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    I was joking around.
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    Maybe it was just they way you worded it... I dunno. Your problem (imo) is that you fail to see the bad in Rosa, and Arcane can't see the good in her. But I'm just going to leave it at that.
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    You are no better than ArcaneDude. So stop acting like you're better than him in every way.
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    It's been a little over two years actually.

    And I totally disagree with what arcanedude34 said about you being a fanboy. You're willing to defend your opinions which hardly anyone agrees with while other fanboys are heavily dependant on others backing them up. It's really easy standing up for something with others backing you up but it's hard to stand up for something alone.

    Well, technically you had other people like Sir Lancealot and me backing you up. Still, you didn't know that we would and you were prepared to stay strong in your opinion even if no one else would eventually come to back you up.

    ...yeah. I know that people would say it's just a game. Still, the Rydia fanboyism and Rosa hate seems a little too out of control for a game.
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    The part just after Golbez has owned Cecil, Yang and Edward, Rosa comes in, and Cecil opens his big mouth and gets Rosa kidnapped. Why didn't you ever mention it in your "In defence of Rosa" thread?
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    Ever play the GBA version?
  7. Thanks Evastio, Sir Lancelot. I don't know if you can see this message, but I appreciate yours. It sometimes feels like I'm the only one out there that likes Rosa, and knowing other people like her too means a lot to me and helps calm me back to rational if I ever get ridiculous in some of the things I say (which HAS happened in the past, and I apologize for it afterward).
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    I, too, am glad you are trying to get rid of the Rosa hate.
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    It's nice seeing you around more.
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    I'm glad you're still trying to get rid of the hate towards Rosa.
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