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    Yeah, I remember the boss rushes being intense, but I also remember the remake being way easier. But that may be because I was just older and more experience, idk. I also played it on standard.
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    Well, turns out the Sora save actually is an endgame save, so all I need to do now to get some cool new cards is finish the Riku save, so I did a little bit of that. I need to say this, though, the GBA graphics have aged like fine wine. Like holy crap, I forgot how great this game looks.

    Btw have you heard of Project Destati? They’ve been doing some very ambitious KH rearrangements and I’ve been listening to their two albums non-stop recently. One’s called Light, the other is Darkness, and I know a third one titled Dawn is on its way. I highly recommend you listen to them if you haven’t already.

    Still, all this talk about games aside, I’ve actually been reading a lot more recently, and it feels good. Finishing the second Earthsea book and I’m hooked. It’s actually got me in much more of a writing mood.
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    You’ve kind of made me want to dust off my copy of GBA CoM. The thing is I just noticed I have two save files on each character, none of which is of a finished game, but each guy has a save file that’s near the end. Don’t know, maybe I should rush them for the clear data, then replay I and then CoM from scratch properly, with all the extra cards
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    Yeah, and judging by what I know about III, I think it stays vague, though there is yet another function it plays apparently.

    Honestly though? I don’t mind. I enjoy that there’s an element to this cosmology that is kind of beyond comprehension in universe. And even the people who want to use KH in some way shape or form don’t feally know but just have a strong hunch that X thing will work - but then it kinda does but not really? It’s great
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    The discussions are one of the best parts of being a KH fan though I don’t think I’ve mentioned how happy I am that you and I can talk at length about KH again yet
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    Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed Jesse McCartney’s performance as Roxas, but I have heard he’s better than ever in re:coded HD. He doesn’t really have spoken lines aside from some grunts in the game proper though

    And yeah, totally agreed on all counts. I think there’s always the added stigma of “this is a spinoff” or “lol psp”, as if only big consoles can have good games on them. While it’s understandable how in the past people would just ignore these entries because they’re on different systems, now they’re all in one place and you’d think people would appreciate them more. But alas, the stigma remains.

    Tbh though I still remember the days when discussions on this very forum took place that debated whether or not KHII really is an even better sequel because some people didn’t like some of the changes. Not a single person had a bad thing to say when BBS came out though. It just really goes to show how much sensibilities change - or how big a difference a FinalMix can make.
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    About the Jiminy conversation: Yes, he is in III, very briefly. Another character that shows they did not know what to do with the Disney characters.
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    Well, I got a degree in psychology before I became a computer scientist and that covered communication psychology as well so I think I will end that part of the conversation here as if you already admit it, there is no point in forcing that part to go on any further. It would do no good.

    Anyway, I am close to ending a thesis. Next weekend I can continue with my Kingdom Hearts treatment/dissertation/dismantling of problems.

    Just 2 days ago I even pointed out to somebody how useless the whole closed timeloop story of Xehanort is because the "let's create Dark Keyblades" plot falls apart the moment you realize one of the characters that they called through time wields a Dark Keyblade leading to a) them having one Dark Keyblade too much and b) he could have just called 12 guys who already did wield the Keyblade. Sigh. Not that he can do much against the closed timeloop. But Nomura-san can. He could have realized that once again he wrote stuff within the loop that just was not necessary. Whenever I write a timeloop I actually consider what is useful during those events.
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    I think Jiminy does show up in III, but yeah, I think CoM is the only game where he really has such a major role. Even in coded he isn’t that important, despite the fact that his journal is important. Glad you’re having fun either way!

    Meanwhile, I’m cheating on my break from games a bit and coming back to Days. One thing that strikes me as I jump back in after coded is just how slow the game feels in comparison! I mean, I’ll get used to it, but I never noticed how dynamic coded was until I went back to this.

    And yeah, vids like this gives me hope that those insanely nitpicky hot takes that have been spreading like wildfire recently are just a vocal minority and to a of people still genuinely enjoy BBS and the like. Although she’s also in the camp that loves II the most and really doesn’t like CoM, I like that she’s really positive about the series as a whole (though she does have her frustrations with it, as she has a whole vid on her KH love-hate relationship)
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    I still can’t get over how the general opinion on BBS has shift. Or at least, it appears to have, due to a vocal minority.

    Here, have a much more positive video on it instead:

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