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    I think the main gripe people have with XV’s world is tied directly to the car. Since they had a car that can travel far, the world had to be bigger, but also didn’t really have to be too filled out, so many criticized it as barren. Now, I personally didn’t mind that since it made it feel unique, but I feel that with XVI, since this is a very barebones medieval setting, I doubt they’d go the same route. So chances are it’ll still feel more compact. And tbh I still think XV’s was pretty well-made. It was just kinda dumb how the majority of the quests and exploration were pretty much made for the postgame instead of being more organically integrated into the main plot. The Witcher 3 was perfect at this since it was literally impossible to tell the main quest from the side quests sometimes instead of sheer importance to the world and characters. Going by how hard that game was to ignore and how desperate SE are to appeal to everyone with FF, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually did look at it and try to implement some of that. Of course, could be wishful thinking
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    It’s probably gonna be open world I imagine. But hey, if they’re aping the Witcher in other ways, maybe they’ll do quests like them too and it’ll actually be great
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    So I take it you’ll join me in Eorzea once I get there

    Like aside from what you said, I heard the lead writer from Tactics was actually a writer on XIV up until Heavensward - so it’s quite likely they actually drafted him to XVI at that point. Here’s hoping.

    As for the combat, I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. If the quests, workd and plot are engaging enough, I can even get through the game if I don’t like the battle system
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    Yeah, your probably right. I’m most interested in how the story plays out, since we’re long overdue for more personal drama in a political story. XV was a beautiful story with strong themes and a very realistic main cast, but it really was more of a fairy tale than anything all things considered. Haven’t played much if XIV (hope to change that with my marathon) but considering it’s nature as an MMO I feel it can probably do a good job on the political side but not as much on the character side - at least with regards to the mute player made protagonist. For me to believe that XVI can do it though, I need to see something more about the protagonist. I’m not saying it can’t be done since that would be hypocritical of me - the Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia is, on the surface, a typical male power fantasy, but it very quickly comes out just how nuanced, dorky and likeable he is. So yeah, I’m hoping our MC has a wider range of emotions than sad mad. AKA smad.

    Also, I’m currently not expecting a party at all. From the looks of it, this is going to basically be just a character action game with some RPG elements. Kinda sucks for me since I’m not good at those and preferred the button holding from XV, plus if I do finally get it on PC it’ll probably run slow as molasses and I’ll be at a disadvantage lol. But I still wish there was a party. There might be, but I still doubt it’ll be a very fleshed out party in terms of gameplay. I was hoping they’d finally go back to gambits, but I don’t think it’d work here
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    I just feel weird because like, on paper, this should be the FF I’ve been asking for as well. And it’s true, the more I read about the team and their relationship with the Ivalice titles, the more excited I am for this. So it’s all the more weird how that trailer just completely failed to capture my imagination. I’m literally just struggling to make sense of this. A lot of the discourse around XV has been that SE are no longer making trends but chasing them, and at first glance this looks to be the case - gritty dark fantasy and action gameplay is in, so that’s what they’re doing. Which is why I wonder whether hearing Sakimoto’s trademark chimes or seeing a pair of assless chaps or a potholder on someone’s breastplate would’ve made me more excited.

    As it stands, I think I agree with you in general. Maybe now that I’m older now it’s just harder to get excited. The last time SE announced new mainline games I was 16, so maybe that’s the biggest issue here. Maybe I just got too cynical for my own good and in my desire to see art be diverse any instance of derivation just immediately makes me think “lowest common denominator”. Idk. It’s hard. I really want to be excited, and so many people are, and like that makes it all the harder to really sort out for myself.
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    Yeah I do hope that he gets some pore personality later because his design now, especially as his older self, is painfully generic. And honestly, the vanilla Latin chanting in this trailer and Somnus are like completely different beasts, with the language being the only commonality. But then I think that’s to be expected, since Shimomura’s a far more accomplished composer and stands out from the crowd more. But what can you do. This background music made me realize just how big a part Sakimoto played in making Ivalice feel unique.

    As for the character designer, I’ve seen people speculate it’s actually Masao Tsubasa, who’s worked alongside Yoshida on the Tactics Ogre remake and FFXIV, and I think that’s very likely, since his art was more down to earth of the two. Again, I’m hoping we see more interesting visuals later because as things are now, it all looks painfully dull, aside from maybe the Eikon designs. I think a big part of that might be the fact that they’re just using a modified version of the XIV engine. And idk if this is just me being old or something, but I literally cannot tell the difference between PS4 and PS5 graphics. I was really surprised when the trailer said this was a PS5 game
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    Yeah, I hope later trailers convince me. I think there’s still a chance for it to prove that it’s not another generic grimdark fantasy thing that’s just the default today. FF has always offered something unique so I guess I just expected it to at least somewhat go against the mold. As of now it just feels like SE is chasing trends instead of having its own unique identity. But yeah, I’m also happy that Toriyama is too busy to touch this. Though I’m not as upset with Nomura, personally.

    I also think a different choice of music could have made this better for me. Aside from just being an arrangement of the prelude and FF theme, the music was just completely unremarkable. But then I guess that’s what you get when the only composers left are Ishimoto and Soken, which I’m pretty certain is one of them (those strings sound very much like Ishimoto’s work). Shimomura’s busy with KH, Uematsu’s pretty much retired, Mitsuda can’t write more than five tracks a year without overexerting himself - plus he’s busy with Xenoblade I guess, Hamauzu and Suzuki are out of commission for many years I assume because of the remake, and I imagine the no name XV composers that filled up for Shimomura’s due to her schedule skips are working on that Luminous division game. Tbh I think Sakimito’s more cinematic style could have really brought out the Ivalice quality of this setting, but alas, it looks like he’s completely jumped ship alongside Matsuno.

    Also, if this is actually Akihiko Yoshida’s art, it’s one of his least inspired so far. Like I usually there’s a very unique approach to color in his work, alongside the very risquť designs for both men and women, while it’s all just much more vanilla here. I miss the inherent queerness of his art, so to speak. But again, it might be revealed it’s not him (though those monster designs feel kinda him) or that we’ll see some more inspired designs in later trailers. We’ll see, I guess.
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    Idk man the Versus trailer has haunted me for years, if only because of the music (which in this trailer was pretty unremarkable) and while the end product was very different, I still feel that theme was extremely fitting and felt very paid off. I can definitely see the Tactics vibe, it’s just a shame it comes in an environment that has just run that well completely dry. Of course I’ll reserve the final judgment for when the actual game finally comes out, but the trailer itself has really done nothing for me for the first time ever and it’s giving me feelings I’m not sure I can cope with. Like playing XV has singlehandedly rekindled my love for the entire franchise in the past couple of months, and now this comes dangerously close to just make me feel “yeah, I think it’s time for me to go”
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    I’m just sad that did absolutely nothing for me. Like where’s the character? Even the weakest games were at least unique in how they looked. Now we get a weird mesh of Attack on Titan and Game of Thrones with generic isekai protagonist #25621. Like my first impression is they just too stuff from XIV, XV and Type-0, added the generic gritty fantasy thing that’s all the rage nowadays and called it a day.

    But still, apparently Yoshi P is super competent and there’s promise in the conflict between the Phoenix and Ifrit kids, so it might still turn out cool. Hope the next trailers just do something for me. Like on an intellectual level I’m like “oh nice, they actually announced a new one, cool”, but emotional I just feel hollow for now
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    So how about that XVI?
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