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    Okay, I did some research and as far as I can tell, banknotes are just loot to sell for money. You can also use them for Elemancy but they're not worth it.

    Yeah the writing in this game is certainly more low key compared to what was going on in earlier entries. Gladio and Noct have a really weird relationship, but I think it comes from Gladio being a type A personality compared to Noct's type B. My one friend who loves Gladio also loved the fact that when you drive around in a car, he's the one actually reading a book among the group.
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    I honestly don't remember.
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    Yep, that is very likely how it went down.
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    Yeah there are at least four, perhaps five royal arms that are attached to the main plot, and about that many are attached to sidequest areas. Some are just found in mausoleums you'll stumble across. Sadly I never got much use out of them due to their drawbacks, except for the last story one in the game.
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    Some of them are connected to quests or story events, but many of them are hidden away on the map. Explore Duscae carefully.
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    Oh I agree that a lot of XV's criticism is largely due to unrealistic expectations. It still astounds me that people still believe that vXIII was somehow in full production during all that time between it's announcement and rebranding as XV. I also agree that I feel XV is going to be one of those entries that may have a mark against it for some of it's execution (like how IX still gets reamed for the strategy guide) but overall, fans will come to appreciate it for what it did do.
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    Well I'm glad you've been enjoying it so far. I felt it was a better game than the fanbase said it was at the time. I feel my one issue with the game that you kind of indirectly pointed out is that it's overall design always had a bit of a "been there, done that" vibe. It wasn't like XII that felt very ahead of it's time. More like a catch up game where SE was following the gaming trends instead of setting one. That doesn't necessarily mean it's bad or wasn't executed well. Just a bit disappointing that SE has been unable to really capture that trend setting ideal they were known for back in the 90s.

    XIII is certainly the least successful of the FNC. I agree it tried to stray too far from the materials it was deconstructing to make the connection work, and frankly it's execution of the FNC themes always lacked cohesion. It always felt like a game made with feelings, rather than any common sense.
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    Honestly, I never felt the base game was as much of a disaster as fans whined that it was. I feel the issue is that XV really was designed with a "the journey is more important than the destination" and the real character moments come from just dicking around the open world as opposed to the plot points. My only grief with the plot was simply how the game made it too obvious they cut content to sell as DLC. Whether said content was worth it or was important to the overall narrative is unknown to me, but it did feel like a cheap ploy at the time. Still, I enjoyed the game overall and most of my real complaints comes from the core gameplay just not being something I care for, which is hardly unique to this one. The main difference between XV and XIII is that I can be talked into replaying XV, whereas XIII's gameplay is just so badly handled that it's a real struggle to maintain interest.

    I feel the FNC could have been interesting, and to be fair to SE, I will agree that a large part of it's problem was more on the technical side of things than the idea just being bad to begin with. The FNC is only interesting to me because it serves as a bit of a time capsule for SE's troubled production side and lessons on bad development practices. So I find this period in the company's history to be interesting. With that said, I'm happy to be over it as it has been a albatross around the company's neck for over ten years. I'm happy we can move on from it, even if the company has already exchanged it with a new one that is the VII Remake.
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    Well I agree that Noctis' sacrifice was probably always planned for the ending, but I also feel like the circumstances changed when it became XV. One major change being the fact that vXIII tells us that the other nations once possessed crystals of their own and lost them, borrowing an idea not too dissimilar from Type-0, whereas XV retcons that into Insomnia's crystal being the only one in Eos.

    I also don't really believe the novel ending was the original ending Tabata and his team wanted. I really feel like it was a last minute fic-it-fic due to the reaction the original ending had on fans. Too much of it seems to exist to try and counter XV's original bittersweet, downer ending. Unfortunately for XV, due to the service model nature of the game and the fact it's life started as a different IP, there will always be uncertainty about what was intended for the story and characters.

    I agree the idea behind FNC is intriguing, but alas it never really stuck the landing with any of the games associated with it.
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    I mean to be fair, it's not like the FNC itself is terribly original. It's core concept was just playing up a more pessimistic version of the Warriors of Light mythos from the early entries. I think Tabata and SE simply tried to remove itself from the FNC mythos because it didn't pan out so well for XIII and all of the delays. So they likely downplayed it for Western audiences to try and distance itself from that, whereas they likely kept it in for the fans who liked the XIII trilogy.

    XV does add in it's own unique elements. I'm not really sure if the Star Scourge and Daemon story lines were really in Versus XIII. Of anything, XV really downplays all of the elements of Versus XIII's plot fans knew about, and likely Tabata begrudgingly kept them in, since that's what fans knew. I mean the trailers for vXIII made Regis out ot be a major figure in the plot, but he's kind of minor character in XV when it comes down to it.
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