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    Uematsu is still credited as the main composer for the game, but apparently the videos we've seen tend to re-use old arrangements outside of the battle themes. They've used "Beyond the Wastelands" from Advent Children and the Distant World's version of "Opening ~ Bombing Mission". Course with his health issues, I could imagine someone else may have stepped in to work on the new arrangements for the game, but I also would imagine SE would have mentioned that. So it will have to be a wait and see, but so far, I feel the game is going for more of a Hollywood film route with the musical score. So while it will still be good, since VII's score was always one of the best aspects of the game, I feel like it's being produced in a way to not take away from what's going on the screen.

    I'm not going to pretend that I don't have a weird relationship with OST scores, so I'll wait and see about BD's music.
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    I feel live orchestrated depends on the title and context. I've played games where it works and ones where it flopped for me due to a dissonance with the subject matter. I'm still not a fan of the orchestrated versions of some of VIIR's ost I've heard so far, especially since I feel it clashes with the setting and feels too Hollywood in its execution. Same with Mario Galaxy where the orchestrated music just never clicked with me. I still need to get around to Bravely Default, what little I remember is from the demo. I've been going back and forth on whether I like Death Stranding's OST. The main score that's done in-house is pretty good, but some of the band contributions are hit or miss. Low Roar features heavily in the game, but of like the fifteen or so tracks I've heard, I like maybe three of them. Their sound blends in too much with each other which makes discerning a lot of their tracks difficult cause you can't quite tell when one track ends and another begins.
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    It's not a bad track, but of the versions I've heard, Cried's just feels off to me. Maybe because it sounds like a garage band doing a cover of it, which isn't helped by the more up-tempo second half, though I appreciate the accordion since it rarely gets much love as an instrument.

    I like Myth's version, but it lacks a certain flexibility the original has. I still enjoy both for different reasons, but the original will always be the definitive version for me.
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    I still feel part of the issues is that Xenogears was one of his more overlooked OSTs at the time due to the game not being that popular. I've noticed more people have come around to it thanks in part to the game's cult status, but I've noticed his works in Xenosaga and Shadow Hearts also tend to be downplayed compared to the more commercial Chrono soundtracks. I think what really helps with Xenogears is that it really feels like Mitsuda coming into his own whereas with CT and Radical Dreamers, he was trying to prove himself to his superiors. Its the reason why I feel CC is a good composition because by now, he's not worrying as much about approval. I feel Mitsuda may feel this way because he seems to have a real soft spot for Xenogears considering how often he likes to do arrangements for it which makes me happy. I do agree with Resonant Arc that Xenogears did need a larger OST considering how large the game was. As for the OST versus some of his live arrangements, I feel it depends on the tracks. A Distant Promise works best for me as a music box theme, even though I do love the piano versions. Dance of Death is another track where I feel the muddy PS1 card works better for it than an orchestra. On the other hand, My Village is Number One and Lost...Screeching Shards are much better in the live versions. It took the Myth album to get me to like My Village is Number One. Windy Song is also an improvement with the live track. Still, I've yet to hear an official arrangement of my favorite track, Bonds of Sea and Fire, that hits me as strongly as the OST version.
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    I've been avoiding that video for awhile simply because that man is literally a human trashcan, but it was hilariously accurate nonetheless.

    I've been listening to Xenogears OST a lot lately. I really do feel it doesn't get the credit it deserves of his work.
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    I may start it up after I finish Death Stranding, assuming I don't use Romancing SaGa 3 as a palette cleanser first. I feel it will be really inspiring.
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    Well I'm glad you're getting reacquainted with Bravely Default and having a lovely time. Once I finish Tactics Ogre, I may try to bum rushing my way to the ending of the 4 Heroes of Light since I'm pretty close to the end of the game. Then I'll check out Bravely Default.

    I've honestly been thinking about restarting Xenogears to be honest. Though I've attempted to in the past, it's been a long time since I've done a complete playthrough and I feel I'm overdue.
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    Yeah, I haven't watched his retrospective on FFXII yet, but he paid it some heavy lip service for his Vagrant Story one. I'm debating about listing to his monstrous three part discussion on Xenogears. I liked his retrospective on it, but not sure if I want to listen to him and a few other guys try to dissect the plot. I'd rather read a transcript than listen to them.
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    I figure you would know this guy, especially since he seems to care a lot about the musical scores of games which reminded me of you.
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