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    So I just learned there’s already a troutstorm on the Internet over the Catherine remake, since apparently the new Catherine is hinted to be trans. People are losing their minds.
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    I mean, I do get it to an extent, but then again Takahashi has gone on record he never makes the same game twice, and X looked pretty different pretty much from word go. But whatever, I still really like the story. The writing could use some work since many main story segments just keep reminding me that yes, we are some of Earth’s last survivors and we crash landed here, but it’s good regardless. And while I miss Takahashi’s trademark religious overtones, I do like the harder sci-fi approach we get here, honestly.

    Yeah, I heard those games make you connect the dots a lot and I’d definitely want to experience that because of it since it’s another thing that I seee rarely done in games. I guess Morrowind was like that, with the main narrative being pretty basic, but then in order to get the game’s lore you need to read tons of in game books. And I don’t think that’s a good approach. I don’t care how deep the world building goes - if it’s all in the in-game supplementary materials and not really woven into the game’s narrative itself, that’s not a gripping story. I still liked Morrowind though and would play more if it didn’t make me literally sick. But I have heard the Soulsborne games do it still differently so I’m definitely curious.

    So, X-Files! We’ve reached Season 8 and I’m honestly surprised with how much I’m enjoying it! I miss Mulder, but Doggett is an actually cool character and his dynamic with Scully is totally different, and that really makes the season refreshing so far, especially with the search for Mulder theme being somewhere in the background at all times, even in MotW episodes. Not to mention it brought back some much needed suspense and horror, and the episodes so far are about on the level of season four’s when it comes to darkness. They reminded me that it’s been really a long time since the series gave me chills, and now it’s happening again. We’ll see how this keeps going! For now, I think seasons three through six were the main highlight of the show. 1 and 2 were okay but didn’t grip me, aside from some brilliant Darrin Morgan episodes. Season 3 has really great standouts, such as my still all-time favorite Jose Chung’s, but I don’t think I hold it in such high regard as the rest of the fan base (the fan favorite “Pusher” was kinda dumb imo). Then season four marked the time when I got 100% on board this giant mess of a show with incredible darkness and tension - definitely the heaviest and hardest hitting season, what witb it’s smurfed up MotW episodes and Scully’s cancer. Season five had probably the best myth arc episodes, and some great uses of post-modernism. Season six may have been the lightest but I still loved it to bits with how played up Mulder and Scully’s chemistry was. Then season seven, even though it had a couple neat episodes (I actually loved the controversial Gillian Anderson-written and directed episode, and I think Duchovny might be my second favorite writer on the show, maybe tied with Vince Gilligan) it had like, what, two mythology episodes and it did start to feel like the show was losing steam. But now season eight is really exciting so yay!

    Ugh sorry to ramble but you’re pretty much the only person who listens to my X-files commentary anymore Literally nobody else here has watched the show to such a degree here! Imagine that!
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    And honestly, I don’t think the silent protagonist is handled any worse than in SMT, tbh.
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    It’s not even just the battle system that’s improved. The whole thing is much more open, it looks like, with tons of characters that you can choose for your party, most of them completely optional, but they all get their special little missions so they have their own stories. The downside of this and the class system is that they’re not as varied as the party members from the original, and you don’t feel as inclined to switch leaders (since you have access to all classes anyway), but they’re still cool. They’ve also kinda done the Persona 3 thing in that you can’t access all the party members from one menu and have to go around town and find them as they go about their daily lives. Cumbersome, but really makes it feel like they’re people.

    But yeah, the world is the main draw and it’s accessible pretty much totally from very early on. I’m also quite impressed with the story, and this was a surprise since many people complained about it. Of course, I have no idea where it will go yet, but I love how different it feels from a typical JRPG - the setting is t just there to form a backdrop for a shonen manga story, the themes of survival, cooperation, coexistence, and all of their flaws and drawbacks seem to be explored in every quest, from the most minuscule to the story missions. And it’s very refreshing. And I’d argue it makes the silent protagonist work, actually - this isn’t your story, you aren’t special on your own, but your contribution to rebuilding society is incredibly important since there aren’t a lot of humans left and everyone needs to make their contribution. So in a way, humanity itself - or at least what’s left of it on Mira - is the main protagonist. And that’s very clever.

    I really need to get into the Souls thing one day. It sounds very cool so I hope I get a chance some time in the future.
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    You know, now that I’ve got the hang of its systems more or less, I think I may actually be enjoying X more than the original
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    Hey just want to wish you a Happy New Year !

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    Oooh can’t wait to read it then!
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    Tell me about it. Gaming backlogs suck. And that’s very much a first world problem
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    It’s not that bad She’s got a bit of a cold but she got a doctor’s note anyway because she’s rather protect her health now for... reasons

    Man you keep bringing up Matsuno in your threads and I only keep getting reminded how much the Witcher reminded me of it when I played it. It looks like I may need to make a deal with Lucifuge and exchange my eye for your wanting to get into the series

    X is great so far, I just wish I had more time. The holiday break really spoiled me
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    I think I may have a solid idea for a story so if things go well, I might write it today. Then again, my wife got sick so that changes plans
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