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    Yesterday, 11:40 PM
    It honestly sounds a bit too ornamental for my taste. I don't care for the choice of instruments for it, despite knowing they are pretty close to the...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:33 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Did you listen to Creid, the Celtic album? That one has an arrangement of Bonds of Sea and Fire that I really like
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:17 PM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    I still feel part of the issues is that Xenogears was one of his more overlooked OSTs at the time due to the game not being that popular. I've...
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    Yesterday, 09:49 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I feel a lot of it has to do with what I feel is Mitsuda’s vision being kinda too big for the hardware. I feel a lot of his music for Xenogears is...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:09 PM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    I've been avoiding that video for awhile simply because that man is literally a human trashcan, but it was hilariously accurate nonetheless. I've...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    12-10-2019, 11:13 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Mmm yes. Xenogears has some very memeable lines. Also zeBqNYLD4eI
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-10-2019, 07:41 AM
    Oops, forgot to do this on the first, I've been kind of super busy, but I still like to keep some old traditions alive. Premise is the same....
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-10-2019, 07:37 AM
    Tould you be snowboarding by the Icicle Inn? Maybe partying with some moogles and a Yeti in Narshe? Trying not to think of End of Evangelion as you...
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-10-2019, 07:28 AM
    Wolf Kanno replied to a thread Pepsi or Coca Cola in General Chat
    Though realistically neither. I've largely given up drinking soda.
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    12-09-2019, 11:04 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Also... FqtOxZKx-Yc
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-09-2019, 08:29 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    I may start it up after I finish Death Stranding, assuming I don't use Romancing SaGa 3 as a palette cleanser first. I feel it will be really...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    12-09-2019, 07:50 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Oh man, do it. I loved my Xenogears replay two years ago.
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-09-2019, 07:25 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Well I'm glad you're getting reacquainted with Bravely Default and having a lovely time. Once I finish Tactics Ogre, I may try to bum rushing my way...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-09-2019, 07:22 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Karifean's profile
    I tend to fall more in line with the usual popular classics like the NES Mega Man or Castlevania titles. Breath of Fire has always had pretty strong...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    12-07-2019, 08:00 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    They're worth a watch, tbh, so I hope you get to them soon! Meanwhile, I've finished my 100% story FFX-2 playthrough. Overall, my opinion stands....
  • Fynn's Avatar
    12-07-2019, 04:20 PM
    Fynn replied to a thread The Golden Age in General RPG Discussion
    Iím with wooz in that I donít think thereís a single golden era for RPGs. There are games that I really like in various time periods, and likewise...
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  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-07-2019, 09:45 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Karifean's profile
    I feel a lot of music back then gets a bit glossed over outside of a few standout tracks from popular titles. I feel the limitations of the tech...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 10:16 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Yeah, I haven't watched his retrospective on FFXII yet, but he paid it some heavy lip service for his Vagrant Story one. I'm debating about listing...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 09:45 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Yeah, though I imagine our backgrounds are a bit different in that regard, considering he often mentions he’s a sound designer by profession, which I...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 09:26 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    I figure you would know this guy, especially since he seems to care a lot about the musical scores of games which reminded me of you.
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 09:25 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    Because it is the one bad track in a rather superb soundtrack that also happens to be the one track you'll hear the most. Granted, I don't hate it...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 09:09 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Resonant Arc is pretty cool. Though I feel he makes some grand sweeping statements at times, overall I think he’s pretty diligent and thorough in his...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 08:38 AM
    Some gamers, myself included, like to talk about the "Golden Age of RPGs" but I am curious to learn where other people feel it happened. Was it just...
    4 replies | 94 view(s)
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 08:14 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    I've been listening to a YouTuber named Resonant Arc who is reviewing a bunch of old Square games, and he brought ot my attention the funniest, if...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 06:02 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Karifean's profile
    Yeah, that's definitely an improvement over a lot of the hardware at the time.
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-05-2019, 06:31 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Karifean's profile
    It had a pretty snazzy audio come to think of it. I take it you've been playing some classic Ys?
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-04-2019, 09:31 PM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    It looked very pretty in the documentary series, well until the actual war part started and we saw bodies and concentration camps. Hell they had...
  • Fynn's Avatar
    12-04-2019, 09:25 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I think they’re doing pretty OK nowadays. It’s Western Europe that’s currently rediscovering fascism and the far right currently :p I know that the...
  • Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    12-04-2019, 06:12 AM
    Wolf Kanno posted a visitor message on Fynn's profile
    In related news to Tactics Ogre, I've been watching a BBC documentary series about the Yugoslav Wars. Been really interesting. I sort of feel like...
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    I never know when exactly your birthday is because you're a secretive little bastard, so I'll just wish you a happy birthday now Hope the next year in your life is even better than the last one!

