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    Marluxia is down and Sora's chapter is finished. Just started Reverse Rebirth and got stuck in the silly tutorial fight with Ansem and decided it was too late at night to be playing anymore. I really do think Marluxia is my favorite member of Organization XIII that isn't Roxas. I'm excited he'll return in KHIII and I hope the likely possibility he's one of the Dandelions in Union Cross comes true because I really feel the past lives of the Org. Members was really short changed by the other installments. I'll admit that one of the best features of the 3D remake is honestly the VA cutscenes. Adds a lot of layers to characters and Namine is even more precious in this version than the original.

    So Now I just need to finish Riku's story mode, and against my better judgement, I opted for Proud mode because why the hell not? I mean technically Riku's story is much shorter.
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    Maybe they just changed his A.I. script so he's not a spammy bitch anymore unlike Larxene.
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    I feel the real treat of CoM has always been the fact that the Organization got some real characterization here. I mean I feel like Demyx was the only member from KHII to leave an impression, even Xemnas just comes across as a more serious and less hammy version of Ansem Seeker of Darkness. Saix gets most of his character development in 358/2 but poor Xaldin and Luxord just feel one note, after three games featuring the organization whereas Marluxia and the rest of the game are far more sinister and vibrant in CoM.

    Also, is Dark Aura even in this game anymore? I feel like it got replaced with Helm Splitter for Riku because his Replica didn't seem to ever use it. I guess I'll find out after I take down Marluxia and his new third form. First I have to deal with Axel.
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    In CoM news, I'm finally on the final floor in Sora's game, forgot how huge this place is and that this is the game that makes me cringe when I thing about Neoshadows cause my goodness are they a handful. Thank god I learned Megaflare before destiny island. I've been seriously gaining levels like no business but I also feel I'm correct that battle drag on longer in this version because I feel the game loads the field with more enemies.

    To my surprise, Replica Riku was not "that one boss" for me like he usually is. I had more of a handful dealing with Larxene who seriously take advantage of the larger arena to keep her distance and like Vexen, she's smarter about using 0 cards to stall my sleights. After several attempts, I finally took her down with a desperate barrage of Strike Raids. I have a feeling her moveset has been improved since they are obviously just reusing the Data Organization models for this game, so she might be a bit faster in this version than the GBA one.

    Got to the real juicy part of the plot, acquired all but the three keyblades locked away until you finish Riku's quest, and obtained all of the Sleights. I do feel that the inclusion of the Party Moves like High Jump and Superglide have largely been pointless considering the level design isn't really built for it. I reached the point where I have to do the rematch with Axel. He kicked my ass, and I called it a night because the whole thing took longer than I thought. Now that I'm nearing the end, I really do feel the GBA version is the better version. Everything just feels like it takes longer in this version and battles don't quite have the snappiness they had in the original. Also that got rid of the hilarious Blazing Donald Sleight. The addition of more Reaction commands sounds neat, but honestly doesn't do much for me, and the balancing of the game feels really lopsided. I feel I made the right call when I skipped this back in the day.
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    They're growing on me. I still think I prefer the slow song version of Simple and Clean and the fast techno mix of Sanctuary better but both tracks are definitely growing on me more.
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    While you may have seen this already, I figured I'd share anyway.

    it's a nice remix of the ending theme with some samples of the other KH themes. What's really nice is that they have a free download for it as well in the YouTube description.
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    Well it's not like Riku has any real connection to any of the Disney worlds. Helps that the only way to customize his deck is by getting the rare drop enemy cards as well. Yeah, deck building for Sora is kind of a pain, but he definitely is a bit more fun since you have a wide variety of Sleights to play with. Though I do feel like some of the more passive ones like Bind should have been easier to get whereas overpowered moves like Frozen Frame, Megaflare, and Sonic Blade should have been relegated to Rooms of Reward prizes. I kind of forget how ridiculously powerful Sora is in this game if you build him right. I've also decided that the slight that got nerfed hard in the 3D version is the Cloud's Omnislash due to it's awful tracking and being turned into a Reaction Command combo. I still use it to clean up trash mobs, or at least I was until I unlocked Megaflare last night, but I hardly use it for bosses because I'll be lucky if I get more than one hit in.

    I'm probably going to play Riku's story mode in standard mode instead of Proud. Not because Proud is kicking my ass, but largely because I want to move on from CoM sooner. It's too easy to lose interest in marathon sessions so I don't like dwelling in a game for too long and I forget that Sora's early game does suffer from serious burnout. I may change my mind since I don't really need to worry about deck building anymore, but I kind of feel like battles last longer in this version than they did in the GBA.
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    Vexen was taken down for talking trout about Sora's boyfriend Riku, third Replica Riku fight actually went off without a hitch, and Sora is throwing his little tantrum and heading to Destiny Islands. I've also managed to acquire all the Room of Treasure items for every available floor. The Demyx Card alone made the Vexen fight a cakewalk since it negates all Ice damage while active. The Roxas card is also BS since he basically doubles all your damage from attack cards. Soon I'll be tackling Riku's side of the story.
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    It's all cool man.
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    Ugh, I completely forgot that Vexen can be a serious pain. He whooped me pretty bad. I swear his health doubled since the first fight and he now has a damn Megalixir card that makes trying to wear down his deck nearly impossible. I'm also feeling the "taking more damage" aspect of Proud mode in this fight.So I'm kind of grinding now. By which I mean I'm farming Room of Rewards card in Twilight Town along with XP and then backtracking to those worlds to pick up my loot. I now have the Xemnas and Xaldin cards. Xemnas may come in handy when I have to fight Repliku and Larxene since he's kind of like Second Chance except he negates combo damage instead of keeping you alive. Xaldin is the freaking Aeroga spell from KH1, but it sounds like it's been nerfed a bit for balancing reasons obviously. I'm like level 51ish and I'll probably work my way to Lv. 55 before tackling him again. I honestly feel I could take him now, but I want to get this backtracking done now and I'd rather get the Levels now before Destiny Islands.

    In writing news, all this KH excitement has brought me back to my story The Other Side which I told you about, which is sort of me taking all the ideas I liked from Nomura's works but actually doing something cool with them instead of wasting their potential. It's the one where the main protagonist becomes aware of his counterpart from another world and he's a member of an organization where everyone has unique powers. Well I've been brainstorming some new ideas for it if you want to listen.
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