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    Funny that you mention KHI's gameplay. I can see what you mean but you know what KHI has what I am missing from every other game? KHI feels more imposing to me. The camera is much closer to Sora and I like that. Yeah, in II and III you can look around a larger area from a greater distance but this "being close to Sora" makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the characters and perceiving my Kingdom Hearts as this large scaled adventure. I for example absolutely love that certain character battles like with Ansem take place right in your and their faces but in KHIII there is one battle in particular where I hate that you had such a far away camera. GRANTED, it is smarter because you easily lose track in that clustersmurf of actions but it frustrates me a lot because there was a certain feeling the close cameraman of Sora gave me that I never got from any other installment.

    As far as Chain of Memories is concerned, I always liked it. It was the time when I played Yugioh and stopped doing so for like the 1000th time and sold my cards again. I bought Yugioh for GBA then and shortly afterwards CoM which I only played halfway on emulator until then. I could kick my ass for having lost the cartridge when I moved. I still have the box but the cartridge was in a small bag and without noticing I must have thrown it awy, same for the Yugioh game.
    Re: CoM is a very nice and impressivle remake though. I also have it on PS2 in the Final Mix + version. CoM did a smurfing GREAT job introducing Twilight Town in an absolutely mysterious way. And for some time it was the only thing we had of it. The GBA version was also the only one that actually translated Twilight Town and called it "Dimmerstadt" because one KHII came out it was back to "Twilight Town". Honestly I cannot say which CoM Version I like more. The GBA version has more nostalgic value for me though.

    About Birth by Sleep: It was very disappointing for me in the PSP. I imported it when it came out in Japan and I had such high hopes but then it just did not meet my expectations It was thanks to the PS3 and PS4 port that I started to appreciate it more and more closely to what I felt about it before I first got it. The game also pretty much shows a lot of story establishments where I can flat out contradict fan arguments that try to downplay or pseudo explain the plot holes or sloppy consistency. Well, let's not start that. I still have to post the behemoth post anyway.

    Final Mix II I must say, while great,is not even that necessary. I feel for example Zodiac Age which you mentioned almost an hour ago, is more of a necessary extension than Final Mix II (bar addtional story scenes). I think Kingdom Hearts II itself is already pretty solid. Which is also why people ranting about "oooh you say Kingdom Hearts III is crap and that Kingdom Hearts II was so much more, NO YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT FINAL MIX" are just plain wrong. The whole composition of the second installments just feels a lot more complete, rounded and is flat out a solid work. It also helps that it only had the ending of I and one spin-off to tease it other than the third one which had 200 games to tease it.
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    I also think KHI is the best for the very fact that it does not have those aircraft-fitting plotholes and was a simplistic fairytale that made my teenage self cry and for a short time even think of it as better than Final Fantasy VII. Something that never happened again. Not even with Nier Gestalt. But I absolutely can agree that the other games have their right to exist. Well, maybe except Coded but even that is sort of "more justified" by now.
    About those speedrunners - in KH there is only one that I can think of that is an absolute piece of crap guy and that guy is called Bizkit. I am not sure which one because there are two big speedrunners with such a name but speedrunners have shown me a new kind of disgust when it comes to pseudo elitist fans; a disgust that I feel for them. Same for the Final Fantasy speedrunners like Cereth, SevenSins and Crumps. I will not go into detail though because you probably are not interested anyway. Really the one speedunner that I legitimately like is the Silent Hill and Resident Evil speedrunner bawkbasoup because he is a genuinely good guy.
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    Consider yourself lucky that you just now found out about the Kingdom Hearts fans. Rule of thumb is always if there is something big and complex (not necessarily in its narratively composition though but of course that is also a thing) then there are enough people that are trying to bulltrout around. What do you think why I am getting so mad at people. There is a reason why I say they sound like the cliché Dragon ball fans when they argue. I have to know it, I love Dragon Ball and had to do with them.
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    Yeah I just blazed through Castle Oblivion this time. I don’t think I fought a single Neoshadows. I think I beat Ansem at like level 40 or something
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    Yeah Wonderland’s deck is really bad, but I think so was Atlantica’s? I think there’s a reason they gave you the enemy card that randomizes your numbers for that world because that’s still better than the crap cards you get.
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    I’ve been pushing myself to write at least 1000 words daily. If I skip a day, I have to make up for it in the next. It still feels like pulling hair and I hate the thing that comes out on paper, but I’m pushing through, hoping the editing stage will save this third.

    And yes, the fandom is annoying as hell - which is why I’ve decided to ignore it, save for a couple youtubers that I know have more reasonable takes and that I enjoy watching (the Super Butter Buns person I linked you one time is an example). The way I see it, it’s a tend that’s prevalent now - you’ll get tons of counter-takes eventually and public opinions will shift again. As with all things fandom, once stuff gets toxic, the only way to really come out on top is to just walk away.

    I’ve still got both of your Mog net messages, one for Elly, one for The Other Side, permanently opened in my tabs, so I promise I will get to them eventually My fledgling spawn is now far more mobile than he used to be, so he requires additional attention
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    So how’s Riku’s story coming along?
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    I feel that with Riku the only right way to play is to just blaze through it. What you mentioned is just one of the things that seem to facilitate that
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    Yeah it was the biggest draw of the remake, and they also added more scenes, all of which are canon, so that honestly makes Re:CoM a Final Mix of sorts. I’ll afmkt the original is probably a better game and I still hold it very dear to my heart and I’ve replayed it countless times, but damn did I enjoy playing the 3D remake. Kudos to SE for even doing this kind of huge overall of a remake because who does that?

    And yeah, I cleared up the rest of my Riku file quickly so now I can have all the extra features once I actually move on to CoM, and I actually made a beeline through the final three worlds, so I was woefully under leveled, but still managed to beat Ansem pretty easily with a couple of well-timed card breaks. Turns out regular attacks actually worked way better than sleights. And your deck for CO is pretty phenomenal. The lack of deck building really makes this scenario a real breeze.

    Btw, I saw you complain about the pirates world and that reminded me of the fact that, apparently, the Pirates world in KHIII is almost unanimously regarded as the best world in the game that’s just incredibly well designed and very fun to play around. So I’m really interested to see how it really plays.

    And yeah, I am convinced Lauriam and Marluxia are one and the same. It could be argued otherwise before, but now that Erlena, Larxene’s human form, is there as well and apparently has a crush on him, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s him. He is pretty cool, I’ll admit.
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    If I recall correctly, Riku’s sleights remain unchanged
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