    On a completely unrelated note (as I kinda need to get away from thinking about writing for a bit, because my mind has gotten obsessive about putting my own damn self down again), I'm really looking forward to Romancing SaGa 3. Don't know if I'll be able to play it righ away, since I don't exactly have money to spare, but it's a definite buy at some point, for me. Now, if I could only decide who to play as. I've narrowed down the choice to Katrina and Khalid, since they're two of the hottest protagonists available, it looks like, the problem is which should I pick? I know Katrina is not playable at all if you don't start with her, so that seems like a no-brainer, but then I heard Khalid can be hard to recruit/is expensive when hue's not your protagonist. Hmm...
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    Tell me about it. Though I feel the theme can develop with the story as you go along, I'm also struggling with a hook. It doesn't help that most of my ideas are basically "ok so this starts out like regular X BUT ACTUALLY" and that's really hard to sell without spilling the beans from the getgo. Still, yeash, it's important that you write what you feel is appropriate for you now. I started with what is going to be the second or third story in the collection simply because it's the one I wanted to write right now. That said, I feel it's probably the most depressing one in the book, and that's saying something considering my last year's halloween story is set to be in this collection
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    I think it's normal that once you start actually working on a project, it loses a lot of its lustre. Like, I just started the NaNo thing and was super excited about my story that is high fantasy on the surface but it's actually cosmic horror, but now that I'm writing it, it's like pulling teeth again. You really gotta push through it if you want to finish something.
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    That reminds me I need to do that myself. I also did the Dragovian chapter on the 3DS, but never got around to rebattling the final boss to see the golden ending. Will make an attempt at some point, that's for sure.

    I've yet to sit down to NaNo, but I will try to do that today. I'm gonna work on my short story collection so that I have some stuff that I can start sending out to contest while the whole book gets rejected multiple times. Good to hear that you're excited aboyut a new project. The stuff where you've got nothing planned is usually the most rewarding once it's done.
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    Even then, I don't think DQVI is that bittersweet? I feel the only really sad thing about that ending is Ahslynn disappearing, with the world pretty much being left in a much better state aside from that
  6. View Conversation
    I mean, that's probably one of the factors. When it's a big budget thing, you need to think economically and make cuts in places that would make the most sense from a marketing standpoint (and not necessarily a narrative standpoint). It probably explains why indie titles don't suffer this problem, as they're usually already made from passion using shoestring budgets, so ironically, they have more freedom in that regard. Still, I wonder what it's like for more mainstream narrative-driven games, where the narrative is the selling point. And I don't mean RPGs, since not everyone plays those for the narrative - I mean more stuff along the lines of Life is Strange or Tellatele games or something (never played those so I don't know).
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    Well, aside from the examples you mentioned, I feel chapter 4 (of 5) in the first Witcher game is its strongest, though that's a weird case, considering the fact that it is kind of out of place compared to the rest of the game, counting as more of an Arcadian Interlude, but it's woven in so great and has such an incredible feel to it that it really kind of makes the game?

    Also, now that I think about it, it seems that the Persona games are all pretty good about having well-fleshed out later halves, and that goes for both the OG Persona and new Persona games. In Innocent Sin you do get the slightly overlong Zodiac dungeons and the final dungeon to P1 is just ridiculous, but narratively speaking, they still feel strong and fleshed out. Of course, in the case of Persona 3, the game only really goes from great to sublime in its back half, so that's definitely an example of that, though I guess the opening is pretty gripping as well.

    What's interesting is that this may actually be something that modern games have the edge over older games in, as I feel there's much more room for creating games based on a concept that's already been fleshed out and paying equal attention to all the important parts, rather than just the beginning and the end. But then again, even a game as incredibly well-designed as the Witcher 3 does kind of rely too much on retreading the story of the books at its back half, so we're back to square one in that regard. It's interesting that of the two expansion packs, the shorter (and much more narratively fulfilling like omg I can't stress this one enough) actually averts this by being impeccably paced throughout, while the second (the clearly much more rushed one but with an incredible map to explore and tons of glorious fanservice for longtime fans) really does feel like it rushes through its back half.

    I think we may have uncovered a curse.
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    See, the thing is that this game is packed, even by today's standards, I feel. It's not a smaller project that feels smaller, like Planescape: Torment. The amount of sidequests feels overwhelming in that you'll probably not even find them all on your own in one playthrough. It's just that they're all so organically woven in that none of it really feels like they're making it just to fill a quota. It's great.

    Of course, while I love BG2, it too has its issues, since I feel that (the Throne of Bhaal expansion aside), the beginning is the strongest in this game as this is where you get the most control over how you play the game. Later you're on a more linear path, which I'm not really against personally, but there is at least one chapter that feels like padding. Getting out of the Underdark shouldn't take as long as it does and it just feels like an extended detour. Granted, I know all this stems from the fact that BG1 was a miracle made by a bunch of doctors who made D&D and then the sequel had to be bigger and better in every way but they also had a strict deadline, so a lot of the stuff they wanted to put in had to be cut, and that's why it feels that way.

