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    I did watch the Christmas episode actually and it’s so weird they left it out of the regular block. It was pretty integral to the whole thing.

    Also, finished Ys Seven and started Ys I. Seven was pretty clever with its plot twists overall and I enjoyed the pace of the combat and the game in general. And no point did it feel like it was padding (which is a feat, considering you basically have to go around the world map twice). Ys I has also been a blast so far. The bump system is very fun now that I actually equipped the sword I was given and am not getting destroyed left and right. What’s fascinating to me is that, despite coming out half a year before FFI, this game’s story feels already denser than the first three FFs. Granted, this story doesn’t span an entire world, but it’s still admirable that they put so much care into developing this game’s world so much even back then. Like, every NPC is named and has something interesting to say.
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    I know the feel. Though I've been pretty good at playing just Ys Seven for a while now. So here's hoping I can limit my gaming habit to one game at a time.

    Finished season 1 of Aggretsuko, btw. It came at a pretty apt moment in my life actually
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    Oof. Good luck with that then. I've personally completely given up on that game at this point, what with the story being spread so ridiculously thin. I did enjoy the game during the times that I was actually in that zone, so it's not that I completely don't understand where you're coming from.

    Since my professional life is currently in absolute chaos, I might actually have some more time to write now, so I'm hoping I can actually set some goals and follow through with them for once!
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    The video was sent was pretty cool! I loved the enery in the song and the singer has this neat indie vibe about her. I'll probably give the Wild Arms OST a shot sometime in the near future as well, since you're recommending it so, though I do sometimes worry if listening to a soundtrack in isolation will really feel as rewarding as hearing it after knowing the context. Like, I have the Devilman Crybaby OST on loop around now since I'm still in the middle of emotionally digesting the show, but I can't really be sure if I'd like it so much without watching it. I definitely do enjoy the contrasts between the tracks, which are very fitting for this track in particular, since you get these strong, energetic, even relentless tracks like this that honestly make me feel they'd be right at home on the SMT IV soundtrack:

    and then there are tender pieces like this:

    And I know the feel, speaking of composers disappearing. I'm still very sad Yuki Kajiura hasn't made a game soundtrack since. I do wonder if the gender norms in Japan have something to do with this, since women like Soraya Saga, whom we've discussed recently, seem to disappear after a certain time. Like, is it expected that they won't continue their careers after a certain point while men keep working until they retire?

    But yeah, moving away from gender for a while, another composer I've had this experience with was Revo. I know he has his fantasy band and everything and has been doing some spectacular work on the Attack on Titan openings, but I was so disappointed that Bravely Default was his only game soundtrack to date. Luckily, it looks like he;s the sole composer for Bravely Default II now. I hope he can branch out in this field because he's got something special going on.
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    Yeah it was pretty surprising for me to see that Mitsuda pretty much quoted a minimalist work in Xenosaga’s final battle. Game OSTs do lean on classicism and romantism for a lot of their inspirations, so it’s very nice to see some contemporary art movements in there too. Mitsuda is even more musically literate than I expected.

    Thanks for the musical recommendation. I was wondering what brought the avatar change I’ll check it out later today!
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    Btw, since we were talking about Xenosaga music a while back - does this sound familiar by any chance?

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    Never listened to it, honestly. I’ve never really played a Wild Arms game but I’ve heard some good things. Might check it out one day. Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to the Devilman Crybaby soundtrack, and it has some absolute gems too.

    Speaking of, I’ve finished the show and it was pretty ducking phenomenal. I’ve been in tears for the last three episodes, which is something media hasn’t done to me in a long while. A lot of things there struck really close to home, honestly, and I feel this adaptation does a terrific job at making this not just another cool, watchable version of the source material - but something that has actual cultural relevance at this point in time and has the potential, in my opinion, to be a defining voice in its medium.

    Much like you, I don’t have a Netflix account active at all times, but I’m very happy I got in again starting last month. I plan to watch Aggretsuko, as per your recommendation, but with Devilman Crybaby and new seasons of Anne with an E, this had just been an incredible investment, as I feel enriched. And of course, I can’t leave out the very reason I renewed my account - the Witcher! What a fun, engrossing adaptation! As a big fan of both the books and the games, I’m incredibly happy with this show so far and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone I can
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    Hello homie
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    So I’ve actually started watching Devilman Crybaby, since I reactivated my Netflix account to watch the Witcher. Binged seven of the ten episodes. It’s really good. I’m getting serious SMT vibes, along with a lot of it just feeling very arthouse in some respects. I also like how it has commentary on our current society
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    So I’ve beaten Torment: Tides of Numenera. It was an interesting, if flawed little titled. I think the biggest issues is that you can tell it’s really trying to be Torment, but it doesn’t come out quite as naturally as with Planescape, so the final game ends up pretty overwrought and dense, and not really in a good way. The story and setting are still great, though. It’s not everyday that you see an RPG grapple with the topic of the responsibilities of parenting through the subject of body-shifting immortality.

    And now I’ve started Ys Seven, and it’s been pretty cool so far. We’ll see how I like it, but I’ve already also got I and II and am ready to dive into this series - along with the Trails series, as I’ve been gifted Trails in the Sky. I do plan to replay games less this year and focus on new experiences in that regard - though my focus is still going to be writing. My wife got me this cute little notebook that I hope will help me organize my thoughts
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by Wolf Kanno on 01-28-2021 at 08:40 AM
Oof, I've been a bit out of sorts with my mental health lately, and I think it's about time I do something about that. I've got a lot of balls in the air so to speak concerning projects I've been doing around the forum both past and present. So I'm thinking about tackling a few of them, but with how I've been feeling lately, I want some second opinions I guess. Of the projects I've abandoned, what should I work on next?

Here's where I'm at for the moment:

FFVI Retrospective

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WK's Top 100 Lost but Not Forgotten : Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

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I'm always split on these articles. So many of these games are great and I have retroactively said a few of them made the list, but occasionally something comes along that I really want to love but the game just won't let me. Tactics Ogre is in a weird place for me because the remake and the original are pretty different in some meaningful ways, so much of this review pertains to the remake due to having only played a little bit of the original.

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WK's Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten List: Silent Hill 3

by Wolf Kanno on 05-03-2020 at 02:37 AM
Is this honestly the first non-RPG on this list?

Well I fell into the Silent Hill series rather late. By the time I had played the series, the "glory years" were over and fans were knee deep in Konami trying to take the series in a different direction without Team Silent. I was a huge fan of the first two entries of the series, being instantly sucked into the second entry and surprised how much I really enjoyed the first one. So it came as a bit

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WK's Top 100 Lost But Not Forgotten: SaGa Frontier 2

by Wolf Kanno on 04-05-2020 at 03:32 AM
I was having a serious reservation about whether I was going to add this to my Top 100 list or place it here. I decided it would go here for now, but part of me feels it could be like Demon's Souls and make the jump to My Top 100.

SaGa is a weird franchise. A JRPG series made for enthusiast who feel they've seen it all. From the Gameboy entries where you built a ragtag group filled with robots and monster to climb a tower/tree to visit

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My Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

by Wolf Kanno on 01-30-2020 at 09:17 PM
You know the drillÖ

I mentioned this in my Chain of Memories entry for my Top 100 List, but Kingdom Hearts and I have a really awkward history with each other. This is a franchise that has always been more of a guilty pleasure for me than something I actively love. Funny enough, itís not even the basic premise that bothers me. While Final Fantasy meets Disney mash-up sounds contrived, KH has always managed to make it work since this

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