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    Well, don’t bet too much on that. While that scene is really funny all things considered, GS TLA still runs hard on But Thou Must. However, the things you have to do in this game are a bit more morally questionable, or at the very least just less noble than what Isaac had to do.

    Then again, at the end of GS1, you do end up performing many tasks for someone who is very heavily implied to be a tyrannical despot, so \_(ツ)_/
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    Although, now that I think about it, she might be referring to the fact that if you say no to every single dialog choice in the game, you get this little Easter egg
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    That’s an interesting take, since Felix is as silent in his game as Isaac is in his. Granted, he is one of the antagonists in game 1, so maybe that’s where that comes from. It is interesting, however, how most vignettes in the first game are about helping people, while in The Lost Age you never really care about the plight of the townsfolk (though honestly, they lead far better lives, which really kind of makes this perspective flip make a ton of sense since Isaac gets to see many people’s lives become much more difficult due to the deal on Alchemy breaking, whereas Felix sees people be fine if not prosper in this new reality). Honestly, the perspective flip is one of the most unique and cool things about this series. Still, aesthetically speaking, Felix does remind me of Squall a bit, so that might be a factor

    Lol don’t worry about it, it was a long time ago and I dig this dude’s work. An SMT piano collection is something I never knew I needed. Will listen to the new music you linked in a sec!

    It’s always fun to read your research notes on the various FFs, so I’m definitely looking forward to your write-ups
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    As for the casts, I think there’s at least one character in the Lost Age that you might enjoy more? But overall, really none of the characters are anything th write home about. They’re never really the point
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    Ooh yeah I have yet to read your latest FFV entry. Sorry, I was writing today.

    And yep, I’ve listened to that I think I linked you the whole playlist several years ago.
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    So coming back to Golden Sun a bit, I’ve been replaying the third game lately. Wanted to do a full run but I don’t have my GBA copy of the second game, never had a copy of the first, and even though the VC versions on the Wii U are dirt cheap, I still can’t afford them. I was very negative on the game my first time around, but now I find it easier to appreciate it for what it is and am having a much better time. The big flaws are still there - it has these inexplicable points of no return that make getting all the Djin a case of guide dang it, the game is way too easy and looks nowhere near as good as the 2D games, and then the main story pretty much feels like one of the town vignettes got bloated to a fifteen hour run time, with what felt like the actual main plot ending in a gigantic cliffhanger which will never be resolved because this game didn’t sell well enough - but those flaws are much easier to stomach knowing that they’re there. I still really appreciated how the world grew and once again, how rich the worldbuilding here is. Plus, some of the new party members are very refreshing.
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    Yup. Still not as powerful as the original, but good
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    Oh wait, that is just Ship of Regret and Sleep :P Silly me. But they did sing the Forst and the Last in concert too
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    Ooooh yes I’ve heard this on that concert recording. I like how Mitsuda uses that little Irish vocal ensemble he used for XC2’s best tracks. And I just love how they start with Ship of Regret and Sleep. That’s another one of my Xenogears favorites
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    I agree that they’re fairly generic and that the characters are really... weak. But honestly, imo the game’s don’t really start to shine until the second game (or the end of the first, even? Though I find GS1 pretty bland, its build up to the climax I’d pretty awesome), where you really get to see the unique world design which is where this game shines, imo. I can now tell how much this game took from Dragon Quest (e.g. the town vignettes, the menu, etc), but nowhere is it clearer than in the world design, which is evocative of DQIII, in that it’s based on the real world. However, I feel it’s done a bit better because the games actually go a little bit deeper into showcasing these diverse cultures, and there’s full two games to explore them, so it never feels rushed. Other things I enjoy is that the game’s kinda deconstruct themselves later on, which is always neat, and I just love the dungeons designs. The puzzles may not be too difficult but I like how they make the dungeons flow and how they tie directly into the character class and skill system.

    Ill have a listen in a second. Just got to work, need to plug my headphones in
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