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    Well that's cool, then! Fingers crossed!

    As for my Persona 1 progress, I've reached the Lost Forest. The Black Market was probably the most convoluted dungeon so far, so it was a good thing I played it on a Sunday and could do it all in one go. Managed to get all the demons I encountered so far, but I've noticed that I'm hitting walls at the start of each dungeon and need to grind in order to get the demons to like me. Nanjo is lagging behind and I think it's his fault. If I'm not mistaken, it's the average level that matters in the case of demons giving cards, right?

    Also, managed to get my first Fool persona! Of course, I used an exploit, because lol, fusion accidents. In any case, he's awesome. Strong against all? Yes please!
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    Yeah. Despite being introduced to both Persona and the SMT series in general through P3, I still really think the pre-3 content is awesome. I enjoyed the hell out of Innocent Sin and now I'm warming up to P1, and I really wish these games were acknowledged more since it has been confirmed they all take place in the same continuity. Still hoping that PQ2 has Persona 2 characters in it.

    I can see what you mean when it comes SMTIV, and while I mostly agree, I also feel kinda differently. I was pretty much playing I and IV in tandem and everything in IV seemed like a natural progression of the stuff from I, with the more human aspect being something that really only helped drive the points made by the series home - not to mention it was something already present in Strange Journey. I hope I'll get to play Nocturne soon, but looking back on IV, it was a hell of a good game and one I felt was really worthy of being a main SMT game, even if some of its elements strayed from the original vision from SMT. Even a series with such a fixed, firm identity like SMT will naturally evolve overtime, and I think that's a good thing.

    I know there's a fan translation of Devil Summoner in the works. But since it's being made by the same guys that are doing the fan translation of PSP EP and that takes priority (and still has no set release date), I'm not holding my breath. It's a shame since I've come to really enjoy the Devil Summoner continuity and hope to get my hands on the Raidou games again one day so I can enjoy it to its fullest.
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    I'm probably still the most upset that we didn't get the PSP version of Eternal Punishment. And we Europeans don't even have the PSN rerelease to fall back on. Also, Soul Hackers made it here, but not the original Devil Summoner? Why?

    Tbh, I never felt like IV Persona it up, really. What I read of Final points to that being the case there, but IV felt like a full SMT game through and through. I get the feeling many fans here didn't find it Persona-esque enough, considering the backlash it had for not being Persona 4 again
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    I sure hope not. But considering SMT II and if... on iOS haven't received English localizations yet, I'm still kind of worried I'll probably have to skip on some of the more interesting Atlus titles
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    Catherine is the one game I really wanna play but am pretty convinced I'll never get the chance to since I missed the PS3 generation and don't plan to get one, and I don't think Atlus considers it enough of a success to port it to newer consoles or PC. So no Catherine for me Which is a shame since my wife was pretty interested in it independent from me and we could have played it together.
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    Yeah, I've noticed. But I'm level 17 now so I'm getting there. All my base personas are now maxed, so I'm now wondering if I should return them, but then again, I should probably keep them around until my other personas grow some. I'm now in the SEBEC building, and I haven't returned to the school yet, so I still don't have Reiji

    In other news, I've been rereading the Witchers and aside from the first two books being short story collections deconstructing fairy tales and fantasy tropes, I've noticed that the series really has an interesting take on destiny. As in, destiny is very much a real thing in here, but it's never as easy as it is in usual fantasy where "you have to save the world and you will succeed because it was foretold", rather it has a way of screwing with everyone's plans and is in many ways a quantifiable force that people try to - and often succeed in - influence to their advantage. Doesn't stop the main character from thinking destiny is a load of bulltrout.
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    Btw, I think I actually fused Lilim this morning. Not sure I could take her on yet, since I'm only around level 14 right now.
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    Is there any drawback to returning, say, the starting Personas? I assume there isn't a Compendium available either.
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    I am. I actually did that the last time I tried and didn't have trouble recruiting him. It's hard to mess up once you know the steps - it's knowing the steps that's the hard part.

    Btw, I can't seem to recall how this works in this game. Do I get to fuse personas once they reach max rank, or do I only get to fuse spell cards? (22 demons down, btw)
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    Bahaha I'm looking forward to it
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