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    I see ^^ well a good thing to realize before you dedicate yourself too hard. Kind of struggling with that now myself. If I may ask, what did you end up changing to?
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    Hmm so did you do a CompSci degree?
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    Did Ardyn died as a virgin?
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    That's awesome ^^ it's always nice when classes like that actually allow you to get creative and make something you actually want to make. I take it you used premade assets? Never been good at graphic design myself so as you might tell by that video I also just try to pick models that "kinda" look like what they're supposed to represent ^^ but there's a bit of charm to low budget recreations as well when it still strikes the 'greater whole' well enough to let you overlook the details.
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    I do follow my Ultimanias alright, but it is still weird, especially considering that I only go for the non-fanwank way. I also have the game in Japanese (I have shown you an English screenshot but righ t now I am playig it in German, I have all three) but even in its original language it still always was kinda not satisfying enough for me and my neuroticism when it comes to such hickups. If not of course I would not write right now. I mean, I am glad FFIX is mostly consistent but these things appear then and slap you out of your fascination of such a well crafted story.

    Yeah, the f'ing t key. I remapped it to be there instead of the kyu key but that was a bad location.
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    No, it is not the attack on Madain Sari but the moment before when Joan and Garnet flee (so yeah, it is the attack but earlier in that secret grotto under the house that Eiko is in all the time years after). If they actually brought in a scene where they could have justified Zidane to originally be a part of it would have been something more logical.

    But instead they went the "this is not my memory, why can I see it," route only to bring the trace back to the crystal explanation and a very nothing-at-all-saying explanation of how some people that understand memories see other memories. And all that together has no establishment, no foreshadowing. No explanation why Zidane out of all people can do it, no one doing it before, it does not even make sense because Zidane was never really established to be the ultimate memory understanding guy. You cannot do such a move after Zidane runs through the whole city "what is this, what is this, what is this, why can I see it?" I am all for spirituality and overly fantasy stuff in stories but this is too little and too late. Not even little. They only brought their explanation for the crystal together with that and that was it. Which is why I see it as so "nothing at all." They could have skipped the "understanding memory" part or could have included it as they did and neither would have been enough. Late explanation for the crystal and establishment for Zidane where there was none and no other foreshadowing for the world itself when it comes to that stuff like with other people or so makes a bad combination.

    My t key is broken and I had to remap it. God, is that annoying.
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    Yeah it was a lot of fun recreating the fight. Also did a few from other games (and a lot of Final Fantasy bosses ofc). It's interesting "porting" fights like those to a different fundamental combat engine and trying to be as faithful as possible while still focusing primarily on making it fun to play. But sometimes it really works.
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    And since I am playing it right now, so it is on my mind to speak about:

    Is it just me or did Sakaguchi-san go down the "whatever"-route the last hour of Final Fantasy IX?

    People complain about the Materia stuff from CD2 in FFVII but there are at least some reasons.

    For the last half of Memoria they want to foreshadow the Crystal. And for that they create memory-share out of the blue: "Oh, well. Not everyone has just their own memories from their own life, it all comes down to the connection to the Existence God which is the Crystal which Kuja wants to destroy."

    Yeah. That is not really an explanation why out of all people and right at that moment Zidane got a memory share from Garnet just "because the Crystal can do so." If they wanted it to happen randomly then it should at least in the story have occasionally happened and really to others as well for Garland's speech about "all people think they only have their own memories" to make sense so it does not come off as so weird and this way really show, "oh, so that was what it all was about," instead of it only happening in the final moments and as mentioned only for Zidane (for us to see) which is also not explained or they should have brought up a proper explanation, not so random then, about why the Crystal does that in special occasions, which could have been used to establish how close Zidane and Garnet are during the finale. Their sprites were also the only ones on screen so they could have really used it and imply it as them being alone there and it being a special moment for them rather than making it look like the only show the sprites that are relevant while the others are most likely still there but not displayed. (The whole display part I just mentioned is not as relevant as it is only one possibility I wanted to talk about when it comes to solve these things but still, I wanted to mention it as well while the overall problem is that whole not really properly told memory share riddle including Zidane)

    Zidane asked multiple times why HE had the memories. But with the "explanation" given he basically was just lucky to have gotten them instead of any of the others.
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    Just out of curiosity, which do you consider the fourth FF with aliens? Because counting the Terrans from FFIX or the people from the other fragment of the world from FFV aliens basically demands calling everyone from another dimension aliens as well. I know FFV has its meteors but it also has freaking portals in them so it is not really the same thing to me as "straight from outer space, period."
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    I made this thing btw ^^

    (you need a team of at least 3 players to really have a shot at taking him down)
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