    Honestly, now that I think about it, a lot of games seem to hit a lull about 2/3 of the way through, don't they? I had this issue in Torment where after leaving the main hub town the game just becomes a generic RPG with a more standard setting and stuff that just feels like out of place (including a bigger focus on combat) for a couple of hours, before returning to the good stuff again. Same thing happens in BG2, as I mentioned before. A lot of FFs seem to have this problem as we,, such as with the dead horse that is the huge materia quest in FFVII, or even the Rapha/Marach section in FFT (which is still great but overall feels less developed and a bit out of place compared to the rest of the game). I honestly don't understand why this keeps on happening, but it's only now that I've really noticed it. Technically, this should be where the game builds up its climax but it just... meanders?

    A similar thing happens in Pillars of Eternity, where you leave the city that was the main hub up to that point to get to the final stretch of the plot, only for the road there to be a bit too long and the additional quests there just... not really meshing well with the overall growing urgency of the plot. But speaking of that game, it's another fantastic example of what you're talking about - Pillars was a kickstarter project that was designed by Baldur's Gate/Planescape: Torment devs (including the lovely Chris Avellone, probably the best video game writer on the Western front who is fully responsible for the weirdly beautiful Torment, whom I think you should definitely look into if you haven't already) that is deliberately evocative of those games and it is designed in exactly that way because there were no studio execs to force them to make it as mainstream as possible. I hate to sound like someone stuck in the past, but I'm beginning to believe you may actually be right and they really don't make them like they used to anymore

    Phew, so that was a long rant Glad to know DQ is keeping you happy, regardless of the actual game. That reminds me that XI is actually the first game I've actually invested a significant amount of time playing the casino, and I'll probably return there at a later point because the prizes change as the game progresses. I'm still kind of not feeling it, because there's something about gambling that just immediately repels me and I have no idea why, but I pushed through it and got some nice gear.
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    It's super easy in the 3DS version because you see them all running around on the field screen Symbol encounters are good.

    Meanwhile, I am now hooked on BG2 and once again I am very appreciative of old-school quest design. So early in the game there comes a moment where your main story goal is to raise 20,000 gp, so you're pretty much left to explore your local City of Adventure and it's surroundings for cash ad, once again, all quests are unique, have their own stories, and none of them are fetch quests. In fact, a good chunk of them involves helping potential party memebrs, who are really well fleshed-out in this game, so it all comes together really nicely.
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    So I've beaten Yiazmat recently. Had to clear up some hard drive space but I didn't wanna uninstall FFXII until I did it.
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My Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten: Suikoden IV Part 2 ~ Suikoden Tactics

by Wolf Kanno on 06-17-2019 at 07:25 AM

So in my last blog, I talked about the black sheep numbered entry of the Suikoden franchise, Suikoden IV. Today, we're going to look at Rhapsodia, better known as Suikoden Tactics in the West. Tactics is a gaiden title that serves as both prequel/sequel side story to Suikoden IV. What makes it really standout is that the game is no longer a turn-based RPG about collecting 108 heroes, but instead a Tactical Turn Based RPG a la Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire

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My Top 100"s Lost but Not Forgotten: Suikoden IV ~ Part 1

by Wolf Kanno on 04-29-2019 at 07:53 AM
List, blah blah. Didn't make it, blah blah.

I feel I have a theme going here. Like the BoF1 entry, anyone who took a quick glance of my list will know I'm a pretty big Suikoden fan, you'll also notice I snubbed one of the main entries and most of the spin-off/gaiden games. I'll say right now, that I have to actually play Suikogaiden due to lacking the proper emulator, which is why

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My Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten: Breath of Fire

by Wolf Kanno on 04-14-2019 at 11:23 PM
Blah blah blah, made a list, blah blah blah, this is for games that didn't make it.


Anyone who simply glances over my list will notice I have a strong affiliation with Capcom's classic and underrated RPG series Breath of Fire. They will also notice I left one entry out of the list, and while my BoFII entry hints as to some of the reasons, I figured I would lay it out here

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My Top 100's Lost but not Forgotten: Dragon Quest VII

by Wolf Kanno on 10-26-2018 at 06:42 AM

I feel like the year 2001 was an odd year in gaming. One of the first time where you really felt like the end of an era and the beginning of a new one was coming. Sony was gearing up to release the successor to the smash hit PlayStation and if you looked around the gaming scene, it seemed like every company was jumping ship to get on board what the PS2 could do. Square had released their PS1 swan song FFIX even though they would still support the PS1 with

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My Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten: Arc the Lad II

by Wolf Kanno on 03-27-2018 at 11:53 PM
You know the drill by now...


One of my all time favorite publishers in the 90s for video games was Working Designs. It was a company that actually tried to get a lot of cool JRPGs released in the West long before the actual JRPG boom in the last years of the decade. I've already spoken about their most high profile title they ever worked on, Lunar: The Silver Star Story,

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