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    Also, I'm curious to know what you don't understand about magic in Romancing SaGa 2?
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    Its attached to the Chain of Deals quest in both games. The only difference is that in Seasons, the reward is the proper instructions to reach the sword, so if you know it, you can skip the quest. Ages requires you do the full CoD to get it.
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    You have to undertake a special quest to get one in these games. The sword upgrade in Seasons doesn't open up until two-thirds of the way into the game. Thankfully, the upgrade carries over to the next game if you import the data. There is a third upgrade, but I think it only unlocks for the extra story mission that unlocks at the end of the regular game.
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    For the most part, Type-0's OST is pretty forgettable for me. Looking at Ishimoto's track record, I'd say TWEWY is the true outlier of his body of work cause I've never been terribly fond of anything else he's done. Even Dissidia, I've always felt the arrangements were okay, not necessarily great. Which is probably why I always played original music in the fights more often.

    The Chocobo theme doesn't bother as much as it probably does you, but I do find it more humorous than epic, which is not likely what he was going for. I do like how the school theme re-uses Prelude though. If it makes you feel better, I believe the map themes for the other nations are different from Rubrums.
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    Yeah, I haven't gotten much done myself. I'm waiting for my sense of needing something constructive to do kick in, which has been starting to lately. I've been mindlessly watching TV shows and playing games for the past week and a half, so I feel my mind is finally starting to need do something a little more involving. I also figured I'd take this time off to read up on the RPG Maker ACE tutorial and maybe squeeze out a small game. Get myself more familiar with the program. Since it looks like they may delay my return to work further than the two weeks initially promised, I figure I should fill my time learning new skill sets.
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    Sadly, I'm not terribly invested in Discord. I looked at it and see what the big deal was, but it definitely doesn't look like something I'd be interested in. I only checked it out to finally see what the rest of the forum is doing since I seem to be the only person on them anymore. I've never liked chat rooms.

    Glad you got back into it. I'm towards the end of the game, but I can already tell its going to pull a Nier and be one of those games you have to play on NG+ to unlock the other half of the plot. So I'm probably closer to the midpoint of the game in all honesty. Glad you've been keeping up with Zelda, I took a break after I finished Seasons, and I've kind of got myself going back and forth between Trials of Mana (still haven't gotten use to calling it that) and Type-0 for the most part. Mainly trying to pull myself from gaming so I can work on getting things done around the house and maybe actually write a little.
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    Magic in Type-0 is pretty simple. The leveling system allows you to use the Phantoma you collect to raise a spells attributes. You earn spells as a reward for missions or collecting enough SPP from them rather than anything you do with raising their attributes.

    Raising any stat for a spell like Power, Range, or Cast Time will cost some Phantomoa, sometimes more than one type, and it will raise the MP cost of the spell. Lowering the MP cost of a spell will reduce other stats, so its a bit of a balancing game. Cast Time also correlates to charging spells. When you unlock higher tiers of spell like Blizzaga BOM, in order to use that version, you need to hold down the button you equipped magic to and let it charge up to higher tier spells. So raising this stat just makes it faster to charge the spell and has no bearing with the actual time from hitting the spell button to when its actually used in battle.
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    I have always felt bad for this game because to me it just seemed like the fanbase collectively treated it as an afterthought. Most likely from SE's poor decision to initially announce it as a mobile only game to entice their Japanese audience despite the fact they had always planned for it to be a PSP title, to the fact that SE never bothered bringing it over on the PSP that desperately needed it. To the fact that when it did finally get released over here, it was overshadowed by XV, VIIR, and the stigma fans had against the FNC due to the disaster of XIII and XV. It just seemed like it never got a fair shake.

    Having finally played an original work by Tabata, that wasn't either part of the Compilation, or him being a a cleanup hitter for Nomura. I can honestly say that I feel it was a bad lost for SE that he left the company. Granted, I don't feel like he was perfect and even Type-0 has a lot of technical and artistic issues, but I feel he did a more interesting job with the FNC concept than anything we saw in XIII or Versus XIII. Helped by the fact it was the only game that didn't seem to have development struggles outside of SE almost cancelling it so Tabata would focus on 3rd Birthday.
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Welp, got all the way to the Shinra building. I was thinking of barging in for once, but it just feels so stupid. I just had to take the stairs again. What sane person would just charge in, guns blazing, when there's a clearly safer, less-disruptive option?

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I just kinda feel that I can't write anymore.

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So this is kind of a general discussion, but the general rant I have is based on three popular 3DS RPGs: Bravely Default, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Shin Megami Tensei IV. Sorry if this is chaotic, as I'm just writing this as it comes into my mind. Also, spoilers from the three games abound.

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