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    With a bit more time to dwell on this, I really feel KHIII dropped the ball overall by making the story exclusively about Sora and showing most of it from his perspective. I get that he's the messiah/main character and all that, but now that the story is bringing back so many other characters, it's just obnoxious how little interaction we see of any of them. Like we spend thirty hours derping around Disney worlds and then when it's finally time for the main plot to start, the game hits us at neck break speeds to get to the final battle, only to have it fall into a sideplot about Sora that serves as heavy foreshadowing for the ending and the next series phase, while also taking way too long for its own good. There is also a lot of Deus ex Machina type crap going on in here.

    The biggest irony of all this is how so many fans have been bitching and whining about the story and gameplay, yet turn around and heap praise onto KHII when the fact of the matter is that the game is really just trying it's best to emulate every facet of KHII in it's story and design because fansa have spent the last decade praising it as the golden standard of the franchise. When I finally finish it, I'll probably post my thoughts on the forum. I have to redo the 13 Darkness fights, which should be a cakewalk because they're easy to begin with and I'm terribly overleveled for this part of the game. Like I think the game expects me to be in the 40s but I just hit Level 62. Not that levels matter much...
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    Played too much KHIII. Lord the last section is a serious mind screw. I've done the XIII Darkness fights, got up to the final boss, but chose to quit. I forgot to take a few photos to unlock some more of the synthesis shop. Not to mention I might grind for the Ultima Keyblade. I don't think I'll pick up Remind for a while. I can already see myself being really burnt out by the end o this.
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    Big Hero 6 world is also weird. For such a densely packed location with lots of exploration at its discretion. The world was fairly linear and surprisingly short. Granted, Caribbean is short in story as well but that world actually let's you explore its setting not long after you acquire a ship. So that world feels longer since you can wander about fairly early. Whereas BH6 actually doesn't let you fully explore the setting until the story is done. So it feels shorter than it should, but it was a cute world. Helped I didn't go in with any expectations. I finished collecting all of the Lucky Emblems but I need to finish collecting all of the treasure in this world. I'm specifically looking for the final Mickey & Sora Game and Watch minigame since I learned a keyblade is tied to completing those minigames. I did manage to get the final reward for the Ratatouille Bistro sidequest. Which also rewards a Keyblade that would have been fun in the Tangled World and I'm sure it's Formchange was originally designed for that world before they went for the generic mage staff. The Nano Breaker keyblade is also pretty neat since it's formchange allows it to take on the forms of other keyblades allowing Sora to utilize the combos of other keyblades.

    I am grateful that I'm finally done with the Disney worlds. I'm feeling a little burnt out and the main conflict hasn't even really started yet. Outside of the Princess of Heart subplot, everything else they've been doing is either just cryptically helping Sora and his friends learn what they need to do to help Xehanort get his Keyblade war and bringing in a subplot from UX/Back Cover that mostly serves as foreshadowing for later installments of the series. So much of the plot feels like filler to me and the game is eerily similar to KHII in that most of the plot is not important except the stuff that's only there to set up the plot lines of future installments. I feel like I'm just now going to go back to the main story we all came here for.
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    The Caribbean has to be the strangest world yet. Like you seriously need to kind of remember the plot of the 2nd and 3rd Caribbean films to even figure out what's going on. Not helped that most of the plot is happening outside of Sora's perspective. So much like Frozen, the plot feels very jarring because Sora never seems to be around when any major plot points happen except a very select few. The world itself is fun and the keyblade you get from here might be one of my favorites. Turns into a spear/flag thing and has some FF inspired moves. Finding everything in this world was a pain in the ass. Most of the Lucky Emblems were environmental things you can easily overlook, and the treasure chests were a beige brownish color which made spotting them against all the sand and earth tone color schemes a real pain. I'm currently farming Frost Gems here for the synthesis shop, but I really need to find a reliable source of Wellspring Crystals since almost all of the endgame stuff requires it. I'm also annoyed to learn that in order to obtain the seven pieces of Orihalcum+ I need for the Ultima Keyblade is going to require me getting high scores or doing some special stuff in several mini-games I dislike.
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    Yeah it's certainly a game for eclectic taste. Thankfully the guides I'm using are still saved on my phone.

    The Caribbean world is basically a smaller version of ACIV with a less coherent plot. You know it's bad when even Sora and the gang don't really know what the smurf is going on and are commenting on it as well. I barely remember the plot of the second and third Caribbean films so my own knowledge of what's going on is useless. I will give them props for the shout outs though. Sora and Jack's team up attack is very similar to the one they had in KHII. Likewise, Luxord is back for this world.

    At least the ship controls in this setting work better than the Gummi Ship controls. Still it's a pain in the ass collecting white crabs to level up the ship. Also Sora and the gang apparently can now just breathe underwater without being mermaids. Makes the swimming sections easier. I can already see this world being a headache in terms of hunting treasure and lucky emblems though as it is the largest world yet despite being kind of WW empty at the same time. I'm also annoyed because I need to head back to Frozen world to find one of the Lucky Seven Pudding Heartless. They are the new version of the mushroom heartless from previous games though their mini-games are nowhere near as sadistic. Each one uses a specific fruit as a crown and you play their minigames to ear the fruit for Remy's minigame. I can't seem to find the one in the Frozen world and I learned by actually gettign a high score in two of the games that they reward you with support abilities if you get a high enough score. My issue is that I'm betting one of them has an upgrade for some of my magic as well because I have one spell in it's base form but everything else is at level 2 and one spell just unlocked it's -aga variant. So I'm guessing it's locked behind a minigame.

