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    Well, I think you’ve found a niche to fill them Personally aside from a few reviewers (like Yahtzee and Buns, whom you’ve mentioned yourself), I actually stray away from most of gaming YouTube. A lot of it for me just boils down to people wanking off games they’ve put on a pedestal from playing them since childhood and I’m really thirsty for videos that actually analyze games in a critical manner from a more cultural lens. Basically stuff like Lindsay Ellis, Jack Saint and the like do for other pop culture stuff. The only person that actually comes close to that imo is Super Bunnyhop, who I feel actually makes meaningful commentary and actually influences the discourse. But then even he started out with videos like why LTTP is worse than OoT in the usual self-indulgent way these game-related videos tend to go.

    In semi-unrelated news, today I was reminded why Jabu Jabu’s Belly is my absolute least favorite dungeon in the entire series
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    Yeah, in that regard the crystals in BD are played more straight, since they’re benevolent forces of nature here, but there’s still a nice deconstructive twist here. Namely, the crystals don’t exactly communicate with the party at all, with just one character actually having some sort of connection to them, but still the party is left to mostly figure out what to do and how to do it on their own, with this sort of decisiveness and dealing with the consequences of your decisions being a main theme.

    I always like to think that FF started deconstructing crystals much later, as far as VI and VII. Magicite and Materia may not be exactly the same but they are stand-ins for the crystals and their very existence and the way the parties use them presents an ethical or even moral dilemma that just wasn’t there in previous FFs.
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    That is exactly what I mean with proper establishment should be done. Actually fleshing out these things. I love how Materia originally were called Spheres, by the way. But I guess back in the day that was too simple for them. And when it comes to the Lifestream, my God, I mean, technically even XIII has that as Lightning Returns showed. So yeah, establish things. I like the neat little ideas but I want proper answers. Same goes for the Remake ending which people are so sure about and how things work when there is so much ambiguity and inconsistency about it.
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    I mean, it is weird. Let's not start that. It does barely anything new to contribute to a proper establishment. But I personally am glad that at least that is in there.
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    Yeah, BD is much more straightforwardly aping FFIII and FFV in that regard. I’m still curious to play 4HoL, but it’s kind of hard to get ahold of nowadays.
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    I could not see it during my runs because it is a background detail. A picture. But somebody with a sharp eye actually looked at it for more than the 2 seconds that I did. Shinra from FFX-2 is in a picture in the Shinra museum.
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    You already know about it from the remake?
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    So, the Remake 100% canonized FFX. Not that there was any doubt ever.
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    In BD I feel like the game is more balanced in that each job can basically stand alone. However, advanced strategies do involve a lot of builds on a party level. BD is actually one of the few RPGs I’ve played that maxing your level is pretty much mandatory to handle the late game and even that is just a start - if anything isn’t up to snuff, you’re dead lol
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    I wouldn’t necessarily say it was lackluster. It had a lot going for it, especially with the new jobs that were definitely original. The problem is with the plotting and how the final act is clearly more or less what they wanted the game to be about as they finished the For the Sequel edition of the original release, only for the rest of the entire game to be a much more disjointed set of ideas that didn’t go that well together, plus the party dynamics weren’t nearly as fun, but that’s what you get for removing two fiery party members and replace them with friendly goops. I think the story perhaps needed more time in the oven, just a couple more rewrites and it could’ve been on par with the first game, or at least closer to it, so idk if this is just the case of a less talented writer or just a more rushed development. But hey a ton of people actually do prefer Second, so I wouldn’t say it’s exactly a disaster
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