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    Dragon types don’t really become plentiful until about Gen V. Which suddenly makes the introduction of the fairy type in the next gen havd so much more sense
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    Yeah, it’s definitely one of the better Pokémon to have. Though Ruby and Sapphire already had a bit more dragon types than the games before
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    Ooh, sorry, generation III actually has two sets of these, though the second one is gifted to you in post game
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    I should clarify - by pseudo-legendary I mean Pokémon that are always near the end of a regional Pokédex, have stats almost as high as legendaries in their final forms and evolve twice at very high levels. Think Dragonite in RGB or Tyranitar in GSC. In RSE this is Salamanca, which starts out as a goofy dragon baby named Bagon.
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    If I recall correctly, there are some far more interesting species once you reach the very tall grass. But that’s, as always, subjective. Also, I know that you can catch this game’s pseudo-legendary in Meteor Falls, but I’m not sure if you can do it without HMs. I imagine surf may be necessary.
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    Honestly, I’m the same - collecting is the absolute most fun thing about Pokémon. Still, I like to recommend party members simply because not all Pokémon are made equal and you can cut significantly on grinding if you just replace your mind, SMT-style Speaking of, once you obtain your badge and cross the sea, the Pokémon diversity will increase quite a bit, if I recall correctly, so you might find some cool candidates for you to consider.

    I’m pretty sure Feebas is caught while surfing, but I’d have to check. You’ll definitely need to surf soon too, so either the good rod is somewhere near or you can catch more than Magikarp with an old rod this time, can’t really remember. The biggest problem with Feebas is that it shows up on exactly one tile in one particular body of water, and what tile it is is randomizes by you changing that trendy name at the club in Dewford Town. You’d need to look up a guide to determine how you can increase your odds, so it can be a drag. Still, I can vouch that the result is well worth it. Not only does it look cool, but there’s a reason so many of the end-game trainers have it in their party.

    Vigor .org is an interesting case, btw. A lot of people actually decide not to evolve it because, while Slaking has phenomenal stats, on par with pseudo-legendaries, it’s ability significantly gimps him. In the end it’s a matter of whether you prefer a weaker but much speedier and uninhibited mon, or a much stronger one with limitations.
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    Tbh, I’d stick with something that can fly - remember HMs are a thing all the way until generation 7 Golbat actually evolves into Crobat now with enough happiness, and that’s definitely one good non. Peliopee is pretty trash though, and Surskit’s evolution isn’t really much to write home about since it loses its unique typing and becomes a generic bug/flying. Want an interesting bug Pokémon? Catch a Nincada and get it up to the point that it evolves (lv 20 or 25, I think), but make sure you have at least empty space in your party. Something interesting will happen

    Gyarados is always a good choice, but with Hoenn’s abundance of water types, you might want to look around more before committing. Personally, I’d recommend Feebas. It’s kind of a Magikarp expy in that ynevolved it’s dumb and ugly, but it’s one of my absolute favorite once it evolves. There are two issues however. 1) Catching it is an incredibly difficult task with tons of RNG that can screw you over and you basically can’t do it without a guy or unless you get luck, and 2) evolving it is tricky as well because it’s level doesn’t matter - it’s Beaty stat does. It will only evolve once you max out beauty. So it’s definitely a cumbersome process, but if you’re interested in a challenge, you should try it - the resulting Pokémon is really something imo.

    And yeah, your dad is next. I wouldn’t stress about grinding though, your Combusken will probably sweep him.
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    Funnily, people are already making edits removing the socks and enlarging the boobs. Because people are dumb.
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    Funnily, people are already making edits removing the socks and enlarging the boobs. Because people are dumb.
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    It does kind of feel like they’re blending some of the more interesting elements from XII, XIII and XV into this battle system. If anything, it does look like a solid blend of action and ATB, which is exactly what they promised. I’m also just shocked that this is coming out in less than a year.

    What’s also strange is that, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the voice cast has been entirely replaced. I have no idea why. New guys sound really good, Cloud especially, but still
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