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    I actually really love P1's original OST. The PSP remake has some great tracks as well, but Shoji Meguro's style doesn't mesh as well with the game. Then again, Karma Palace is an excellent track in my opinion.
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    Lol, well sure.

    Yes, the dungeon design is definitely the games best improvement over the previous entries. I dare say it's some of the best I've played in a while from modern RPGs. There are actual puzzles, some Assassin's Creed type elements, and each dungeon tends to have a more realistic layout as opposed to simple copy/paste wall decorations. The music is also top notch, but Atlus rarely disappoints there.
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    I'm already a boss, so I figure the glory should go to someone else, not like the forum hasn't had it's share of characters over the years. Though if it happens, it happens.

    I think I simply appreciate how different the combat is, it makes me think differently than other systems and that's what keeps me interested. That, and the game has so much density to its design, I still get a kick out of it.

    I did max out one character and I'm really close to maxing out four other non-story social links. I so far appreciate the fact that the Ultimate Persona for the party are a bit more than minor cosmetic changes. Hell, they don't even get immunity to their weakness anymore, instead, they gain the Evade skill for it, null their main element, and gain resistance to a new element.

    With all that said, I'm now trying to finish the dungeon in time and hope I'll be able to use the "free days" to finish up the Confidants I'm so close to maxing out. The issue is that the current dungeon is definitely trying to give final dungeon vibes. Its pretty damn long compared to the previous ones and there are interesting story segment cut-ins when you clear the bosses.
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    Must have been SOME artwork.
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    Congratulations. Too bad I missed all the lead up.
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    Well that was amusing. I also have to start over on P1, because my team is nowhere ready for a perfect run of the Snow Queen Quest. I was annihilated by the first demon mob I ran into.

    In P5 News, I'm enjoying the dungeon I'm in so far and it has some interesting elements to make it quite memorable (most of the dungeons do) but there is a nagging part of me that wants to finish up three of my party member social links because the game kind of hinted/threatened that I may not be able to do so once my time limit for this dungeon is up, but I'm also suspecting I'm going to have to do some stuff for this dungeon that will involve using up some of my days, so I don't want to waste days to find out too late that I needed some of those days to get past some of the story barriers. Decisions decisions...
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    I have to go to bed now, though. Already should have been asleep. Work day tomorrow (last one of the week, at least). Good night.
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    Actually, I think so little of myself that I wonder why I have any friends at all, and expect to lose them over every incident.
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    I always do. And I always regret it afterwards. Doesn't change things. Always too little, too late.

    Well, now you've seen the side of me that everyone else has. Now you know why I was banned. Because I view everything as a personal attack.

    The left has made this an "us versus them" situation. I don't think I'm telling a lie there.

    But I did fail to acknowledge a truth. I treat every discussion that way if I feel my points are dismissed.

    You didn't do anything wrong there. I didn't even realize this until I was looking back at the posts now. Your first post was fine, a statement of your view and a request for an alternative. And you didn't post again until you were asking me about my sweeping generalizations. Which was a fair statement. But, at that point, I wasn't seeing clearly. All I saw was people dismissing my views, and not acknowledging my points, or the legitimacy of them. Everyone who was arguing was grouped that way together.

    This was a habit I frequently noticed in Academia, and it was one of my biggest problems there. When I'm talking one on one, I'm fine. Once multiple people start taking points against me, I lose track. Everything blurs together. I respond quickly, I don't notice who's who. I answer every response, and I don't bother to acknowledge what points each individual is making. They're all just coming from people who are attacking me. Even when they're not actually attacking me. When I'm in that defensive position, ever statement coming towards me is visualized as an attack.

    In that case, the "us against them" was entirely of my making, and you're right about that. I don't even realize at the time that I'm doing it. And it's been behind most of my worst behavior on this forum (or any debate/discussion).

    In positions like that, I seek validation. Acknowledgment. Some sign that my positions are understood. And instead I always get told I'm wrong. And I get defensive, and I lash out. In stupid and hurtful ways.

    I am sorry that I've hurt your feelings. You did nothing to deserve that, you were respectful, honest, and I acted like an ass.

    I am sorry that I mischaracterized your continent and your culture. Europe is no more homogenous than any other part of the world.

    I am sorry that my idiocy has destroyed our friendship. Not surprised, but sorry. You are my oldest, and most valued friend. Partially because you do always put me in my place when I'm being an ass. I'm sad to lose you.

    But I wish you well in your future endeavors. Writing, drawing, or whatever else you take on. I'll still watch and critique (and I'll still try out The Witcher).

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    I don't know, man. Maybe none of this makes sense to you. Maybe I'm ranting. But look at the thread. You haven't felt targeted when your group is portrayed negatively (once), so we shouldn't either (even though ours has been happening LITERALLY every day for over a year). You're not on my side. So, you're siding with those who have been mischaracterizing me, attacking me, and mocking me.

    And when I point out how the mocking generalizations aren't very pleasant? You say it's hurtful. But you don't go "oh, yeah, you have a good point, no wonder this is aggravating to you and FFNut". And that was with a SINGLE statement on my part. I've lived with this mockery, slander, and hateful bigotry a lot longer than just this one incident.

    You said you didn't see why it was upsetting to us. Do you now?

    And I'm sorry I'm so snappish.
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Welp, got all the way to the Shinra building. I was thinking of barging in for once, but it just feels so stupid. I just had to take the stairs again. What sane person would just charge in, guns blazing, when there's a clearly safer, less-disruptive option?

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So this is kind of a general discussion, but the general rant I have is based on three popular 3DS RPGs: Bravely Default, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Shin Megami Tensei IV. Sorry if this is chaotic, as I'm just writing this as it comes into my mind. Also, spoilers from the three games abound.

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