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    Because nerds are usually terrible people that obsess over insignificant things that fuel their escapism, lest their precious immersion be broken. Which is especially ironic with the Eva fan base, considering the themes of the show
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    Well, it is fine if you answer yourself the gaps with fantheories but you know they are of no worth to me or else I would do "answer" it myself. I am the 100% establishment guy and from KH you already know that a splinter of glass missing in the window is a nightmare for a me. Well. No perfect analogy. In KH's case the entire window is missing with the frame. And the house. And the ground.


    Just now I also found a wrong sentence analysis in the Memorial Ultimania that I did not see before and that covers one line that during that time is meant in a completely different context. So you see - I absolutely am critical even when it comes to the one that could have written it more consistent or in case of that sentence analysis, the one that was supposed to explain what the line written by Nojima-san means (it is about Cloud saying that Tifa hopefully will meet the real Cloud and the book sells it like the character traits but Cloud at this point in the story says that because Sephiroth sells the story that Cloud is a completely manmade copy of a guy called Cloud with memories given through the cells and mimicking ability which even leads to Barret being surprised that Shinra apparently can make people from scratch). You can ignore that part and do not need to respond. It is just an example of me being honest and critical. I fully agree with everyone that says "the Ultimania", or in this case that Memorial one, does also make some mistakes. Technically they could take that as the new official thing but I doubt they will. They are supposed to explain stuff but I doubt Nojima-san ever read everything so he will likely go with what he wrote and the Ultimania will still remain with some inconsistencies just like Chiba-san obviously never read Maiden and contradicted it with Dirge of Cerberus. Anyway - back to what we really talked about.

    That is why it is such a problem. Because of missing and inconsistent stuff which only leads me to hope it improves. So it is not like I mention inconsistencies so fans can explain it with a theory but in such a case - and I think that is a surprise to some that know my passion about the franchise - I criticise these established things with full honesty.
    And I do not know what you mean with "Jenova possessed Sephy" because that reads like Sephiroth possessed by Jenova which, of course is the Brittenham theory and, which, of course is wrong as completely contradicted by CD2 of the game where they say he used his will for it all. But maybe you just wrote it in a way that was easy to misunderstand.

    And the location thing I already answered. The crater is a gathering point of spirit energy. But in the most technical sense it would be totally irrelevant which body casts it. He could use his throw away body hosting his will/consciousness to cast it as it was also in the Whirlwind Maze and still absorb life energy with his own original body later without playing games (no of course because of his arrogance he thinks he wins anyway but that is no actual explanation for the whole time wasting extra stuff that delays his godhood). No reason to make all that extra stuff. I also read your Jenova incompatibily part but there is was no establishment so I also cannot use that. There is also something about Jenova's mimicking ability that was never explained when it comes to the reforming of the body and depending on how it is meant thhis would also be contradictory to that theory. But if it were true it would also be contradictory to something else in the actual game so inconsistencies over inconsistencies.

    "human rationale of his alien instincts he's following."

    - Right. That is really the only "control". Like our hunger. Not some silly Brittenham mind control master plan theory. He embraces it to reach for the superlative.

    Your Black Materia thing was actually the only thing I ever had that would come close to a theory and that was the murals not showing just Meteor but that the Cetra accidentally called Jenova by casting the Meteor spell and it was inside of that floating rock. But of course there is no actual evidence so I never use it for anything. You know how I am when it comes to that.

    And yes, I am sure they go the long route as it means a story that is not over after a few hours. I just would want 1 minute of actual explanation. They already said he wanted to control the copies so Nojima-san could basically just expand on that part.
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    So idk if you know this but apparently the Netflix release of Evangelion got a re-dub with a completely new cast.

    Now, I have no investment in this personally since I always prefer subs, from what I can tell the new voicework is much better, but the script is a mich more literal translation, which I feel doesnít work nearly as well.
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    I always figured Sephy never showed off the full extent of his abilities in Disc 1 simply because he just needed to leave bread crumbs for Cloud.

    - And that's where the entire problem lies. He does not need to travel via fat trucker to travel around and he does not need Cloud to follow him. He has access to Cloud's mind and his body (no, not the perverted way). He could have made this a very short journey. It does not even make sense that he wants Cloud to give him the Materia. He is remote controlling Jenova's body. He could have given it to his normal body the moment he flew away from the Temple and summoned Meteor. They never even explained why Sephiroth needs to use his normal body to summon it and cannot do it with his reshaped one. He needs to use the spirit energy in the crater, sure. But there is no actual reason to use his normal body to summon it.
    He wanted to control the copies, as they said. But he needed no copy to hand over the Materia to his normal body. But whatever, I could forgive that. The other previous stuff is still absolutely unnecessary. That is always the problem with Sephiroth - they gave him too many powers so they had to ignore half of them to make a plot and make him beatable. But I doubt they will change that. Or Scarlet's foreshadowing of the Sister Ray that is so weirdly written.

