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    Ah nice~ what do you think of the selection of jobs?
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    it's nice to see more people playing Zodiac Age finally =P
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    Well, we'll see. I'm actually kinda considering replaying the original. But for now, I'm kinda to busy with other stuff anyway, so I have to wait regardless.
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    I knew it was a special machine
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    well, they're poorly optimised, to say the least. I have a fairly high-end comp and FFXIII-2 has some insane slowdown
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    Considering SE's track record with PC ports, I;m not too excited
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    I'm actually considering working on both projects in tandem. We'll see. In the end, I ended up spednig the whole day yesterday worldbuilding in my head and I'm pretty hooked on the idea. Think it has potential. If you'd like, I can ramble about it to you in detail over mognet!

    And idk, the Vita feels pretty powerful. There's games with PS3 level graphics that run great on it, so I think it might have been poor optimisation on Konami's part. Considering XII's world is still kinda segmented, I could still see it working on the system, even if it were to be slightly graphically and performance-wise inferior to the PS4 version. I'd take a hanheld FFXII over a graphically superior one any day of the week.
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    Btw, I've been writing bit by bit and I still hope to finish my draft zero by the end of the year.

    But I've also been having this weird idea in the back of my head. A fantasy novel that's at the same time a more traditional fantasy (as in, taking place in a completely fantasy world) while being its own thing (as in, I have visions of a world that's completely out there; no elves or dwarves, just something completely alien), but kind of the main purpose I can feel there is for it in the back of my head is to make a comment on society, the human condition, and all those other pretentious idea I am so fixated on.

    As you can tell, though, it's all pretty vague and I really want it to stay that way for now. I might sit down to it and pants it once I'm done with this trilogy.
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    Was it really so much to ask for FFXII to be on the Vita as well?
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    Can't wait to play that myself. Though who knows when that will be...
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