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    Well, I got a degree in psychology before I became a computer scientist and that covered communication psychology as well so I think I will end that part of the conversation here as if you already admit it, there is no point in forcing that part to go on any further. It would do no good.

    Anyway, I am close to ending a thesis. Next weekend I can continue with my Kingdom Hearts treatment/dissertation/dismantling of problems.

    Just 2 days ago I even pointed out to somebody how useless the whole closed timeloop story of Xehanort is because the "let's create Dark Keyblades" plot falls apart the moment you realize one of the characters that they called through time wields a Dark Keyblade leading to a) them having one Dark Keyblade too much and b) he could have just called 12 guys who already did wield the Keyblade. Sigh. Not that he can do much against the closed timeloop. But Nomura-san can. He could have realized that once again he wrote stuff within the loop that just was not necessary. Whenever I write a timeloop I actually consider what is useful during those events.
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    I think Jiminy does show up in III, but yeah, I think CoM is the only game where he really has such a major role. Even in coded he isn’t that important, despite the fact that his journal is important. Glad you’re having fun either way!

    Meanwhile, I’m cheating on my break from games a bit and coming back to Days. One thing that strikes me as I jump back in after coded is just how slow the game feels in comparison! I mean, I’ll get used to it, but I never noticed how dynamic coded was until I went back to this.

    And yeah, vids like this gives me hope that those insanely nitpicky hot takes that have been spreading like wildfire recently are just a vocal minority and to a of people still genuinely enjoy BBS and the like. Although she’s also in the camp that loves II the most and really doesn’t like CoM, I like that she’s really positive about the series as a whole (though she does have her frustrations with it, as she has a whole vid on her KH love-hate relationship)
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    I still can’t get over how the general opinion on BBS has shift. Or at least, it appears to have, due to a vocal minority.

    Here, have a much more positive video on it instead:

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    I really doubt you’ll be missing out on a lot in terms of story with coded, though, trust me. Though honestly, in that regard I heard the HD movie version is actually better since there are a couple more scenes tying everything together. This entry really is skippable in terms of story, as its gameplay was its only saving grace really.

    I’ve pretty much accepted at this point that CoM is the most hated entry in the series. That’s okay. It’s really fine. Rolled have their tastes and busses and I just happen to be in the minority this time. Speaking of youtubers, I’ve actually watched all of Caddicarus’s retrospective and it was really cool to see because before he was firmly one of those people who only played I and II and thought the story was just too bad to get invested, but then played them all and genuinely loved each one and had become a huge fan at this point.

    Of course, there is only one retrospective that truly matters:

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    That does not work for me and does not make much sense. I mean, it is not like its the first time I have talked with people about this but this is all communication. Communication is defined to contain a disturbance when both instances do not get the intended result along. You surely will not be okay with asking a person "Can you tell me what time it is?" and then hear the guy saying "Yes" while he is walking away. But according to this logic you should be okay with it because he what he understand was a perfectly legitimate way to understand your question and respond to it while we know your intention and context overrides his legit reaction as you were the sender and did not get what you wanted, meaning the communication resulted in failure. Things do not have the same value and not everything is right. This way of thinking "There is the truth: A certain truth about topic x exists" standing against "There is the truth: There is no certain truth for topic x because everything is of equal truthful value, everything you say matters" is something I have a problem with. IF their are different contextes allowing truths to exist within those specific context, that is fine. That is absolutely correct and possible. But that is not always the case. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not.

    REGARDLESS of that, I can work a lot more with people like you because you very well acknowledge the fact that there is something official to acknowledge with a totally different weight.

    What I also can agree with: If people acknowledge the message but simply to not agree with the message. So its not the say "that is not the message" but instead "yes, the message is x but I do not agree with what wants to teach us" (for example). To elaborate further on this: Nier 1 is my second favourite piece of fiction. And it is full of messages about lifeforms. I am fully aware of WHAT it says, but I do not agree with the position itself. So I am not denying what the story says, I am not insane enough to say "well, the story actually say this because I interpreted it like that", no, I am aware of what it wanted to say but it just does not reflect my position about life. Unfortunatey I get the feeling that most people go beyond that and actually try to say "no, THIS other thing that I understood is the message" instead of knowing what the message is and thinking about if they can agree with it or not.

