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    As much as I love Pokémon HeartGold, the game has one big flaw carried over from the original Gold and Silver - the leveling curve. Wild Pokémon have much lower levels than the trainers around, and those have them still quite a bit lower than the gym leaders. This isn’t as bad a thing if you play like a kid, I.e. just let your starter beat everything and get forty levels higher than the rest of the party, but if you’re trying to make them pretty evenly leveled, you’re gonna have a bad time. Exp. yield is very low from random encounters and trainers don’t call you frequently enough for rematches. But still, all things considered, it’s a pretty minor blemish on a great game.
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    Just the wife and me, plus the cat and baby in the womb I guess Spent one entire day cooking but now I don’t have to move a finger in the kitchen for the whole break so that’s neat.
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    Happy Ishtar, Wolf Doing anything intersting over the holidays?
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    Omg that’s a lot XD But I know the struggle. I always have a problem after my initial chapter which I start in medias Red because it’s gripping and exciting like that, but after that it’s always exposition while walking. I really need to fix that.
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    I’ve never really done actual revising. I’m really looking forward to that tbh
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    It’s crazy how the gaming industry is sometimes.

    Meanwhile, my minimal gaming diet seems to be working. I play Pokémon HeartGold much more like I used to as a kid (I.e. prioritizing catching them all and just having fun along the journey rather than fine tuning a team from the get go and basically rushing the story) and I’m having way more fun and actually feeling like a kid again. But best of all, I am writing again. It feels very frustrating that all these characters that are so alive and driven in my head come across as very flat on paper, but I try to grin and bear it and force myself to accept that this is draft zero and everything will get refined once I get to revising.
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    Idk, the SNES era is when they made the first two mainline games and in general created the formula the series would later remix. Sure, there were weird things like the SRPG miniseries, but I feel like the experiments in style and tone in the PS1 era are what makes it more of a dork age.

    Never followed those two much, tbh, though I am very aware of Konami’s implosion. The PS2 was a good age for many developers, though. There was definitely an abundance of quality titles
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    I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it. Though that is part of the allure.

    I still kinda find it hilarious how the PS1 era was Atlus’ dork age, considering how huge a following they’d get in the next generation
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    It is. As much as a hit the PS2 era was in gaming at large, the PS1 has a lot of really interesting, experimental stuff that gave us a lot of unique games. It’s a shame that this is the era where many of SE’s IPs that weren’t FF or DQ died.
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    That’s true. If you really feel like it’s time then you should really go for it. It’s why I went back to Pokémon so it’s be hypocritical of me to say otherwise
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I feel I have a theme going here. Like the BoF1 entry, anyone who took a quick glance of my list will know I'm a pretty big Suikoden fan, you'll also notice I snubbed one of the main entries and most of the spin-off/gaiden games. I'll say right now, that I have to actually play Suikogaiden due to lacking the proper emulator, which is why

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My Top 100's Lost but not Forgotten: Dragon Quest VII

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I feel like the year 2001 was an odd year in gaming. One of the first time where you really felt like the end of an era and the beginning of a new one was coming. Sony was gearing up to release the successor to the smash hit PlayStation and if you looked around the gaming scene, it seemed like every company was jumping ship to get on board what the PS2 could do. Square had released their PS1 swan song FFIX even though they would still support the PS1 with

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My Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten: Arc the Lad II

by Wolf Kanno on 03-27-2018 at 10:53 PM
You know the drill by now...


One of my all time favorite publishers in the 90s for video games was Working Designs. It was a company that actually tried to get a lot of cool JRPGs released in the West long before the actual JRPG boom in the last years of the decade. I've already spoken about their most high profile title they ever worked on, Lunar: The Silver Star Story,

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Blah blah blah Top 100 blah blah blah too many good games to list. Blah blah blah, games that weren't good enough for my list but still excellent nonetheless.


Of the Classic series within Final Fantasy, FFIII was the last one for me to play, partly cause I didn't emulate very often and partly because I had hoped SE would come to their senses and re-release this title.

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