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    Oh, yeah. One of those guys. I have Bagon in Polemon GO funny enough.
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    I doubt I'm ready to tangle with a Legendary. As I said, I haven't really found a good team build so I've just been rotating my roster and leveling. My Starter is the only Pokemon I have over lv. 25 if memory serves me correct.
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    I read that Slaking keeps that awful ability from his first form, but hey, awesome stats!

    Yeah, this game has been weird because on the one the hand, I feel like there have been fewer roadblocks railroading you onto particular paths, but on the other hand, I haven't been terribly impressed with the Pokemon selection either. It has been a challenge finding a party I like so far. I think my starter and the sloth Pokemon and Gull/Pelican Pokemon have been the most impressive new entries for me.
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    I already got the ghost shell from that bug type. Surskit does lose it's unique typing but I'm like two levels away from that and I've always cared more about filling out my Pokedex than the combat aspect of Pokemon.

    Despite that though, I'm trying not to rely too much on my starter for Gyms. There are some interesting typing going on in this game, but I wish the designs were a bit better for a few of them. Thanks for the tip on that one Pokemon, I'll have to keep an eye out. Sadly, I only have an Old Rod so I've been seriously struggling to catch more fish based water types. I think Bugs and Normal types make up the majority of my Pokedex at the moment.
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    Nostalgia is hard with some people it seems.

    In Ruby news, I FINALLY reached the fourth Gym after thwarting Team Magma from using the meteorite to activate the volcano. Got my butt kicked at the Fire gym and barely made it out if my Combuskin wasn't so freaking resilient and I got super lucky with the charm effect. Her Overload move kept decimating my team. I definitely need to level up my overall team a bit better and get all of my Pokemon to the Lv 25. mark I feel just so I can have options for the later gyms. I picked up my Zubat and Aron I left at the daycare, and after many trials and tribulations, I finally won a damn contest.

    So, I'm guessing its time to deal with the Old Man because there are no other gyms I can reach at the moment without Surf or Fly and I've been running around in circles for quite a bit to realize this. I also figure I should take the meteorite I rescued back to Dr. Cozmo for a reward or something.

    My current team is my Starter who is Lv. 30, a Surskit I'm trying to evolve, a Vigaroth, Aron, Pelican, and a Golbat. I'll probably drop the Pelican and Golbat for the Numiel and maybe one of the many Normal types I've been neglecting. That or Magicarp, since he's not far off from evolving into a Gyrados and I reaslly should have considered that before going to the last gym.
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    As someone who was never particularly partial to any of VII's voice cast, I'm cool with the cast being replaced, especially if they get rid of Cid's annoying southern accent. KHII sort of reminded me how much I hate a lot of Aerith's English VA. I actually like Tifa's minor redesign, though I'm kind of amused she gained a new piece of fetishware for fanboys with the thigh high socks.

    Overall, I feel SE really brought it this year compared to other studios except maybe Nintendo.
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    I'll agree that extending Midgard and finally placing more emphasis on the terrorist aspect are all good changes. It sounded from the gameplay trailer that you can set-up the A.I. for characters when not in use, but I'm not holding my breath that it's going to be as extensive as XII's Gambit. I still can't imagine that they're going to give you as much materia options as the original in terms of how many abilities you can carry with you. It's going to be interesting to see how summons work out in this one, especially since we already have confirmation on three new ones as pre-order bonuses.

    I do like the switching mechanic as I feel it adds more value to the team which is something I've always felt was missing in XIII and XV.
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    It's looking far more promising than it did a year ago. Still not sure if it will be a Day One purchase for me, but the combat trailer eased a few concerns I had about it.

    My only remaining concerns so far is that Aerith looks like she's lost a bit of her spunk from the original and feels closer to her Messiah caricature from all of the post-VII appearances. Other than that, my other concern is that the game may overload the boss fights and scenario with too much flash which will murder the game's pacing. The Guard Scorpion fight started off pretty cool, but as the video went on, I really felt like it was dragging in places. The Midgard section being possibly two blue ray discs worth of content is intriguing since it was my favorite part of the original, but now I'm concerned it may only be so long cause its going to get dragged down by tedious content or cutscenes for the sake of it. We'll have to wait and see, but I'll admit, I'm far more likely now to pick it up new as opposed to waiting for a used copy.

    How about you?
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    I went Ice magic, which gives her most of the healing magic it seems.
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    I may try that, but I am sporting a high MAG cost party for my point in the game. I think my other issue is that I either need to start giving Nemissia points in endurance, or move her to the back row finally. I've been treating her like the female partner in SMT1 and pouring most of her stats into magic and agility.
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