    You used FFVIII as good example. There are various weird people in this forum that follow exactly those theories. But they reek of double standard. They call official answers bulltrout but insist on their own. Well ... but then those guys are practically even worse because they do not just insist on their "thing" to be a valid explanation but even act like the official one is less worth. And that is something that is so hypocritical that I cannot get along with them. I already have a problem with people trying to sell their interpretations that flat out ignore official explanations and elements established within a story but those people that I just mentioned are even worse.

    One thing for example would be: There are many new KHIII videos on youtube now with people saying how much of the game and the series did not make sense. What do other people do? Try to sell their pseudo-explanations as truth. One tried to convince me, called me naive and denying - and you know me at least that much to know I cannot let go of such a thing - and came on with his stupid wannabe-explanations about stuff like Xion which flat out made no sense and what he "tried to explain me" was even stuff that I acknowledged in the storytelling (because I acknowledge everything given within narration) which was also noticable from my posts furthermore emphasizing how ironic his post was as he obviously did not really acknowledge what I wrote. It is a very predictable behaviour of people. And I cannot handle such behaviour. If I want to have pseudo-explanations I give them to myself and they are surely more cohesive because my neurotical disorder does not even allow me to leave out something within the equation. Just because person #244353452436 approaches you claiming something is the truth when it flat out is not because that is not what happened or it is "the truth" which you do not even deny but that person does not get why it is inconsistent and does not make sense - just because such a person does approach your again does not make it any better. It just gets on your nerves.

    These things beig said I actually enjoy we can have a normal conversation. In this forum only Psy knows how I am and why.
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    Yeah, Deep Dive is pretty cool. I remember the days when people would just speculate about this - it was a similar deal later with Birth By Sleep. Both of those times it just seemed we were seeing something that’s completely unlike anything that’s happened in the series so far. If there’s one thing I really Love about KH as a whole is how surprising it is and how much theory fuel there is. It really never gets old.

    Eh, idk I feel you should just do what feels good. From what I’ve seen, there aren’t a lot of new cards and they’re not really anything to write home about, so I’d youre itching to play CoM and want to play Days instead of watching it, I’d just go straight for CoM.
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    I’ll take a look at it later, thanks!

    And yeah, I think the worst part about this whole attitude is how many people just mindlessly regurgitate it. It’s one thing when you maje a well-substantiated video that I may not agree with but it’s still a valid opinion, but it’s another thing altogether when people go “well, soeedrunners say this, so it must be objective fact” - and this is really common, sadly
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    It’s really the Final Mix version that changed this. KHII now has an insane amount of extra content to seek your teeth into, so people now spend way more time with its mechanics, so the appreciation came. And it’s not that this is our forum’s deal - this literally happened after the West got FM. It’s gotten to the point that people don’t remember what it was like before FM - KHIII is lagrgely criticized for having just one optional boss, but people have completely forgotten that II used to have Sephiroth in the post game and that was it.
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    I’m honestly enjoying the second run so much more. I may think the plot is completely irrelevant, but I still like the fact that the Disney characters are given a lot of focus, and I think the Hollow Bastion segment really recaptured the magic of first visiting that place in KHI, despite doing so using a completely different gimmick. The gameplay is really fun and diverse though and I think it’s worth playing through for thay reason alone. Of course, that means this game being rereleased as a collection of cutscenes is even more of a shame than with Days.
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    Well, I know that most of this has come to be after KHII FM became available here, so people have been using that version as the gold standard. However, I am annoyed that II is being treated as objectively better for the above reasons - people have different plat styles and the command deck simply has a different niche to fill than the more vanilla ARPG combat in KHII.

    Btw, got sick today trying to do the time Attack of Hollow Bastion part II for the trophy. Worst part is, I didn’t even manage to get he trophy, but I did manage to beat the world on critical, so whether I manage to get the time Attack trophy for the last world or not, if I beat it on critical (which should happen no problem), I’ll unlock the secret video and that’ll be it for me when it comes to coded. I’ll be taking a break of sorts from games after that.
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