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    That's my feeling about it as well. I mean when I read about the mechanics, it sounds awesome, but playing gives me another feeling.

    I think part of the issue in X-2's combat system is that classes just don't feel as well rounded as they should be. Some classes feel pretty strong out of the box with most of their skills being kind of useless like Warrior and Gunner while other classes feel like they need to be nearly mastered to actually be worth a damn like Berserker and Black Mage. The Accessories and Garment Grid are suppose to offer a sense of sub-jobs but I feel they make the mechanics more convoluted than necessary. Also, White Mages just kind of suck in this game, which shouldn't really be a surprise since Yuna is kind of the worst White Mage in the series mechanically speaking. As I said, it's a game that took a system I felt Square perfected and just kind of tried to find new ways to make it worse in practice. I also feel the "speedy combat" is a misnomer and really only applies to players who choose the most basic of abilities. If you try to play tactically, the combat slows down to a crawl due to the reintroduction of the original ATB mechanics with casting times. With Warriors, you're almost better off just making them attack than using any of their abilities since the DPS over time will be higher than exploiting elemental weaknesses and trying to time it with a combo. The combo mechanic in general would work better in a more traditional turn base system, which we would both know since we've both played BoFIV.
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    I feel my biggest issues with X-2 is that the campiness is too much for me, especially since I didn't care for Yuna or Rikku to begin with, so they go from being annoying to just insufferable for me in this game. I also feel the plot ruins whatever little good I saw in FFX's story. In fact I really never understood the appeal of the 1000 Words section, the whole context of the situation is too ridiculous to take seriously.

    Next to Tactics Ogre remake and 4 Heroes of Light, FFX-2's job system is one of my least favorites. I just feel like the classes are unbalanced, skills take forever to learn of which many are not useful to begin with, and the Garmet Grid mechanic slows the game down too much. Everything about the gameplay is overly tedious to me, which is why I gave up 100% it before getting to Chapter 3. They took a game mechanic I loved and made it unfun to play for me.
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    I tend dislike stories that start off conventional before a turn. Largely because it's too easy to get turned off from it before you reach the turn. Apparently this is the issue with the Tales of series for me since most of them start off like a cliche storm.

    I just can't really get into X-2 for the life of me. Like I don't enjoy any part of it. So my hats off to anyone who can at least try to do a 100% completions run cause everything about this game irritates me and while I felt SE had problems before this game was released, it really did outline what SE would be for the foreseeable future for me. Fan service, wonky game design, and awful writing with schizophrenic tonal shifts.
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    Eh, that happens too. I've axed subplots and chapters in my work as well. Sorry to hear it is getting axed, but sometimes you have to run with an idea before you can see whether it will be good or not.
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    Yeah, that's been my issue as well. I usually restrict myself to maybe cleaning up the previous two chapter before going on, but that's largely cause I reread them to get back into the proper mindset, and instead notice most of my grammatical errors.

    I keep going back and forth about doing an explanation in-story about how magic works. Part of me feels it would be useful, the other part of me feels like it will kill the momentum of the novel. Still, I know how you feel about the story changing so much over time that the earlier chapters are no longer relevant and need to be fixed.
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    Go for it if you feel it will help. I'm dancing back and forth between adding a few things to some previous chapters to help with my current one for my novel while also still writing the Story Bible for the second novel.
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    BB is pretty awesome. Honestly the game has been really interesting. In a post-apocalyptic world, it would be the delivery people who would likely see the most action.
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    Oh Takahashi and his archetypes. Not that I can't say the same about Kojima. Death Stranding may not have much to do with MGS, but you can feel the franchise's influence everywhere. Hell, even the part of the game where Sam gets recruited to help Bridges feels like a callback to MGS1's secret briefing with Solid Snake, which itself is a homage to Escape from New York.
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    To be fair, I have like 25-30 different story ideas jotted down on a file to work on, and of all those titles, only about four of them illicit that feeling from me. Even then, I'm still not so sure any of them will ever see the light of day at the pace I'm working on them.
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    The only good thing that has happened for me lately is that I've been working on my novel again. I gave up NaNo really quickly partly due to losing interest in my project rather quickly. To the point that is may be one of the few story projects I'm going to can indefinitely because I don't feel I have an interesting hook for it that will keep me focused. On the other hand, Tactics Ogre got me looking back at one of my novels, and Death Stranding has me wanting to work on my main novel. Some of the elements of the story is reminiscent to some ideas I had for it, so I'm getting inspired to go back to it and rewrite a few sections while finally moving forward with it.

    While my main novel is still a mess, I still love the fact that it makes me excited. Even when I doubt my skills to make it come to life, I still feel a real sense of pride and excitement when I think about the plot and characters.
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