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    It would be more obvious if they actually took the kanji for hour but we know by now that they love their little naming games (and by taking a real kanji the name would be way more complex than by just taking katakana but as said, for naming puns and all that the way they did it would be fine - and even if it was not meant we still have Gina as normal female name). So I don't think it is far off. It would be easier if they had her name written out somewhere but I think we won't ever see the name of such an NPC in with our letters in a guide or manual. I also think Jiiru's name is interesting. Funnily enough it also is a mother that starts with "Ji" (but well, she has no child that has a time-related name). Zeal or Zhyle or one of the other Western versions never made any real sense to me except if they wanted to made some sort of allusion to "Seal" or "Sea" which would made kinda sense with the whole Ancient era, the Palace, Machine and Lavos. But since I know Akira Toriyama has named his characters names like "Gine" for Goku's which is a syllable swap of Negi or Saiya-jin which is a syllable swap of Yasai(-jin) with Yasai meaning Vegetable and Tsufuru-jin for Furutsu(-jin) for Fruitsu to make the Vegetable and Fruits people I think it could be some attempt of Jiiru being an allusion to the "Luci" (not Japanese though) for light. It would be a bit odd because it makes use of a katakana that I would not necessarily use but as a pun and allusion it could still be okay. Freeza is also not written in Japanese like Freezer.

    And I so love Marl's outfit. It is almost 100% a copy of Bulma's desert outfit in Dragon Ball vol. 2.
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    I am actually pretty sure Maou's English new Enlightened name (at least Maou returned later as title Fiendlord) comes from the fact that he lives two lifes. You know. The Janus Twinface.

    Yeah, I bought the Japanese walkthrough for 9 Euros. Unfortunately the names are not in the Japanese manual and Jina's/Gina's name is not written out in our letters so I translated it. But hey, at least they wrote Chrono, Marl, Lucca, Eira, Kaeru, Robo and Maoh. It also never knew until years later that Marl(e)'s abbreviation and nickname comes from the fact that her name is not Nadia but Marledia.

    What is cool in the original is that the Geno Dome is called Genocidome. It puts more emphasis on how the AI is another Agent Smith super killer AI.

    If I had to choose without actual evidence I would see the game as evidence enough and I would say her name is Jina and not meant as Gina. Ji (the specific Kanji though so they would take creative freedom by just thinking of the syllable of the katakana) means hour or time.
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    Since you are such a Chrono Trigger fan: Did you know that Ozzie, Slash and Flea were with a probability of 99% named by Toriyama-san? Their original names are puns of Vinegar, Mayonaise and Soy Sauce. I think you get it.

    Gohan, Chichi Vegeta, Freeza, Bulma, Trunks, Yamcha, Kuririn, Chiaotzu, Tenshinhan, Jiren, Toppo, Nappa, Turles, Bardock, Gine ... Toriyama-san loves funny names and puns.

    Also nice to read C(h)rono's mother is called Gina/Jina. I don't think I have ever seen the name before.
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    I see, maybe I'm romanticizing Sakaguchi a bit much in my mind ^^ I do miss Ito's hand in things more than anyone's I feel. Every time I read about his contributions to the games he worked on it blows my mind how much from that alone it feels like he just "gets" how player engagement and enjoyment works.

    Sounds about right in terms of difficulty lol. 4x Cut is so incredibly powerful. Though Ruby can get pretty tedious because it both has such absurdly high defense and yet can hardly really touch you if you got a Ziedrich. Hope you had fun still. I'm still on .hack//G.U. myself, just about finishing up the second part of the trilogy after about 45 hours playtime total, but it'll probably be another five or ten before I start the third to finish up at least some of the grindy sidequests. Didn't do it for the first volume, but they're a lot more rewarding this time.

    Heard a lot of good about Papers Please although I have a hard time picturing what the game is actually like to play, and all I've seen of it is making calls on whether or not to approve people's visas or permits of stay or whatever, but there seems to be a lot more to it. Curious, have you ever played Odin Sphere?
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    Ah I see... well I guess Sakaguchi being gone would also definitely have a big effect on any future entries, not to mention Ito's mysterious absence. I also heard there was supposed to be a third game called Chrono Break which got cancelled, or is that just an urban legend?

    Also curious, have you finished FF VII by now?
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    Oh man that really is a damn shame. Is it because Cross didn't match up to expectations or just... no apparent reason?
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    Sheesh the English and Irish have a horrendous history together. Makes me wonder how the current issues surrounding Brexit are affected by these enduring strifes and tensions. And I guess "not much has changed" in regards to keeping parties divided. That's something that goes all the way back to Roman times and earlier, with Caesar and others openly utilizing "Divide & Conquer" as a strategy. Devious, inhumane, but undeniably effective it would seem.

    Gotta say though I can feel your passion for this ^^

    Btw I'm currently watching a YouTuber playing through Chrono Trigger again who's posting the alternate endings alongside the main storyline run, and I'm using that to see the optional endings I didn't get to see yet. Feels like the whole #1 game of the Heisei era thing kickstarted a sort of revival of appreciation for the game almost, though maybe it's just coincidental.
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    Jesus smurfing christ, I guess religion was in no small part just another 'weapon' they tried to use to gain a position of superiority huh.
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    Accidently huh O.o that sounds awfully convenient but I can kinda see how that might occur. Interesting though. Kinda not too surprising to hear they exacerbate tensions like that but still feels pretty irksome ngl. What was the predominant religion in England at the time they were prejudiced against Catholicism?

    And yeah it's not hard to imagine why Ireland and Russia kinda struggle back and forth between those ends. A study in human cycles indeed >.<
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    Do you know the Final Fantasy Peasant? He is a nice guy but even though he uses official sources he moves too close to theory territory.
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