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    I'm mostly playing CT for the DS extras cause Chrono Cross is what I really want to play. I should do Xenogears afterwards, it's been ages since I completed a playthrough.

    For Arc the Lad 2, I just finished White House, finally got that one Mark to fight me, cause I needed to have reached White House and then backtrack to meet him. This eliminates all of the available Mark Hunts for me at the moment. Now I just wish I could find some decent new weapons for my party.
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    If Fafnir is all that's left at the moment, then the rest won't unlock until the Pharos is complete. I'd recommend beating Zodiark while you still have Reddas, especially since his Holy/Arise spells come in handy for the fight.

    Also, in Tactics Ogre news, I reunited with Denam's sister. I'm hoping I'm not too far from the end soon cause all this Chrono talk lately has me itching to go through the games again, and I think I'll give the DS version another spin for CT since it has the new content that tries to bridge some plot elements from CC. I may also see if I can finally play Radical Dreamers.
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    I gave up, I have a feeling I need to advance the plot somewhat before I can face him. I might actually see if just backtracking once I've reached White House will do anything. On the brightside, I was able to raise my monster party members levels up a bit. My new goal is to finally see if I can ind a gun for the character Shu, cause they're his best weapon options.

    I don't remember Fafnir being too bad honestly. I think King Behemoth gave me more trouble and even then, it was basically just needing to roll in a support unit character to keep the team buffed. Of anything, I would advise trying to complete as many Mark Hunts and optional battles now while you still have Reddas with you.
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    I have a feeling I'm suppose to be teleported once, not leave the dungeon, and walk back to him to get the fight going. I'll check tonight.

    Ultima is still my favorite battle in the game next to Gilgamesh.
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    I thought once I stopped playing FFXII, I wouldn't have to deal with tricky Mark Hunts anymore but Arc the Lad 2 has me back here again. I'm trying to hunt this monster who is in this obnoxious Lost Woods knockoff. Finding him is a bit time consuming because certain battles are unavoidable, but the issue is that I can't figure out how to initiate the fight. You'll run into him in the woods and he claims to be the Guardian of the Forest. You can then ask him two questions: Where is White House? Which is the story place I need to go to, or how to get out of the woods. He'll answer the latter, but will teleport you back to the start of the dungeon if you ask about the other one. So, I'm not quite sure how to get this fight going...
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    Fury is certainly one of the more memorable mark hunts in XII.
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    The Wanted Monsters are mostly like the Hunts from XIII and XV where you end up fighting monsters from later sections. By going to the locations they are said to be at, you will engage in a "random" battle, and there is a chance the monster you're looking for will be among the usual encounter on the map.

    The exceptions are when the Monsters are part of a Hunter's Job which are the real jewel of the side content since these missions are story driven. So for instance, one Wanted Monster is a Doll Master which is a type of weak mage monster with HP, but his wanted poster doesn't know where the guy is. Instead, I take a Hunter's Job that involves protecting a jewelry store from being robbed, and lo and behold, this is the Monster that shows up to steal all the jewels with a small troop of Golems. Making this mission even more interesting is that the Golems try to ignore you and instead target the jewelry displays before trying to run away and the Wanted Monster tries to be a diversion. So you have to stop the Golem's before they leave or the mission is a failure. Also, if you advance the plot too much, other Hunters will complete the missions instead. Wanted Monsters are exempt from this though and are always available. So yeah, the Hunter Jobs are the awesome side-quests.
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    I'd suggest finding a map online for it, but frankly most of them are awful sadly...

    I finished Arc the Lad 1 and started Arc the Lad 2 which is frighteningly better. My only issue is that I screwed up and moved the story ahead before completing a few limited time missions and I had to start all over again. That and remembering why I actually don't like the Wanted Monsters, because it's actually random if you will encounter them on the map they're suppose to be hiding out on.
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    I think I id the same thing, but mine was more of just not wanting the fight to reset again, cause that was the bigger issue with the fight for me.
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    Of those three, only Zeromus gave me trouble and that's because the lack of group healing combined with BS undead encounter rate makes that fight a pain. Exodus died before I even really started and Chaos is manageable once you get rid of the Elementals guarding him. Honestly, the only Espers that gave me a real headache were Zeromus and Zodiark. Even Ultima fell after my second or third attempt, which was really quick considering she was the one I struggled with the most in the vanilla version.
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