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    Well you're a pretty intelligent guy so if you're certain then I'm sure as hell convinced Of course nothing ever comes easy so I'm going to keep working at it so I can make everybody proud of me
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    I have a really strong desire to throw my hands up and just say "screw it", but I know I'll regret it when I can't do all the things I want to do. I never picked myself as the type to plan for the future, but in this case I have and I'm glad. Though if I did give up then I'm sure my determination would help me get where I needed, just with a lot more effort and sacrifice :/
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    I'm hoping to get lucky actually I mean, uh.. I should be able to get some kind of scholarship to pay of some of my uni fees, so I won't be in too much debt.
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    I'm entirely debt free
    Except I have lots of things coming up that I'll need to pay for. Like graduation, schoolies week, uni. Oh the joys of adulthood!
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    I don't think any of mine still owe me money. Well there is one "friend" that I like to remind that he owes me money whenever I'm a little short. If I made him pay for all the I've done for him then he would owe me :/
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    Don't I know it! Occasionally I'll get dragged out with friends and they'll have to pay for me, and it's so darn good. I should pretend to have no money more often :evilking:
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    And to riches earned not lawfully, but with great skill and cunning! :greenking
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    I'm really good at lying, so that's good. And I think I could persuade someone to take the fall for me. I'm all set now, just need air fares.
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    If ever I am charged with a crime, a simple search would bring up EoFF and then they would read my usernote conversations with several EoFFers with plots ranging from fraud to kidnapping to world domination. I'd better not get caught then!
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    I've got a plan. First I need to get over there. Then, I can start pick-pocketing people for their wallets and credit cards. Then I stash the loot with you and smuggle myself over the border and draw the authorities with me.
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WK's Top 100 Lost but Not Forgotten : Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

by Wolf Kanno on 05-24-2020 at 11:43 PM

I'm always split on these articles. So many of these games are great and I have retroactively said a few of them made the list, but occasionally something comes along that I really want to love but the game just won't let me. Tactics Ogre is in a weird place for me because the remake and the original are pretty different in some meaningful ways, so much of this review pertains to the remake due to having only played a little bit of the original.

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Updated 06-01-2020 at 09:44 PM by Wolf Kanno

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WK's Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten List: Silent Hill 3

by Wolf Kanno on 05-03-2020 at 01:37 AM
Is this honestly the first non-RPG on this list?

Well I fell into the Silent Hill series rather late. By the time I had played the series, the "glory years" were over and fans were knee deep in Konami trying to take the series in a different direction without Team Silent. I was a huge fan of the first two entries of the series, being instantly sucked into the second entry and surprised how much I really enjoyed the first one. So it came as a bit

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WK's Top 100 Lost But Not Forgotten: SaGa Frontier 2

by Wolf Kanno on 04-05-2020 at 02:32 AM
I was having a serious reservation about whether I was going to add this to my Top 100 list or place it here. I decided it would go here for now, but part of me feels it could be like Demon's Souls and make the jump to My Top 100.

SaGa is a weird franchise. A JRPG series made for enthusiast who feel they've seen it all. From the Gameboy entries where you built a ragtag group filled with robots and monster to climb a tower/tree to visit

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Updated Yesterday at 08:17 PM by Wolf Kanno

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My Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

by Wolf Kanno on 01-30-2020 at 08:17 PM
You know the drillÖ

I mentioned this in my Chain of Memories entry for my Top 100 List, but Kingdom Hearts and I have a really awkward history with each other. This is a franchise that has always been more of a guilty pleasure for me than something I actively love. Funny enough, itís not even the basic premise that bothers me. While Final Fantasy meets Disney mash-up sounds contrived, KH has always managed to make it work since this

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My Top 100's Lost but Not Forgotten: Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra

by Wolf Kanno on 12-30-2019 at 09:56 PM
Top 100 List Blah blah blahÖ. I ended up re-writing this entry because the original was a little more bitter and more like just a genuine rant than a review. With that said, a little backstory is in order.

Continuing my trend of snubbed entries in franchises, we now come back to a series that was very near and dear to me. At this point in time, the story of

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