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    Hello homie
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    So I’ve actually started watching Devilman Crybaby, since I reactivated my Netflix account to watch the Witcher. Binged seven of the ten episodes. It’s really good. I’m getting serious SMT vibes, along with a lot of it just feeling very arthouse in some respects. I also like how it has commentary on our current society
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    So I’ve beaten Torment: Tides of Numenera. It was an interesting, if flawed little titled. I think the biggest issues is that you can tell it’s really trying to be Torment, but it doesn’t come out quite as naturally as with Planescape, so the final game ends up pretty overwrought and dense, and not really in a good way. The story and setting are still great, though. It’s not everyday that you see an RPG grapple with the topic of the responsibilities of parenting through the subject of body-shifting immortality.

    And now I’ve started Ys Seven, and it’s been pretty cool so far. We’ll see how I like it, but I’ve already also got I and II and am ready to dive into this series - along with the Trails series, as I’ve been gifted Trails in the Sky. I do plan to replay games less this year and focus on new experiences in that regard - though my focus is still going to be writing. My wife got me this cute little notebook that I hope will help me organize my thoughts
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    Yeah, I do enjoy the Xenogears references in the OST myself. Also just looking at the track titles, it feels to me that the soundtrack covered more ground than just episode I - perhaps the original draft of episode I, the one that ended up being the only three games we got? But yeah, it’s definitely a good OST that was underused (though why he wrote only two battle themes is something I’ll never understand).

    I notice that a lot of the times whenever a new composer steps in they will just ditch all the old themes in favor of their own - this is a big gripe I have with Hamauzu, since when you look at Dirge if Cerberus, FFXIII, and his SaGa contributions, they’re all completely disconnected from the rest of their respective series in terms of music (though how much that’s his creative decision and how much a given director’s is something I’m ignorant on, admittedly, so it might not actually be his fault). I did like how Kajiura implemented the Song of Nephilim into the relevant tracks, though!
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    Merry Christmas, friendo!
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    So instead of sitting down to write yesterday, I instead drew a group pic of the main cast for the first book. Not exactly progress, but it did get me inspired a little.
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    I still need to play that game. I do regret that I missed it back when it was new because everything I read about it really does make it sound like the actual first Bravely game, instead of BD being a simple spiritual predecessor. And this really only reinforces my opinion that BD is still very much an FF spin-off

    Story Bibles for me are tricky, because I always feel that whenever I work one so etching meta, like a bible or outline, all my creative energy goes into that and there’s none left for the writing proper. I still need to figure out what the best method is for me.
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    Honestly, from what I read of 4HoL, the job system isn’t really like it in BD. The absolute best way I can describe it is honestly a refined FFV job system. It takes some cues from FFIII, namely in some of the jobs that return from there (like the Conjurer, Arcanist (aka Magus) and Spiritmaster (aka Devout), but with the multiclassing that FFV brought to the table, with a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing passive abilities. All the jobs are also very balanced, so even those that are usually throwaway are actually really useful. The red Mage comes to mind as very interesting as instead of Dualcasting being its main gimmick, this time it’s job that’s all about throwing a wrench into the Brave and Default mechanic. It’s honestly my favorite iteration of the system outside of the Tactics games.

    Great to hear your stories are getting attention! I’ve been feeling fairly inspired myself lately, with my protagonist finally coming through to me in my head. I couldn’t write today because I had extra work, but I’ll be sure to write some tomorrow
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    I feel it’s always best to start over after a long break. It’s pretty hard to get back into it otherwise.

    I’m reminded of one more thing I really like about Bravely Default. There are no equipment restrictions whatsoever - it’s just that jobs have proficiency in given types of weapons and armor. So you could theoretically switch to a completely different weapon for a while if it’s still the strongest after taking it account any proficiency penalties.
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    I think I’ve gotten better at game. Last time I played Bravely Default, I played on normal and it was pretty challenging overall. Now I’m playing in hard and things feel easy.
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