    I also find it hilarious how lost a fan would be if they never played KHUX or watched Back Cover. One of the villain subplots involves an element from that story and if you were coming off of even just 3D, you would still be at a lost as to why it was important and where the hell this plot element came from. It's pretty bad and the only proactive thing the bad guys are doing now in the plot so far. Hell I find it amusing how Maleficent's whole gimmick now in the games is to spew out crap and plot points from KH games some fans don't even want to play.
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    Yeah nothing worse than finding a ag mae underwhelming and everyone else treating it like the second coming. We'll have th to see when I get around to XI, I usually need to be in the mood to play DQ so we'll see. I think when KHIII is done I'm going back to X-2. I'm trying not to let that one linger too long before I forget what I was doing.
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    It's all good. Not like you haven't listened to me doing a point by point word vomit on KHIII for the last few weeks. Pirates is a weird world, largely because World's End was just a weird movie in general...

    I still haven't touched DQXI. Been saving it for another time but I have one friends who loves the game despite not liking the franchise in general. Maybe that's the real issue? It was just designed to be accessible to new fans while staying to its roots. I've noticed a lot of people who typically don't play the franchise giving it praise here and there on the forum.
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    Yeah that's definitely an issue. I also feel this is the game where the Disney/Pixar involvement got a bit too heavy handed as well. Like I just finished the Frozen world, and I don't really know what to make of it. Like the writing and design choices feel very... calculated I guess. Granted, this may have to do with the fact I'm not a fan of Frozen. Like it's a good film, well animated, but a wee bit overrated. You know it's bad when I got more excited when Larxene showed up.

    I think what really hurts the world is that they follow the plot to a tee but have Sora and co. bounce around the whole cast so you never really feel any attachment to anyone. It's not like previous worlds where you really get to hang out with the characters. It's likely why the Tangled world feels so much better since you're with Rapunzel and Eugene for like 90% of the world making them really endearing. Pirates is next, so we'll see if the world lives up to the hype but I've got to comb Frozen world for the rest of the treasure and Lucky emblems first.

    I have also finally come around to the Gummi ship segments. I still find controlling the ship is a bit more awkward than I would like but I'd still take it over the Gummi section from KH1. It's still not as fun as KHII's version though. My last playthrough of the game made remember how much I really loved the Gummi sections in that game.

    I'm also getting more breadcrumbs of plot here and as usual I get something I love and wonder why the series hates giving it to me. Got a fun sequence with the old members of Organization XIII discussing why they are all back and finally getting the banter and character interactions I really wanted more of in 358/2. Larxene is such a fun alpha bitch and I love the fact that her an Marluxia are still plotting together. Her Nobodies are a pain as well Not quite as annoying as Demyx or Xemnas' troops but certainly one of the rare enemy types in this game that makes it's presence known fairly quickly when they show up in a group.

    I also just realized I'm probably going to have to go back to Monther's Inc world to grind Unverse for the Synthesis shop since it's the only known place for the Sinister series of materials. Ugh... I'm like both happy and annoyed the synthesis shop is back. I'm also annoyed that I have to keep the Toy Story Keyblade on me at all times because it has Lucky Strike as an innate skill. Really wished the Kingdom Key had gotten that skill instead. The Monster's Inc keyblade is way more fun to play with and has about the same stats but not as useful skill for mob battles.
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    So far the biggest issue with the overall plot is not so much the fact it's just a slow build up to a battle the series has been teasing since BbS, but really how much potential is being squandered here. One of the main reasons my interest in this entry took a dive besides 3D was the fact the game focused solely on Sora when this was meant to be the game to finally bring back all the other characters we've grown to love in the past fifteen years. Like there is a painfully brief moment early in the game where you get to use Riku and while he's not as mechanically as interesting as Sora is, it was still taste of something I was hoping to see with this entry and that was finally being able to really play as all these cool characters the series has made over time.

    Honestly the supporting cast in this game have been terribly underutilized. Riku and Mickey are just kind of dicking around after their first foray into the Realm of Darkness went south, and I love how these two managed to find a way in and out, yet Aqua has been stuck for ten years. Kairi, Lea, and Aqua have all been one scene wonders so far and I only have three more Disney worlds to explore. Telling me this is really not going to actually start until I finish San Fransokyo.

    There's also a silly plot line about needing to find bodies for all the hearts locked away in Sora, but with the exception of Xion, I don't exactly understand why Roxas or Namine need to go through this considering their Sombodies were still walking about while they were physically active. Where did their original bodies come from? I mean at least the TOXIII's reasons for needing the program makes a little more sense because 3D stated the time travel rules makes it impossible for them all to be there at once physically and borrowing their hearts to place in replicas would potentially avoid a time paradox in case they physically killed one of them.

    It's the main problem here is that the plot has the cast dealing with problems that felt like they were created for this game to drag this out, while simultaneously shooting itself in the foot by keeping the game focused solely on Sora and not wanting to give the rest of the cast any meaningful screen time or utilize their characters better. Hell one of the new arbitrary rules the game introduced alone gives a better justification for why Sora should be exploring worlds since he could be searching for the new Princesses of Hearts.

    Another issue is with Maleficent and Pete's subplot, which flat out ignores what happened in 3D (them trying to get the Data on all the world's Sora has explored) and now they're looking for the Black Box that is suppose to be with Luxu. I know KHUX explains all of this but again, wished the game did a better job of keeping the player up to speed on what's going on in other titles. I mean it's not like the entire opening of the game wasn't just the ending to A Fragmentary Passage re-used. They could have done a short remade scene from the ones in UX. It's just a bit aggravating.
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