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    I mean, for me it was yesterday It was pretty okay. Didn't do anything special aside from having a banana split. Just a regular work day. But we should be able to do something on Saturday, my wife's birthday.
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    I actually did read that in his voice!

    Thanks, Wolf
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    Yeah, it's not like I'm getting a Wii U for it. I'm just stealing my brother's. Along with X and Bayonetta, Breath of the Wild, and many others
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    Still, can't wait to finally play X around August
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    Don't really have the means to, and I plan to play X first anyway. I will replay it eventually, but not to compare. I'm okay with Xenoblade being number 2. The Witcher 3 is a culmination of an investment into a story spanning eight books and two games, so it's kind of hard for anything else to reach you that deep. I mean, if it were any less of a game then maybe, but it just does all the things I look for in a game right. It has all the choices and moral ambiguity I like! Matsuno and SMT-style choices between similarly bad and well-intentioned parties and a lack of easy ways out instead of a simple good/evil spectrum. Actual consequences to decisions that the game holds you accountable for, with pretty much no ideal outcome, ever. Actual mature story telling with characters that feel human, with immensely complex, believable, and captivating relationships. The fact that it has so many references to my culture is just an added bonus.

    Xenoblade will always have a special place in my heart as a game I fully immersed myself in. The Witcher 3 is just a bit more special.
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    I mean, much of this has to do with the fact that Yahtzee has softened up significantly in recent years XD

    A lot of people have trouble finishing the Witcher 1 because it starts off really slow. Even I had to force myself a bit at the beginning, but he chapter 2 things started picking up and then everything just keep getting better and better, with more unique character. It also falls into the typical CROG trappings of that era of having like thousands of tiny items that you can pick up but won't necessarily need, ever. Then are the graphics which are insanely dated - the environments are nice, but the potato people are dreadful. And the voice acting is bad regardless of whether you're on the Polish or English dub. I guess if they just had potato people they didn't need voice direction.

    Witcher 2 is then more immediately pleasing because it has people that look and speak like people and actual direction for cutscenes and dialog. The combat system also seems cooler at first because you get more blocking and dodging and tools, and each of your button presses is an actual swing of the sword. But then it turns out your camera doesn't lock on to enemies and the backstabbing bonus is insane, so you die a lot for hilariously unfair reasons. Super Bunnyhop discribed it as a poor man's Demon's Souls. In general though, it's still very engrossing with a much bigger focus on the main plot, which is interesting, but while it's very justified in the plot that there aren't many sidequests, it feels much less like you're leading an authentic Witcher lifestyle as described in the books. It has two distinct branching paths, though, so that's a big draw.

    So then 3 took everything 2 did right, brought back what made 1 good (except for the character progression, which I still think 1 did the best), put it all on steroids, added an open world and tied the story even more to the books in a way that apparently wasn't alienating new fans while satisfying book fans, and you got a game pretty much the whole internet loves.
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    If you mean the Witcher, then yes. I don't think he did Drakengard. But I did watch his Nier (far wherever you are) reviews. Yahtzee is always amusing. Even if I disagree with him, it's always very entertaining. And I think I agree with a lot of the things he said on the WItchers, actually. Can't remember how he felt about the Witcher 1's timed button presses-combat, though. It's the odd one out in the series but I still enjoyed it a lot
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    I still can't believe something beat Xenoblade for me

    I also kinda disagree with the general assessment people have of the Witchers. To me it's 3 > 1 > 2. 2 has more polish and has way better character models, but I feel it loses a lot of the unique elements that made 1 stand out in favor of a more geberic, action RPG battle system and a more generic low-fantasy atmosphere. 1 and 3 just have more character and bold choices to them, with 3 being an infinitely more robust and polished product.

    Honestly, though, I don't think much about my lists on a daily basis. Like, it's neat to organize it from time to time, but in the end I'll play and/or remember fondly whatever I happen to think about that way at the time
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    Well I remembered you saying that Gogo is like, just a copy of anyone, only less effective. I still like him, though. Honestly, I r come to the conclusion over the years that my favorite is Umaro. In a system that relies so much on magic and makes magic so OP, it's really satisfying to see a raw physical attacker be so friggin brutal

    That reminds me that I'll probably be working on a new list of my own in some time as well. The Witchers have definitely disrupted some stuff, and my Fmarathon made me reevaluate some things. Still want to play some games before that though. Will try to make if a top 100 this time.

    Glad to hear P5 has left a nice impression anyway, though, no matter where it lands!
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    You mean it's not number 1? Shaaaame.

    Also, I maaaaay be partially to blame for that Gau thing During your absence, Psy was asking me questions about you for your game. So he knew you liked FFVI but didn't really know what to make you mechanically based on that. Gogo came up but I told him you're not a fan of Gogo and that Gau is one of your favorites mechanically. So that's probably why
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