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    I'm going to enter a quick flash fiction contest. It has a $7 fee, but that isn't too bad. Had to write a story based on a photo. Thought of a clever story, and got it typed up pretty quickly. I'm already on a second draft of it.
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    You could if you wish, I'd still say the story pay off is minor at best, with the bigger one being the linked game in general.
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    You get different things for playing the games in a certain order. Though it sounds to me, the biggest story pay off comes from playing Ages first, followed by Seasons cause there is a minor plot thread in Seasons and Ages that is only resolved in this manner. Otherwise it really doesn't matter from what I've read. This is my first time through these games myself.

    I will say that Seasons "action" style gameplay is a bit misleading. Dungeons still have puzzles in them, and devious ones at that, not to mention just finding a way into them is half the battle. Action really doesn't mean much in the way of combat focused as much as it means the items you get, and the nature of the dungeon puzzles are just less obtuse, and more high octane in execution. The game likes using mine carts a lot with puzzles that require hitting switches on the fly while you're riding them to change the course, or the fact you unlock the Power Bracelet and Roc's Feather within the first two dungeons and so there is a lot of lifting objects to hit switches and platforming than is usual for the series. I actually got stumped on one puzzle in a dungeon that involves hitting a switch that starts to deteriate the floor from the doorway to your location, and I initially thought the idea was to use an item that works like the Pegasus Boots and the Roc's Feather to make a mad dash leap to the doorway, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't reach the door way. The solution: use the Roc's Feather to just jump over the switch that causes the floor to crumble and causally walk to the door. It was a total accident when I discovered it to.

    The Seasons gimmick in the game is basically manipulating the environment in a similar vein to LttP's Light/Dark World gimmick where certain places can only be easily reached during a certain season. Summer creates vines you can climb and empties rivers, Winter freezes over lakes and rivers as well as making snow drifts you can use to cross gaps, Spring has flowers that can launch you high into the sky, and Autumn will have leaves cover pits and allow you to finally pick the Stone Mushrooms. So there is a heavier emphasis on movement and figuring out how to get from point A to point B. The bosses are mostly straight forward though, and definitely fall into more pure action. I really love the revamped Dodonga fight in this game, and Gohma was much more interesting than I thought he would be.
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    Oh no, I agree. I really enjoyed the game, but it certainly doesn't live up to the hype. Made slightly more annoying to me because it seems like the Zelda fans who make the most videos on Youtube are huge fans of that particular entry. One in particular that I did like has a serious soft spot for that entry and seems to have a serious hatred for TP, since he likes to snub it a lot in his videos. I mean he ranks Fi's farewell at the end of SS as one of the saddest moment and didn;t even rank Midna's goodbye which Fi's was basically a redo of anyway.

    I have an article I'm writing for WW at the moment, and I feel you may find it refreshing compared to the usual praise thrown at it.
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    It is all good man, I've been too busy to respond to the Zelda thread as well despite starting Oracle of Seasons. PH isn't a bad game, but I do feel its a weaker title. Mainly cause I feel it was really designed both as a show piece for the DS features and was also designed to be an intro entry for younger fans. Of anything, I feel that applies to all of the entries in the Adult Timeline, cause even WW feels significantly easier than all of the previous Zelda titles.
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    That must have been cool to see his art at an actual museum. May have to check out more of his stuff, cause I really liked the art.
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    That was pretty cool, I really loved his art too. Reminds me of my music classes and we reached 20th century Expressionism and post modernism. Class had a real rough time listening to it, but I liked it. Its a really underappreciated era of art and music that came out of Europe in a post WWII world.
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    That's why I thought it was dumb.
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    Congrats on your job upgrade. I'm kind of working on something similar, though I still hate my job, but getting a raise and better benefits is always welcomed.

    Fees don't always bother me if they are within reason like say $10 or what not. I spend that much on mindless food and junk anyway. My issue was finding a really promising one that was like $125 because even if you didn't win, they would still have a professional editor give you feedback.

    Glad you're filling out your story journal, so that's at least productive!
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    Well I fell off the bandwagon for trying to beat 4 Heroes of Light. Kind of got back into a Zelda mood, so I'm finishing up Spirit Tracks and 2nd Quest in the original Legend of Zelda. I got Wind Waker for Christmas, but I'm feeling too lazy to re-hook up my Wii to my main TV to play it.

    Other than that, I've been trying to reply to your Mognet Message as well as a few others I keep putting off. Its been kind of hectic IRL for me, so I've not really been spending too much time doing anything meaningful online, though I have been keeping up on your Witcher Thread and Karifean's Ys thread.

    I have started up two more blog entries for the site and my VI Retrospective, but I'm trying to ignore them to get back to my usual writing. I'm looking for contests to submit to, but nothing has struck my fancy or it has too steep of an admission fee for me to bother. I feel like I need to get a few more of my shorter stories finished and fixed up so I can try to submit them to a magazine or something, but I've been spending too much of my time playing games than actual writing so I'm trying to refocus.

    How are you doing?
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