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    I did decide to take a leaf out of his book by inspiring parts of the stories on real life historical events. It's been an interesting brainstorming session, to say the least, considering history has always been one of my weakest subjects. Mostly because my elementary school teacher killed all my enthusiasm in the subject by humiliating me in front of the whole class. Which is a real shame because when I do get down to it, I love history, but learning it has always been a horrendous experience.

    But still, it's just fantasy
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    Now that I hink about it, my thing has some Matsuno ish aspects as well. No surprizes here i guess
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    Yeah the PSP battery life sucos. Though the Vita's is better, its still much weaker than the 3DS XL's. And ven that really has nohing on my ds lite which isjust a beast when it comes to battery life.

    And I get you. Im not playing P2EP roght nowsimply because im not in a megaten mood atthe moment, but still plan to return to it. Matsuno moods are the best kind though.

    Also, managed to write a significant amount today! woo!
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    Tactics Ogre is definitely one of those games I think about coming back to one day, just to see everything it has to offer because I didn't have the energy to do it all at once. It's still fantastic how the PSP version made so much of the content more accessible.

    Speaking of SRPGs, I was going to say Regalia is a good game for you if you ever want tot get back into the genre since it's actaully pretty short for the genre standards and that's really refreshing. But since you're back into the genre with Tactics Ogre, I guess that's a moot point
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    btw have you seen this?

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    Tactics Ogre is fantastic and I"m happy to hear it inspired you! How far are you in?

    I haven't been doing nearly enough writing, so I'll try to do more today. But then, I also restarted Chrono Trigger - mostly because of your list - and it's so nice. Hope it doesn't totally kill my productivity!
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    Who knows But I mean, I think even Sakaguchi himself said FF is for kids and that older fans should just let it go, so maybe I shouldn't worry too much
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    We'll see if we'll give Millennium a go. I remember my mom being a huge fan of both the X-Files and Millennium, and I heard the X-Files actually had an episode that served as the finale for Millennium.

    In other news, I'm having this weird epiphany. I've been reading up on some old RPGs that I loved, including Breath of Fire, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, etc. and... I've come to realize that I really don't care about FF anymore. And it's not really just the uncertain future to come, but for some reason I feel like I've lost my emotional connection with the series somewhere along the way, probably around the time I did the marathon. The only titles that legit bring me joy when I think about them are the Ivalice games, and maybe VI. The rest doesn't really seem to do it for me anymore. And now I wonder if this is just a temporary crisis or have I just... grown out of it?
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    Yeah, we recently had a conversation at work about how back in the day, there was really nohinglike it and how the tv show lineup is now flooded with things that are derivative of it but just cant really capture that magic. I see it as a product of its time that has had a huge influence on pop culture, redefining how we take in our media, and its really hard to replicate that effecf
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    So in X-Files matters, we've reached season five (just watched 'Post-Modern Prometheus') and I have to say, the thing I probably love the most about the X-Files is that it really never treats itself too seriously - there's always room for making fun of itself and redefining what it is. It's as serious as it needs to be in the myth arc episodes, which are mostly good for it, but probably my favorite monster of the week episodes are the ones with humor in it (or the really smurfed up ones). The ones that are just super serious and not really out there (most of the ones focusing on 'Nam vets, and there have been quite a few now, actually) always feel like kind of the wasted opportunity. It's when the series goes tongue in cheek that I feel really at home. Episodes like 'Humbug', 'Clyde Buckman's Final Repose', 'War of the Coprophages', 'Jose Chung's From Outer Space', 'Small Potatoes' and, most recently to me, 'Post-Modern Prometheus just make me feel that I really love this show and am so glad it's part of my life now. And there's a similar vibe in even slightly more sinister episodes like 'Syzygy', 'Quagmire' and 'Detour'. It's those little bits of humor, wit, and incredible chemistry between the two leads that makes this show really worthwhile.

    Both the wife and I are so glad we got into this series.
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Blah blah blah Top 100 blah blah blah too many good games to list. Blah blah blah, games that weren't good enough for my list but still excellent nonetheless.


Of the Classic series within Final Fantasy, FFIII was the last one for me to play, partly cause I didn't emulate very often and partly because I had hoped SE would come to their senses and re-release this title.

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