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    So soulu you say your enjoyment Jaś importer do dar pber the original?
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    Somehow, I never was that big a fan of Timeless River? It felt like one of the more cramped world, and while it's charming how they brought together various old cartoons, in today's pop culture climate of mindlessly regurgitating nostalgia, I just don't feel it. I know this came before it, but I can't help but look past that nowadays. Plus, for some reason, this was the only world in KH2 that made me nauseaous while playing. Destiny Islands did the same in I, which is why I've never really been a fan of that place from an exploration standpoint, aside from maybe its appearance in CoM.

    I do wish I would get to play this version one day, if only for all the challenges they added, since they sound pretty exhilerating, to be honest. Maybe someday.
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    Well there’s the added Aqua chapter
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    Yeah, I have heard that the extra content is really substantive and makes the game much more involving. I mean, considering II’s cult following didn’t start until II.5, this isn’t really surprising
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    Honestly though, while I really loved the map design in DDD and the one in II isn’t one of my favorites, I don’t think there’s anything inherently bad about that approach to map design
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    Yeah, I’m a bit torn on the playformjng. On the one hand, there was a lot of really flat, empty locales in II. But then on the other hand, I’s Platfroming was pretty terrible in places. I’m glad later games are far more enjoyable in that regard, especially BBS and 3D (though I know flowmotuon from the latter is controversial).
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    I think data copies of hearts actually resonate with real hearts - at least that’s what it always felt like to me. It not only helps explain why Rinzler resonates with Tron’s memories, despite Sora never meeting that version of him, but also how what Data Sora felt was later felt by real Sora. It’s never stated outright, but there are several factors pointing to it, so it seems like a logical conclusion.

    As for Roxas’ routine with HPO - yeah I feel it was the latter, with DiZ replicating it but not just to ease Roxas into it, but to make it easier for himself, since that way he would t have to attempt to reprogram Roxas within the days world
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    All this crap aside I still haven't come around to continue my Kingdom Hearts bullcrap dismantling. By now some Ultimania answers have been released but its not like those solve the problems as as always there are too many of them and a Kingdom Hearts Ultimania always brings in more problems than before since it never acknowledges that with every answer new contradictions are made. At least Final Fantasy always has an Ultimania that is not that big of a deal and some answers actual are worth something. Well, in some context some for Kingdom Hearts also are, but there is just too much that can be a weakness in its lore.
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    I advise you to re-read everything if you are interested because I have made edits.
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    "While I can agree that he has most of the symptoms of confabulation, I feel his disorder goes beyond simply just filling the gaps in his memory and borderlines on disassociate identity disorder, which is why I feel the fugue state diagnosis fits better. Man I feel like I'm back in abnormal psychology class all over again."

    There is a significant difference to that which is why I pointed it out earlier and it is SO important to understand that because it is a completely different story when you think there are two literal guys running around instead of just one. Mask Cloud is not a second entity that gets destroyed. It is just that. A mask. There is no "Cloud never actually met Aerith so he does not need to feel sorry for her or never liked her because he never knew her" or anything. Cloud and Aerith met. She just wanted to met "HIM", as in, fully restored and healthy as he ordinarily was. Cloud CANNOT treat stuff from the first 1.5 CDs as something he lived through if that was not himself but he does. Because it was him. I do not know how close a fugue state is to a literal dissociative identity disorder. If it allows the self to be the same and suffer from that stuff and try to cope with it then I do not really care if we call it "confabulation" or "fugue state" because then that is just semantics. But it definitely is not a dissociative identity disorder because that creates a literal seperate entity. This is very very important. A "different personality" is not the same thing as a "different entity". And one that suffers from such a psychotic break does not just go through "oh let's forcibly change my character". He literally swaps out for another guy. Mask Cloud is not another guy. One Cloud that lives through it all. Not Wolf Kanno and Sephiroth sharing one body and arguing here. This is a very important difference that influences the narrative. And a fugue state can actually create such a thing from the get-go, as I just looked up to refresh so this is more than unfitting.

    Maybe you are not even trying to argue that and you do not mean stuff like "identity" on a literal level but I got to really really point out that difference because what an entity from the core is can be pretty much presented on an axiomatic level. With my neurotic behaviour and focus on psychological and existential thinking I have to point out a metaphorical and literal difference. Which is by the way why Nier 2 is not just contradicting the lore of the first game but also can only be accepted because it is "fiction trying to get the right point across" even though the tools it uses for questioning existence in reality are literally contradicting things. Just like Detroit Become Human raises questions for 20 year old people that are blatantly obviously answered. Biological Life is cellular life. Psychological life is the result of a cognitive system establishing an instance to perceive reality which can evolve furthermore through something that I personally to make it easier call "self association" to create a sense of self. And every sense of self is its own personal entity. Memories can be replaced. Characteristics can be changed, especially through the memories. But the entity will always be the one entity that starts with the sense of self. Which is why I hate the sentence "you are not yourself". No. You cannot be someone else than yourself. No matter what happens you always take your Self with you because that is you. I cannot literally become somebody else. Just like "presence" cannot be left behind. Which is why the sentence only works as metaphorical expression.

    I do not know if Nojima-san does a solid job this time when it comes to making it more obvious but I think no matter what people are going to bring on their crap anyway. Like the really nice FF Peasant on youtube that brings theories with one single line in the game already contradicting him and he says he knows that but nonetheless he wasted his time making that video.
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