    That is always the problem with such stories. You need to ignore your own stuff to even make one the way you want even if you have a villain that could kill everyone within the first hour.
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    It is amazing how even small episodes like A Fragmentary Passage add some standard explanations to the first game, one possible option about something KH3 Final Hours-related and x inconsistencies or not well enough established lore details. I hope ReMind will solve some of these things but I doubt it will, especially when it comes to the big KH3 things and when I say "solve" I mean relatively logical or at least not spitting on the narrative/lore.
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    Yeah that's always great. I'd imagine my list isn't exactly full of surprises (hasn't been too long since we did that JRPG tier list thing either) but lots of titles I still want to talk about and hope to incite some excitement for ^^ and more than anything I'm just thinking it'll be fun to do.
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    Been replaying this - such a good game. I have played through it in April again but currently during our gaming sessions I also get to show it to my brother.
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    I am not so sure if Omnislash V5 will be in the game as it is supposed to be the super ultimate sublimely magniificent Jecht shot mark 3 move highlight in AC. The "new finisher" that nobody has seen before and that was not even properly used in Dissidia as Cloud in AC used it to attack Sephiroth with every single weapon the First Tsurugi consisted of to have some "cool final moment in the battle". Especially in Complete were Sephiroth straight blocked the original Omnnislash and the normal one is also the one I will be fine with as the last move - especially for the last fight. But what I am pretty sure will be included is Vincent's Dirge of Cerberus version of Galian Beast and Chaos (maybe it is redesigned but surely no grey demon with no details again).

    We will see what they add. But I cannot imagine Omnislash V5 will be in. Maybe some "prototype" or stuff like Octaslash.

    You will be surprised to read that but I while I absolutely love the trailer that came out I am not really satisfied with the fact that Sephiroth is in it. It does not matter if it is Cloud imagines him through an early reunion call, if it is Sephiroth controlling the headless JENOVA or his own body for some random reason no longer being in the crystal. I believe Final Fantasy VII is good enough to survive one episode without showing Sephiroth prematurely. Especially with them mentioning him all the time. The only time I would think of him being shown as good would be once the Reunion starts. The could either show Palmer triggering a flashback were he kills Shinra or, and that I think would have been the bet option, they could have shown him as either the final pre-credits or in a post-credits scene, like him wandering through the swamps, killing the Midgardsormr or something, him being seen by the Kalmers, who even mention him in the original. There would be many options. But as last scene i think it would have the greatest effect. Kinda like in Star Wars 2 were you saw the Clone Army and Palpatine looking down. I am also from that old wallpaper pretty sure he will have his wing. But I think the only time in non-AC scene he should have it in his ultimate form. But that one I think is not all that bad. I can forgive that as long aas they have a proper translator that finally gets Aerith's relationship with Cloud right and not just "sort of right so people can still deny it" and leaves out wrong translations like Zack being her boyfriend. And when it comes to the original script, even though I doubt it, maybe Nojima-san tweaks the Sephiroth chase as it make no sense for him to wander around the whole journey since even back in 1997 he already made use of stuff like flying teleporting and at one point even phasing through matter. But that would of course lead to the problem that Sephiroth would appear practically nowhere except maybe to talk to Dio, wait in the Mansion cellar and the Temple of the Ancients. I just see no reason for Sephiroth to wait for a ship and all that stuff. It was the classic "we gave him that arsenal of abilities but we didn't let him use it when it made sense." There were some unnecessary things o CD1 already or just weirdly written, alot about other characters. I have no problem with that being changed as the story would only be more comprehensive this way. I also don't know what Nojima-san can do to make people understand that Sephiroth is the villain and not Jenova as he already flat out made Hojo say that it was all Sephiroth's doing and that he combined his will with the reunion etc. and people ignored that so I guess there will never be a story that people actually want to understand.
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    Looking forward to it if you do ^^ also I was planning on doing a Top games list of my own at some point although it'd be more on the scale of like 30 games tops I suppose. Though I'll try and get through some more games on my immediate list first, so it might be a while still. Still, always tempting to give those games you love a bit more exposure.
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    I cannot find the picture right now. Only the one were she has that Tempest move but I actually today even spoke with somebody about how Aerith just demands a very special play style. A variety of staff swings makes no sense since she is no real fighter (like most FF characters are not and for some reason random people that happen to have a weapon) and I could even imagine her as a person that carries no weapon at all. But yes, maybe they go the Geomancer style. It works with the Cetra thing and could also provide possibilities for other more superhuman things like one attack being like a telekinetic shock or whatever. It would not even be freshly invented because Aerith lets her weapon float all the time in the original while casting.

    What I am really waiting for is Nanaki's play style. And if not for everyone at least Yuffie should get some fancy wall-run and overall acrobatic style. Actually I would want that for at least Yuffie and Vincent but implementing it for some characters is another issue.
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