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    I’ve been pushing myself to write at least 1000 words daily. If I skip a day, I have to make up for it in the next. It still feels like pulling hair and I hate the thing that comes out on paper, but I’m pushing through, hoping the editing stage will save this third.

    And yes, the fandom is annoying as hell - which is why I’ve decided to ignore it, save for a couple youtubers that I know have more reasonable takes and that I enjoy watching (the Super Butter Buns person I linked you one time is an example). The way I see it, it’s a tend that’s prevalent now - you’ll get tons of counter-takes eventually and public opinions will shift again. As with all things fandom, once stuff gets toxic, the only way to really come out on top is to just walk away.

    I’ve still got both of your Mog net messages, one for Elly, one for The Other Side, permanently opened in my tabs, so I promise I will get to them eventually My fledgling spawn is now far more mobile than he used to be, so he requires additional attention
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    So how’s Riku’s story coming along?
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    I feel that with Riku the only right way to play is to just blaze through it. What you mentioned is just one of the things that seem to facilitate that
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    Yeah it was the biggest draw of the remake, and they also added more scenes, all of which are canon, so that honestly makes Re:CoM a Final Mix of sorts. I’ll afmkt the original is probably a better game and I still hold it very dear to my heart and I’ve replayed it countless times, but damn did I enjoy playing the 3D remake. Kudos to SE for even doing this kind of huge overall of a remake because who does that?

    And yeah, I cleared up the rest of my Riku file quickly so now I can have all the extra features once I actually move on to CoM, and I actually made a beeline through the final three worlds, so I was woefully under leveled, but still managed to beat Ansem pretty easily with a couple of well-timed card breaks. Turns out regular attacks actually worked way better than sleights. And your deck for CO is pretty phenomenal. The lack of deck building really makes this scenario a real breeze.

    Btw, I saw you complain about the pirates world and that reminded me of the fact that, apparently, the Pirates world in KHIII is almost unanimously regarded as the best world in the game that’s just incredibly well designed and very fun to play around. So I’m really interested to see how it really plays.

    And yeah, I am convinced Lauriam and Marluxia are one and the same. It could be argued otherwise before, but now that Erlena, Larxene’s human form, is there as well and apparently has a crush on him, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s him. He is pretty cool, I’ll admit.
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    If I recall correctly, Riku’s sleights remain unchanged
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    I do wonder how you’ll feel about Riku’s side as that has been further modified, what with the duel mechanic and, you know, actually getting to fight Zexion this time.
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    That’s a pretty cool remix. Though I am a bit salty they forwent the 6/8 time signature in favor of the far more common 4/4. Still a nice listen though. Love the new theme songs in general
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    That should go down pretty fast. The deck building for Sora’s story is a time sink on its own, but that campaign is also much longer for some reason.
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    Oh yeah, I remember that. I’m always willing to listen!

    And sorry for not replying so long. Been a bit busy.
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    I honestly think CoM is becoming more important with every subsequent entry. It’s almost like every new game takes one bit from its story and expands on it. I remember back in the day some people were like “I played II, so I got a summary of all the important stuff in CoM anyway.” In come Days, BBS, DDD, and even smurfing coded, and now I am pretty sure III does it again. It’s honestly hilarious how crucial this entry is.

    But yeah, no one who actually cares about the plot says that. Though I do kinda see why people would want to believe that? Like, I get that people complain that crucial plot elements are in “spin-offs”, but Caddicarus summed it up nicely that there’s a very good reason for the distinction between the numbered games and the subtitled games - with the numbered games pretty much evolving the same gameplay, and the subtitked ones being more experimental in that regard. How many people would’ve completely noped out of this series had CoM been labeled II (which would suggest this is the direction the series is going) is probably hard to fathom.

    Anyway, as you said yourself, they’re still just a minority, even if a vocal one. Stop Having Fun Guys exist in every fandom and since our been a big buildup for III, I’m just hoping they got active now and all this talk will subside a little bit now and we can all just.. enjoy the KHs we enjoy I guess. But yeah, if you’re really into this story, like I am, it’s really impossible to hate any entry really and consider it skippable. I’m in this for the long haul, for better or worse.

    On the topic of shifting public opinions, a kind of similar thing happened in Pokémon where Gen 2 used to be the sacred cow of the franchise and now a lot of people criticize it for... basically being the first sequels the series ever had I guess? Tamashii Hiroka touches on this in her review of Gold and Silver (a cool watch that I recommend btw)

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