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    I've yet to get around to Bayonetta. Funny enough, the director of the game said he was taking cliff notes from DMC4. But yeah, I need that high skill, high reward feedback from the gameplay in order to enjoy it. It's what has been missing from a lot of ARPGs I play minus From Software's titles. Like it's amusing to me that I hated how tanky enemies are in VIIR but I don't seem to care in DMC4 because the combat has enough variety and a steep learning curve to make it fun that enemies can take a beating just so you can try out different combos. Most ARPGs just don't offer that high skill level and the very few that do usually turn out to be too easy and send you down complacent road.
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    Finally playing through DMC4 I can honestly say I now remember why I don't like Action-RPGs because their combat is trout compared to a real good action game.
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    Figured you would appreciate something like this. I don't necessarily agree with all of the categories placements though...
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    Yeah the quality was questionable but the best one could hope for with an aged cassette tape.
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    Found this and thought you would be interested. It's a promo video for Chrono Trigger in Japan that was ripped from a VHS copy. The thing you might find the most interesting is that it uses early builds of the music tracks used in the game. A few fans speculate it's the original versions before being converted into the game's sound font.

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    I've been trying to acquire what I need to check out the two PS2 entries we didn't get, FM2 and Alternative. But yeah it's been a pain trying to find fan translations of some of the other material released for the series. The western fanbase is just too small to cover all of it and most of them focus on the games than the supplemental materials. Hell, I had to find two different sites to read all of Dog Life Dog Style, and even then, I lucked out because the guy originally translating it ducked out when they reached the last story and someone only recently translated the rest for one of the sites.
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    Ooh that does look neat.

    Honestly, the side novels are mostly flovor text and are not too important to understand the games. The lone exception I would imagine would be Front Mission Zero. But as far as I can tell, there is no real translation for it because the manga is apparently fairly rare even in Japan at this point.

    The manga I just finished doesn't feature any characters from the games, it's more of a ''meanwhile, in another part of Huffman Island'' kind of deal, though it does give you the perspective of civilians and some soldiers you would normally not see within the games. So it's not important in a way that affects knowing what's going on in the games, but it does lend itself well for the world building as it gives you a fresh perspective on parts of the series.
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    Welp, just finished Dog Life, Dog Style. Overall a pretty damn good manga minus all the gratuitous sex that got a bit ridiculous after a while. It is a bit annoying they never quite explain what Inuzuka is, besides hinting that he's some demon of war. The last story was a doozy that ended up being half the manga volume run which was still a pretty awesome story that sort of showcased one of the appeals of Front Mission's real robot sensibilities. Basically, the unit in this story wound up dealing with three souped up ace custom units. If this were Gundam or any other series, the heroes would need their own assortment of souped up ace units to win the battles, but in all three cases, it just took some old fashioned teamwork to really win the fight. This is generally true in the games as well.
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    Oh man, I find it amusing that if you need an underhanded country from Europe to do unspeakable human experiments or human trafficking and you can't go with Russia because that's overdone, you always choose Belarus instead. The changed the name of the country in Front Mission 3, but it's pretty damn obvious it's Belarus.
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    I have been reading one of the manga side stories, and it's pretty brutal. Dog Life, Dog Style is a side story showing the civilian side of the Huffman Island War. It's pretty interesting because it's a series of small character stories with a reporter taking photos being the connecting element of each story.

    The first plot is about the police trying to investigate this reporter because despite the OCU trying to control the images of the war, this guy has made a website where he uploads the photos he takes and keeps moving it everytime it gets shut down. They ask his superior and he flashbacks to when he met the reporter when he was first assigned to leave the Japan branch to take over the Huffman Isle branch of the news conglomerate they both work. The problem is he showed up the day before the Second Huffman Island war started and then it details a very bruttal few weeks of him and the crew trying to survive. The reveal at the end if that the superior, broken by what he saw, is actually funding his colleague to keep the photos coming. The second story is about two country bumpkins who become Wanzer pilots and get sent to the war. The third story is this really cool one about a commando unit that takes out straggler wanzers. The fourth is about a wanzer pilot who gets knocked out in a combat mission and is presumed dead by his unit, he comes too and finds he's now trapped behind enemy lines and has to make it to a evac unit before he gets caught.

    It's been a pretty good read if a little thrown off by how mature the content is. They don't hold anything back and make sure the things the background reporter character sees and takes pictures of are as upsetting as possible.
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Welp, got all the way to the Shinra building. I was thinking of barging in for once, but it just feels so stupid. I just had to take the stairs again. What sane person would just charge in, guns blazing, when there's a clearly safer, less-disruptive option?

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I just kinda feel that I can't write anymore.

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