle, the extra levels certainly helped, especially when I equipped more thunder protection. I can see why she's one of the tougher battles, her gimmick is that she creates clones of herself to confuse and overwhelm you. There is a reaction command to get rid of them, but hell if I ever figured out how to initiate it. Her biggest issues is that she's wickedly fast and she tries to fight from range most of the time, making it hard to take control of the fight. I kind of feel I won this one still based on luck than skill.

    I also tackled Laxeus and he's like the complete opposite of Larxene. His gimmick sounds really intimidating until you learn a few tricks. Basically Laxeus does his best DBZ impression and powers himself up so his attacks do ridiculous damage, he can easily be strong enough to one shot you halfway through the fight. If you can successfully block one specific attack of his, you can activate a reaction command to knock him out of his souped up state but the window is really narrow and he doesn't really like using it when he's low on health. With his battle aura he can also just no sell most damage. The trick is abusing Reflect. It's the only spell that can work through his aura field and frankly, it tears through his health like nobody's business. In fact, if it wasn't for that silly "only finishing blows can kill a boss nonsense" I probably would have beaten him two attempts earlier than I did.

    Also, I'm not sure if it's just poor luck or what, but Nobodies really don't like dropping their items. I'm at the point where most of my remaining recipes require items from only those enemies.
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    It's all good man, I understand. Though you indulging in Catholic ceremony made me think of this:

    Gerad's time frame is one of the shorter ones, so you honestly have far more time than you think unless you seriously go after the Seven Heroes. Your advisors will often tell you about stuff going on, but you should probably still just explore and see what's going on in your kingdom. It's good to check back on areas you've liberated as they sometimes open up new quests for you.

    My issue with writing at the moment is that I'm not wanting to do anything, and thus I don't. I need to at least force myself to write for an hour instead of wasting that time thinking that's what I should do. I have things I want to do this year like enter writing contests and submitting my ideas to Marvel.
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    I'm on the second half of KH2, just finished Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. Xaldin is still a real nasty fight, but I did beat him on a first attempt with a little help from Mickey. Working on Hercules right now. Despite my general apathy of the Spira entries, I do find the portrayal of the characters in KH to be charming.

    I still haven't beaten anyone besides Zexion for the Absent Silhouette. Larxene was a tad too tough, and by the time I reached a point I felt I could win, the second half kicked in and I'll have to finish Pirates world to get access to her again. I did challenge Laxeus and he was interesting. Came close to beating him too but got careless and decided I wanted to thrash Larxene first. I have all but two of the puzzles completed, but I've yet to complete a Mushroom XIII task to Jiminy's high expectations.

    I've decided that the reason I never remember the keyblades as well in this one is because this game introduced the whole sub ability gimmick, and thus statistically, the keyblades are all very similar outside fo magic versus physical and it ultimately comes down to the skill attached to the weapon. Hence, I tend to stick to two or three keyblades and almost never use any other. I also forgot how much of a complete chore leveling the Forms are in this game. Also, I really love the Tron world, I always forget how much until I get there. That movie was a staple of my childhood.

    With all that said, I'm kind of annoyed at myself because I'm really slacking on my writing. In fact, I don';t really have anything I want to work on at the moment, but I also feel like that might be a good thing since I'll have more flexibility when I force myself to start up. I need to start getting more disciplined I feel.
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    It's based on the element in question, if you double check, you'll notice the stat differs depending on which elemental school you're talking about. Also, like the first Romancing SaGa, you can't have a character equipped with opposing elemental spells.

    To be fair, Logic doesn't really factor in as much as the game makes you think it does. Largely because the best spells tend to be buff/debuff magic. Have you acquired the Garden/Tree yet?
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    That's good that you have a mage in your party. You'll meed one for the Dragon Lair scenario. Rule of thumb, slime/blob looking enemies are really weak to magic and completely no-sell fisticuff attacks that are not ki based.
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