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    Yeah, the main game really doesn’t require it, but I want to do the optional content this time around, since apparently that’s where the meat of the game is. It’s a shame the multiplayer isn’t active anymore, or that I don’t have anyone with the game locally I feel like I’m missing a big part of the intended DQIX experience this way.
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    Ok, so now I can reply more seriously

    Seems like you got a pretty good grip on what you want to do with your DQIII party, though I personally never had to give it too much thought and the game went pretty easily anyway. I followed your advice and, if I recall correctly, I made my warrior a thief for a while as well, my priest used the scroll to become a sage while my Mage went the gadabout route to get there. I’m assuming you’re not using sages this time because they’re broken? Because they are.

    Torneko’s chapter was unexpectedly fun, I remember. I also wonder sometimes if I would have a better impression of the game when I attempt it again. I’ll definitely get here eventually.

    As for my progress, I now have four party members in DQXI and they’re all great. The way the party works and their banter is very reminiscent of VII, and it’s very much a good thing, but I won’t say more lest I spoil the fun for you. Haven’t had the chance to play DQI but I have restarted DQIX because I felt a craving for its job system and I’m shocked at how much fun I’m having. I’m still near the beginning - don’t even have Patty’s Party Planning available yet - but with how let down I was the first time overall, I don’t think I noticed how charming the game really is. In that regard at least, it’s still a DQ through and through. I think it was a mistake playing it immediately after VIII last time - the character interactions and exploration from that game set up expectations for something IX just really doesn’t focus on and it’s much better approaching it in a way that sets you up for appreciating it for what it is.

    I’ve also made some planning for my party. For my hero, I wanted to focus on swords and shields, going through Minstrel and Warrior before making him more focused as a Gladiator. I also want a thief who will later become a Ranger/Armanentalist focused on bows, a priest with Spears as their main focus, becoming a paladin later, and a mage with wands that will also pick up some priest skills to later become a sage.
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    You mean Alltrades Abbey? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    (Sorry, I’ll have a more thorough and respectful response later )
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    I’ll need to check it out deeper then.

    By the way, new party member in DQ11. A strong contender for best character imo
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    I need to look into those mini games more on a replay. I’ve actually restarted DQI with the intention of marathoning the series again. This time, super slowly, though, and I definitely want to focus on DQXI. But the Erdrick trilogy is nice because I can easily do it on a commute or something. That said, I don’t think I’ve playec a single round of Pacheesi last time
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    Some of us just need to work harder than others. As my choir conductor said (he was always very supportive of my musical endeavors, which can’t really be said about the music school principal, for example), for every Mozart out there, there’s also a Beethoven.
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    And I’m not saying Sugiyama is any worse a composer for sticking to his guns. It’s just other practiced that I feel hinder his soundtracks. If only he’d allow the orchestral versions of his stuff to be played in the game, the problem would be gone and DQ music would be much better remembered here, I think. I have great respect for his work, just not his approach to its consumers.

    And yeah, Uematsu always seemed like a swell guy. And I’m glad Mitsuda’s feels better. I have always related to the struggle he was apparently going through when making stuff. Back when I was starting composing, theee was this other girl in my class in music school who also composed, and even though she was younger than me, she composed tons of stuff, all of it really good. I still did my best to catch up, but I couldn’t help but lag behind, which discouraged me. Of course, she’s now an actual composer that’s gotten multiple awards, so I was basically comparing myself to a prodigy. So now I’m composing just for myself and I’m happier that way. So it’s good to hear Mitsuda’s has found a happy medium too
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    Oh, then I guess I misread my source. It makes sense, though, considering how jazzy his stuff is, it does suggest at least partial musical literacy before he started working. I love his work a lot but it’s a shame it’s such a strain on him. I’d like to see more from him while knowing that he’s not losing health because of it.

    Still, in Sugiyama’s case, I think it’s really more his traditionalism and stubbornness that make his things sound the way they do. Both Shimomura and Hamauzu are classically trained, and yet they’re far more flexible when it comes to using new musical media to their full potential.
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    See, it’s not as jarring in the old games because MIDIs had not advanced to the point that more could be done with them, so it’s kind of a time before Sugiyama got left behind in that regard. The iOS ports used better midi arrangements, but again, this is something that’s just easier to forgive in the old games.

    Yeah, Mitsuda’s pretty much in the same boat as Uematsu in this regard. Both self taught, both less concerned about what it would sound like on real instruments rather than the actual mediums used in-game.
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    That’s because FF is composed differently. Uematsu has pretty much always used stuff in his soundtracks that goes beyond the typical symphonic arrangements, with lots of electronic sounds as early as in FFIV. He’s also self-taught, so his stuff is pretty munched composer by ear and takes advantage of the soundchip he has available. The reason his tracks lose some punchlines in an orchestral arrangement is simply that they were not written with a live orchestra in mind - they’re played on their intended medium from the start and take advantage of it while avoiding its trappings. A good orchestral arrangement of such a thing requires someone to really know both mediums well enough to translate that, otherwise the quality is lost.

    With Sugiyama it’s the other way around. He’s classically trained and knows exactly how to squeeze everything out of a real life symphonic orchestra. His tracks are meticulously structured and most of them follow established classical forms that have traditionally just really worked well for an orchestra. The instruments all play exactly in the ranges they should - the oboe I mentioned plays in that Goldilocks zone where it’s not too low to sound weak and not too high to sound piercing. Sadly, he pretty much just doesn’t care how that translates to midi. The synths he uses aren’t very convincing fir the most part, with the strings being particularly egregious, and everything sounds flat and lifeless, as if he just went and transcribed the thing he wrote into a midi program and did nothing else with it. And this is why his soundtracks sound amazing when performed by an orchestra and very lackluster with midi.
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